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  1. Thanks for these good news! 😀
  2. hi bernie, just got this answer from nextlimit:
  3. two days left and still unconfirmed... 😯
  4. I put all my hopes in this case on autodessys, because it should be in their very own and essential interest that there will be a plug-in with a multi-gpu software. The best modeling software is worth nothing if you can not generate a contemporary, photorealistic output from it. and relying only on vray would be very poor, any other software such as cinema4d, sketchup, rhino, 3dsmax, maya, .... has a lot more of plug-ins on offer. Furthermore, many would certainly not switch to the new formZ version, because they need a working maxwell plugin, which is possible today only with formZ v8 and maxwell v4.
  5. mojo

    Mobile Viewer is Amazing !

    can we expect this for windows and android ?
  6. Hi John, thanks for your answer, you helped me a lot to understand what is going on with this fancy little sketchfab tool. Yout model is great by the way. Best Regards, Thorsten
  7. To tell the truth, the plugin for FormZ is the last on the list. We have to evaluate the demand and check if it's worth it. We'll try to keep it alive, but if it's not worthwhile, we could drop it. So, I cannot say "yes" nor "no" yet. I'll try to keep you informed. Kind regards, Fernando i can't believe it 😪 please formZ, you have to create something similar to "vray for formZ" and take over the development of the plug-in, like "maxwell 5 for formZ". I'm sure it would be worth...
  8. Hi there, I'm just trying sketchfab. When exporting directly from formz,ther are no textures and smooth objects in the sketchfab model. is this a known bug ? So which format do you recommend for exporting and uploading manually ? Until now i can't find a good one. All my attempts get triangulated and / or have missing geometry or textures. Best regards, Thorsten
  9. hi Des, the same Disappointment here :-( I just wrote an e-mail to next limit in terms of the missing formZ plug in.
  10. Without maxwellrender in v9 it doesnt make sense for me to buy formZ-v9... By the way, are there any plans for integrating some other photorealistic render plug-ins (octane, arnold, etc....) ?
  11. Hello formZ Family, 'object snap' with imported dwgs is still so slow, do you know this issue ? and i'm not speaking about the 'snap to intersection' option, it slows down significantly only with 'snap to point'. the problem still exists, when i turn off the dwg layer. so the funfactor is very low here because 99% of my projects are based on importet dwgs...... All the best, thorsten
  12. Hi, copying / moving components with high poly trees in Boundingbox mode is still extremely slow.. :-( Are there any plans to solve this issue in the future ? best regards, thorsten
  13. Hi pylon, i have noticed a strange behaviour in the object modifier here with the new plugin the given names for my scatter objects are changing again and again without any effort on my part. for example: 1. typining in the name 'xref_VP_Bellis_Perennis_v6' 2. changing a parameter, f. ex. LOD max Dist Density 3. the name changes indepenently to 'xref_VP_Bellis_Perennis_v9' win 7 64 bit / formz-plugin / maxwellrender Best Regards, Thorsten