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  1. Without maxwellrender in v9 it doesnt make sense for me to buy formZ-v9... By the way, are there any plans for integrating some other photorealistic render plug-ins (octane, arnold, etc....) ?
  2. Hello formZ Family, 'object snap' with imported dwgs is still so slow, do you know this issue ? and i'm not speaking about the 'snap to intersection' option, it slows down significantly only with 'snap to point'. the problem still exists, when i turn off the dwg layer. so the funfactor is very low here because 99% of my projects are based on importet dwgs...... All the best, thorsten
  3. Hi, copying / moving components with high poly trees in Boundingbox mode is still extremely slow.. :-( Are there any plans to solve this issue in the future ? best regards, thorsten
  4. Hi pylon, i have noticed a strange behaviour in the object modifier here with the new plugin the given names for my scatter objects are changing again and again without any effort on my part. for example: 1. typining in the name 'xref_VP_Bellis_Perennis_v6' 2. changing a parameter, f. ex. LOD max Dist Density 3. the name changes indepenently to 'xref_VP_Bellis_Perennis_v9' win 7 64 bit / formz-plugin / maxwellrender Best Regards, Thorsten
  5. Hi, i really would like to have a tilt-shift lens in formZ which matches with the existing one in maxwellrender. Happy Weekend, thorsten
  6. great tool, pylon, looking forward to use it in my interior renderings
  7. danke, vva. hmm. haben die auch diese netten Spezialpreise ? Edit: ja haben Sie :-) Frohe Weihnachten, Thorsten
  8. hi tech, i want to upgrade to 8.5 today , but there is no "Germany" in the country-box. Thanks for your support ! thorsten
  9. really great to see a progress finally regarding alternative render plug-ins! Thank you!
  10. hi tech, the same obeservation here, only the reashape tools give me headaches
  11. "1. formZ v7 did have an issue on certain systems where the Tool Tips could cause the numeric input to "auto-complete." This was fixed quite awhile ago, but if you only have v7, you can avoid this problem by going into the Preferences: Interface -- and setting a longer delay for the tool tip (perhaps 5-9 seconds)." sorry tech, but i am working with version 8.0.2 and still have the same issues with the input. And changing the delay for tooltips works, but i dont know why i have to change it again every time when I open formZ. (save preferences at quit option is chosen) best regards, thorsten
  12. sometimes it is so easy ...thanks!
  13. hi, I cant register version 8.5 beta 6, it is greyed out and doesn't pop up. so i cant open 8.0 files in 8.5 beta 6 ... Thanks for your support, thorsten
  14. mojo

    8.5 and Shaded Full shadows

    asone, i get the same poor results as you have shown in your examples with v8 and it is really really dissapointing with these ugly shadows...for now i turn off the shadows completely, and i cant believe that i have to fiddle around like autodessys did to get a mediocre clean shadow in 2015.
  15. great tool, thank you! one thing, i cant manage to avoid intersecting mxs references. I try to spray the references with 'bounding box mode' on and with 'avoid best', but they still intersect. best regards, thorsten