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    -andrew- reacted to jldaureil in Suface solid (two sides)   
    Where is the tool to convert a surface in a surface solid in Fz9?

    (screen shot from z673)
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    -andrew- reacted to johnalexander1571 in Import from Solidworks?   
    Oh, output for me to Maya is either fbx if I need textures (then I have to move the items,) or .obj, which leaves them in space where they should be and they have to have material assigned. I use the format I need. Getting textures over has proven to be one of the hitches. My flow here may not be the best available.
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    -andrew- reacted to johnalexander1571 in Import from Solidworks?   
    Hi Andrew,.
    I get my models from another dept that uses Solidworks. I ask them for a STEP file. I have never asked them to modify or even know what output settings they are using, I assume default. I suppose I am lucky that I did not run into any compatibility issues with that. I import into form.Z, select all and rotate around the origin Z to be up ( it is not apparently up in Solidworks.)
    This works fine for getting all of the objects in the STEP file into form.Z for the tweaking and organizing as separate objects. My products are 20-30 parts tops. I organize the parts and mesh them for export to Maya (which likes ye olde facetted data for obvious reasons).
    I have actually been surprised to find formZ a robust "center" application for doing this. I have been suspicious that I would not find a workflow at all from Solidworks to Maya without form.Z to the rescue once again.
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    -andrew- reacted to Alan Cooper in Information management improvements   
    Have there been any improvements to information management between 8.6 and 9? Here is a screenshot from version 8.6 where the information window is not wide enough. Why can't information windows like this be adjusted to size instead of fixed, and be maximised to full-screen? This is an example of the sort of incentives I need to upgrade to version 9.

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    -andrew- got a reaction from Pobo in How do I get a bigger grid?   
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    -andrew- reacted to Andrew West in How do I get a bigger grid?   
    Something is terribly wrong with the grid system when I try to do this.  You are not doing anything wrong from what I can tell.  I bumped up the numerical accuracy thinking that might have an effect but it did not.  Out of curiosity what are you trying to build that is so tiny?  I work in architecture so I never need to get that small.  
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    -andrew- reacted to vva in How do I get a bigger grid?   
    you have to reduce the over all grid size and zoom in to see the grid 

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    -andrew- reacted to vva in How do I get a bigger grid?   
    here is the file:
    Grid 40mm.fmz.zip
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    -andrew- reacted to Pobo in How do I get a bigger grid?   
    Hi Andrew,
    It may have to do with the Extents settings of your reference plane. If you need more resolution (i.e. smaller units) for modelling a very small object (e.g. a watch, a molecule 🙂 ) then typically your total scene will be smaller so you can reduce the Extents of your grid. Typically it does not make sense to have a very large grid in combination with very high resolution and FormZ does not support this: if the Extents of your reference plane are very large, FormZ refuses to further increase the fineness of the grid.
    If you go to menu Palettes/References Plane Parameters and then reduce the Extents of your references plane, does that help?
    // Tom

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    -andrew- got a reaction from archigraphica in Mesh by # of divisions?   
    Hi everyone and Happy New Year!

    Is there a way to mesh by # of divisions rather than by distances?
    For example, I have a square and I want it divided into 14 horizontal segments and 11 vertical segments.
    I seem to remember seeing something like this but don't remember where.
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    -andrew- reacted to Justin Montoya in orientation of modeling tool bar   
    To do this, you need to open the Tool Manager (Workspace>Tool Manager).  Then you can Right Click on the Modeling Tool Bar on one of the Icons.  Select Swap Rows and Columns or Collapse to a Single Row, depending on what you are looking to achieve.  The FormZ interface is fairly flexible, almost to a fault.  Using the Tool Manager, you can also add and remove tools in the toolbars themselves.  In my example you can see I have a single vertical tool bar on the right and have added the Edit Texture, Map Texture, and Set Layer tool to be always visible since I am constantly using those and it's annoying to have to go inside the Attributes tool for them.  
    You have to be mindful when setting this up so that it works correctly on restart.  If you keep it simple and save your Workspace ONLY ONE TIME on exit, then restart FormZ and go to Workspace Manager and UNCHECK 'Save Between Sessions'.  Also in the Workspace Manager you should Export your new workspace somewhere for future use in case you need to recreate it because your FormZ preferences folder got corrupted and you had to rebuild it.  That should help you preserve whatever Interface changes you make, and always be accessible, even transportable to other computers.

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    -andrew- reacted to Gyro in Creating mitre joints for tessellated fabrication   
    We are building an autonomous vehicle with a body consisting of tessellated planes.
    I’ve created the panels as a series of planes and now want to fabricate the body from a 12mm substrate. I need to create a file conprised of each panel as a solid object for CNC cutting with a 5 axis circular saw.
    The problem I’m having is finding the angle where the facets meet. If I thicken each facet select the top and bottom faces and loft between them I end up with edges that are twisted planes.
    Is theres way to create the file using any of the tools in FormZ?
    I’ve attached a file of a few of the surfaces that make up a section of the body.
    Any help much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance Andrew
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    -andrew- got a reaction from ¢hris £und in Top Ten FormZ 9 list   
    Symmetry tools. 
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    -andrew- reacted to jwiede in Can't load textures   
    That's really a bug in my book.  A "progressive" JPG is still a perfectly legal JPG image and should load as such.
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    -andrew- reacted to snow in Can't load textures   
    the jpg needs to be saved as "standard"
    a "progressive" jpg will not open.  
    you should also use RGB color space for best results
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    -andrew- reacted to vva in Simple modeling... stuck on basics!   
    In FormZ, this takes about 15 seconds, in this way:
    1) Create wall
    2) Drag vertical guide in 2" from left > use "Offset a Segment" !
    3) Drag vertical guide in 2" from right > use "Offset a Segment" !
    4) Drag horizontal guide up from bottom 3' > use "Offset a Segment" !
    you don't need > 5) Create rectangle on surface,  at 16" x 9", at intersection of left & bottom guides

    you don't need > 6) Select rectangle and scale proportionally from top right corner to right guide
    7) Push 1" with the "Transform Tool"
    good luck
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    -andrew- reacted to Andrew West in Can't load textures   
    Take a look at your underlay file and make sure it is either a standard JPEG or  a Tiff.   And then just for fun do a search to make sure your Video Card drivers are up to date. 
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    -andrew- reacted to Andrew West in Can't load textures   
    Corrupted image files are a constant problem in both Form.z and Vray.  Always check the extension and when in doubt do a save as on the image file.  This is a problem that has been growing slowly for a while now.   Glad to hear you got it worked out. 
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    -andrew- reacted to snow in Numeric properties panel / movement / resize?   
    I agree this could be very useful to see an Object Parameters window open all the time... it should probably be separate palette from the Tool Options.  
    I say could because the Parameters function kinda broken in formZ.  Example: Draw a cube... parameters are there and adjustable.  Reshape the cube: Parameters are gone.  This is the same for all generated solids.  Yes, you can use the Transform/Non-Uniform Scaling to change the size, but it's not *quite* the same.  formZ needs to retain these parametric properties when just reshaping an object.  Maybe a version 9 fix?
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    -andrew- reacted to gordonjay in Numeric properties panel / movement / resize?   
    As for the movement, if you set your origin to a specific spot in the info panel.  Or if you want to  move a specific distance, start moving in the direction you want and type in the distance.

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    -andrew- reacted to gordonjay in Numeric properties panel / movement / resize?   
    If you use the Transform tool and set it to Non uniform scaling.


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    -andrew- got a reaction from Bartjuan in Sharp edges/creases in sub-d models?   
    Hey again... thanks, I'll try it. Where exactly is this tool? I can't seem to find it... 

    Funny - Strata was my first "real" 3D software, purchased way back in 1993 or so... motivated by Myst! That said, I haven't kept up, and it seems they've made it much more confusing than it needs to be (and eliminated the packaging capabilites).

    Is there no way in FZ to edit a poly model by points/vertices, lines, edge loops, faces, etc.  ?
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    -andrew- reacted to ZTEK in "Unsmoothing" ?   
    You can do this also changing the Smooth Shading on the Layer Attributes of the layer in question...
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    -andrew- reacted to R2D2 in Puzzle... how to stand a cube on its corner?   
    That should be correct.
    You can test a section at half height: the resulting hexagon then has equal length segments.
    (For a built example house google  "Piet Blom cube house")

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    -andrew- reacted to setz in Puzzle... how to stand a cube on its corner?   
    Plan view, rotate cube 45degrees, side view snap center of rotation to low left corner point, rotate upper right corner to vertical using automatically created guide.