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  1. rhodesy

    Please sort out the component system

    Funny I used to be a FormZ user (v7 and 8) but the terrible component issues was one of the main reasons I had to look elsewhere and have been using sketchup for the last few years. FormZ is definitely more powerful but components/general 90's interface and slow snapping tools made me switch. I keep checking back in to see what has changed and if its worth switching back but I see the same issues are being reported. Maybe V9 might solve everything when it comes out. Side winge but the quality of the FormZ interface really jars against the new vray plugin. One is modern the other was out of date even when it was brought out back with Bonzai v1!
  2. rhodesy

    3d connexion and formz jr 8?

    Oh great I didnt know 8.5 was free for Jr. That seems to have worked. Thanks for your help.
  3. rhodesy

    3d connexion and formz jr 8?

    Hi Sorry its been a while. Come back to formZ for another project but still the space mouse wont register with formZ 8 JR. Its not in the drop down menu and the 3D connexion app doesnt recognise formZ as an app. Its odd because im using the same driver on my other PC with FormZ pro and it works fine. We had to upgrade them at the end of last year to work with sketchup 2016 so the drivers are more current than the Form Z version. I'm not sure if there is anything in the plugins folder that is missing but we reinstalled formZ a couple of months ago so it should be fresh. It on windows 7 pro, fz 8jr 8.0.1. Any ideas? Tried checking for form Z updates but the update checker fails, which isn't great. Thanks
  4. rhodesy

    cant cut holes through cad overlay

    Thanks for the tip and for hopefully fixing this. Unfortunately im only on V8 so I suspect this will only help those on 8.5.
  5. Have just reinstalled Jr 8 and noticed that my space navigator mouse doesnt seem to work with it. I can see a 3d connexion plugin in the plugins folder but nothing loads through to formZ. On my pro license I have an option to bring up the settings in my pallets. But the Jr license on another machine only lets me zoom in and out. So its kind of recognising the device but not as it should. The navigator works fine in other apps so its just formZ related. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. This has bugged me for ages so hoping someone can help. If I import a DWG CAD plan for example and then draw a slab under this plan I can't then cut a hole in the slab through the CAD layer. I have tried importing 'lines only' option and also locking the CAD layer as suggested in another thread but to no avail. I think its because FormZ makes closed poly lines a solid so it blocks the cutting operation. The only way to do it is to draw a solid and boole but that is a bit long winded. I have attached my import settings and a bit of a test file. See if you can cut a window pane out! Thanks. cad blocking cut.zip
  7. Ah that's a good tip about locking the layer. That sounds like it will solve that problem. Thanks
  8. Re the hide ghosted thanks for that. I understand the option to hide ghosted but what I was meaning was there a way just to fade out rather than turn to lines as it's often much easier to see what your snapping to, as sometimes it's just a sea of lines. Sketchup also has a good transparency mode which lets you see through objects and snap to things behind the working face but at the same time you can still see the volumes and geometry rather than the sea of lines again which can make your brain hurt a bit. I also remember when it came to overlaying a cad elevation on to a solid and I wanted to then trace the windows with the cut out tool (which is a great tool) formZ thought I was trying to cut through the line work rather than the solid so it didn't work. I had to resort to creating cubes and booling them. This was quite a pain. I think it just needed a way for the tool to recognise only solids and ignore lines (but still being able to snap to them). I also agree tech support is very good for formZ no denying that and a big plus.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I will give the latest trial a go. And good news that there have been substantial improvements in components as that was the real deal breaker for me. The holding alt to sample a faces colour is a really handy one I use all the time and hopefully easy to implement? Also double clicking when using the reshape tool to use the previous input amount is a speedy one. No need to input any figures. A personal one for me in terms of general behaviour with the reshape. I prefer to click drag and release to finish the command rather than clicking to initiate and then clicking again to finish. I find the first way quicker and more accurate with less chance of the point moving when pressing the button again. Is this an option already? Regarding the UI I'm all for customisable pallets that can be undocked but for me the main working window at least should be locked and air tight so to speak.
  10. I used to be an avid formZ user (r7 and r8) until just over a year ago when I decided to in many ways downgrade to sketchup full time. There were several reasons for this but in terms of tangible software reasons my main gripe was the dangerously poor component implementation of formZ. I tried on numerous occasions to use them in projects only for them to lag massively or crash formZ or even worse go missing when reopening a file. They just seemed to have over complicated them as all they need to be is a dynamic copy of a group of objects - the same thing just appearing at different co-ordinates, not being written to a separate file somewhere. I keep an eye on formZ though and noticed that components seem to feature heavily in the latest update, so have they actually been fixed or is it another false dawn? Sorry if it sounds a bit blunt but I really did love many things about formZ and wish I could have stayed with it, but doing arch viz I really got sick of just copying and pasting objects instead of using components. Whilst I'm at it, other things I like about sketchup that I would love to see in formZ if anyone is interested and perhaps I've overlooked some of these... Eye dropper for materials to select a faces material and load it into the paint bucket. Nice clean AA thin lines and mat shading. It's mainly aesthetic but I find sketchup much more architectural to look at compared to formZ which has quite thick lines and still quite jaggy AA on its best settings. I know there was quite a bit of work on the AO display feature but for me I would have rather had delicate clean lines for objects and imported cad. Snap got its nickers in a twist quite often on heavy drawings with imported cad. Spent many a frustrated minute trying to snap to a specific point but found the cursor jumping all over the place. Dropping right down to just end points helped but in the end you shouldn't need to do that. Adjusting the tolerance didn't help much unfortunately either. But at least you can turn snap off if you really need to unlike sketchup! Floating working Windows and pallets. Crikey it's 2016 and the main working window is floating around all over the place with pallets hear there and everywhere like its the late 90s. I wish the interface was a bit more modern and organised. It's great having flexibility and I love the pop up cursor pallet but a bit of structure would make it a more reassuring experience. Something like c4d that is clearly laid out and soft greys with colour coded accents. Intelligent vertex / edge / face selection. It's great manually selecting that we want to only select edges or faces but it can be quite cumbersome and slow. An option to select whatever the cursor is over would speed things up at times. Copy modes, again nice to have the options for multiple copies is great but I seem to remember cursing a lot when I've left it in copy mode rather than just move and end up dragging a copy instead of moving an object. And then also the other way around- I can't remember if ctrl would make a copy or not if you had started to drag an item but I don't think it did? Ghosting. I like how sketchup fades the rest of the model out when working in a group for example where as formZ switches it to wireframe which can get a bit confusing visually in a complex model. Snapping to grouped objects. From what I can remember you couldn't use objects in a group as a snapping reference for working planes which was annoying. That's all that springs to mind at the moment but the real deal breaker was the components which just work much better in sketchup. So I might try the demo of 8.5 if it's the latest version with these fixes? Sorry for the rant and there are many many things formZ is much better at when creating solid geometry. And I wish there was a combo of the two programs. I always see it where formZ creates the best solid models and is much more difficult to break the solid but it's easier to fix a sketchup 'solid' once you get a missing face for example.
  11. rhodesy

    line start point

    Yes I guess this is one way of doing it but not that practical if your making 100's of objects in a day. You can eventually find the start point if you hunt around in roughly the area you think you started but if your not concentrating and you have a complex object with many clicks it can be frustrating having to hunt to find the first point especially if you have overlapped and gone past it. Thanks for looking into this.
  12. rhodesy

    line start point

    Is there a way to keep a multi line start point lit? I find if im drawing on top of existing geometry edges I forget where my shape started so I have to start again to create a closed loop. This problem would be solved if there was a marker at the start of the line, there might well be an option to enable this? If not please can we have it? Thanks
  13. rhodesy

    Keyboard input

    Ah yes this has bugged me for years, im glad im not alone. Just done a quick test with the tool tip and I think thats fixed it!
  14. rhodesy

    Sketch styles?

    Thanks, although that sounds like a similar reply to the last time I raised it ;-). Yes I've seen those display types but they aren't quite the same. They slow modelling speed down quite a bit on a more complex model even on a good rig and as a presentation tool fall in between a decent traditional gi render and the sketch style render. Please don't underestimate this for attracting sketchup architects of which there are many. I have no doubt formz has the better tool box but getting an image directly out of the program that looks good and takes no extra effort is key.
  15. rhodesy

    Sketch styles?

    I raised this in another thread but I think it's got a bit lost and feel it deserves it's own thread. The long and the short of it is, when will we get some sketchup style line display types? I raised this a few years ago and it was said to be something that could be looked into. But I feel now with the release of formZ free would be a great opportunity to snatch some of the sketchup user base. however I really feel many might be put off using formZ as it just doesn't produce the same visual feed back and instant architectural presentation quality images as sketchup. I really feel it would be worth looking into just a few decent styles that we can use. Just my thoughts and I would hope this should be relatively easy to implement as sketchup has had this for about 10+ years now! Great step forward releasing the free version though. I'm telling many of my clients to give it a spin. At least I will have a fighting chance of receiving a workable model with nice geometry from them!