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  1. The Q

    macOS Mojave

    Upgraded today, no problems so far
  2. Hello, Running Mac OS 10.13.4 on an 2015 imac with formZ Pro 8.6.2 and my area pick tool is not working. I upgraded to the newest formZ update, and still having this problem. Anyone else having a problem; it does not seem to be file specific. Thanks.
  3. The Q

    Texture mapping askew

    Anyone else having this problem? When I import a mapped 3Ds figure file and render with V-Ray the mapping is way off. Is there another way to do this, to avoid mapping issues? Thanks.
  4. The Q

    Alpha Channel Scene

    How do I create a alpha channel for the background in V-Ray? Thanks. Q
  5. The Q

    rounding mapped box

    I have a rectangle, with joined selected faces, subsequently mapping images on each face. When I try to round the corners I get an error message (ID=SM11). What is the work around for this construction? Appreciate your help. Thanks.
  6. The Q

    rendering error

    Thank you Tech, the Project Rendering Options for Smooth, resolved the problem.
  7. The Q

    rendering error

    When I render this twisted shape at low res, it works out fine. When I render at hi-res (600 dpi) I get this rectangle square in the foreground. I wonder if this a hither yon issue, although I need to keep the same perspective. The fmz file is too big to upload. Thank you for your help.
  8. The Q

    object rotation

    Found if I round edges before I distort shape, worked fine. Thanks
  9. The Q

    object rotation

    Yes, I did that ( with smooth option). Worked fine for what I needed. Curious, I wanted to round the edges of the twist curves, for a more reflective edge, but no luck. Additionally, sized up the image 1000 percent and still could not round the edges, is there another way to round edges? Thanks
  10. The Q

    object rotation

    Got if figured out, with rotate and twist. Thanks
  11. The Q

    object rotation

    I'm trying to rotate an extruded object to eventually up with several rotations along a curved path, as in a braided wire. Is there a way to loft 2 shapes along a curved path and rotate one of the end shapes several times to end up with a braided look? I would appreciate suggestions. twist shape.zip
  12. The Q

    Exporting stl bad data encountered

    Thanks. It seems to be working fine now.
  13. HI, As I exported this section of a model I'm working on, I get the message "One or more objects contain bad data…". I ran it through the object doctor, to no avail and I still can't figure out why this section is giving me grief. oval 2.fmz.zip Thanks, for your feedback.
  14. The Q

    Exporting files for CNC routing

    Ok, thanks for your help, Tech!