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  1. 3 minutes ago, Smarttec said:

    I hear that you have had problems with the software. But what you say is pure BS...

    I get that Components have been an issue - why not help "support" to resolve these issues.

    It is about getting an answer from the right source - support@ formz.com responds immediately with a Incident # and you can respond to them during US East cost business time. The forum is just 'airing' your isuues - there are many more out there as well - it's software. All programs have problems but to talk to the authors is the best way to get them resolved.

    Stop wasting time and space on this forum with negative BS talk directly to the authors and to Support for help. Remember sometimes the imposible can happen but Miracles can happen.

    Be concise, helpful and respectful of their support system and keep up to date with current versions for proper support 

    You should first of all respect rules of conduct here.

  2. Yes, crossing fingers. I've given up on 9.2 as well this morning after trying to handle my current project. Components geometry simply disappears when trying to edit with "open component" command from the components palette. Some components material assignments get scrambled over time as well. After trying to edit components sometimes layer visibility settings are unfunctional until restart and reload of the scene. Too much stuff going on and as ZTEK reported very well, in an illogical way, so reporting is extremely difficult, because mostly there are no reproducible steps to make the bugs happen.


    So, switching back once again to version 8.5.6 which for me remains the most stable version ever. Some bugs there as well, but at least i know how avoid them.As long as I can keep my MacOS High Sierra Mac running with it, it remains a backup solution but working. Fortunately, FZ has the ability to save to older versions!

  3. 4 hours ago, Tech said:


    We have received no messages in the support queue from you since July 22nd when a response was delivered within 10 minutes. After not hearing back from you, a follow-up response was sent on August 25th to check in, which also went unanswered. If you are not receiving emails from us, please let us know so we can work through a solution to make our exchanges smoother.

    Though we do try to make it a point to monitor the forums when we can, it is meant for user discussions and not the primary outlet for support.

    If you have a file that conveys these Component issues that you're experiencing, we would appreciate you sending it our way to investigate further!

    Thanks for getting back! I see now that I sent my licensing issue email to sales@formz.com on October 9 , maybe because i thought licensing is part of their work. I never got a reply, but probably this is not your department, then...

    Also, I did receive all your answers on the Vray server issues, but after telling you in the previous email that I did a reinstall of the server - and sending logs and screenshots - you recommended me to do a clean re-install. Not really helpful in this case... This issue is still unresolved, but I do not need to use Vray at this time.

    Screen Shot 2021-11-08 at 20.57.27.png

  4. 9 hours ago, Smarttec said:

    My issue here is that there appears to be too much 'airing' of dirty linen on this forum from people that don't appear to be using the proper 'Support' system - support@formz.com

    Doesn't it make sense to at least get some responses from  proper 'formZ Support' - the forum is NOT an official support site.

    However, I agree sometimes there may be some colloquial greater knowledge from the forum, but at least add the 'support' response. The software comes with long support and autodessys is reasonably flexible.

    No airing here, and I didn't get any answer from FZ support for all my last e-mails, be it just crash reporting or direct support questions. FZ Support used to be one of the best services of any software I ever used, but nowadays unfortunately it is not anymore. After the sad departure of Paul Helm a few years ago, everything changed to the worse. One example: a few weeks ago I was even in a very bad situation when I couldn't use FZ on my new laptop beacuse of licensing issues. I really needed to work on my trip, but couldn't because support didn't answer my email.

    Also, for what are forums here if not for sharing experience and asking questions which maybe support couldn't easily answer from a technical point of view? Why getting polemical over this? Aren't we all in the same boat using this software which is working so well on one side and at the same time has so many bigger or smaller quirks on the other?

    I will now try the fresh new 9.2, hopefully something got better. Unfortunaltely, the "changes" document reports ...no changes.

  5. I'm currently trying to work on a complex project with the latest available 9.1 version but very unhappy with how many bugs when dealing with components make FZ simply hang. I reported only a few, as not all steps are reproducible and every bug report takes time. Mostly i found issues when making a copy of a component a new unique component. for example assigning a new layer to this one makes hang FZ. Also just trying to rename a component after certain steps makes FZ hang. I'm getting about one hang every 10 minutes now, so I guess i will - once more  - switch back to FZ 8.5.x, which is really frustrating, as I will also need to switch  machine. Anyone else having these issues?

  6. I read in older forum posts that Imager had some quirks which needed to be addressed. Il the latest V9 incarnation it seems not to work at all. if I load a scene and set image type to shaded work for all images, then try to render, I'm getting "The following entries in the imager set have a rendering type for which no exporter is loaded and printing is turned off. These entries will not be rendered. Select OK to proceed." I don't get any solution out of this dialog, also i cannot find exporter settings anywhere. What to do?

    Screen Shot 2021-10-23 at 00.52.04.png

  7. On 7/23/2021 at 3:20 PM, snow said:

    I'm aware of the differences as I currently use both in my everyday workflow.  But every time I justify one of formZ's quirks bugs I ask myself "I wonder if I should spend more time in C4D".   I believe most of the stuff I create in formZ is able to be done in Cinema, but with a little extra time to properly figure it out.  And, it's possible that some of that stuff is BETTER in C4D because of it's non-destructive modeling techniques when being called to revise concepts.  This is why I'm curious if someone made that transition to formZ to C4D for all modeling, if it is worth that extra time and beginning frustrations to do all work in Cinema.

    I'm always using FZ for all the architectural modeling in my projects. The modeling and polygonal editing features in C4D are extremely useful however, once the model was imported into the scene and setup for rendering. I wish there was a better data connection between FZ and C4D but actually it works quite well going the route via VRML or Sketchup format.
    Before switching to C4D, I used Lightwave for many years, and FZ supported that format directly. However, LW became less and less well supported on the Mac side, and C4D, while expensive, has so many useful and straightforward features that make my work much easier now. LWCAD, a complete parametric and NURBS capable modeling plugin formerly just available for LW is now availeble and actively developed for C4D, so maybe in future this could be used inside the package as an alternative modelling tool.

  8. Apart of Redshift, Otoys Octane is also available for Metal users and running extremely well. As I pushed my hardware also forward to use Big Sur and Metal with AMD graphics cards, I guess Vray without such an option will not be a likely upgrade for me on FZ right now. Running happily C4D with Octane on Macs here.

  9. As I recently upgraded one of my Macpro's to use MacOS 11.2.3 (with help of Opencore and a Radeon RX580 card), I was wondering if there are any known issues with the legacy FormZ version 8.6.5 when working with this system? I'm unhappy with 9.x and still consider this version the best and most stable version I ever used. Any feedback would be extremely helpful.



  10. i agree on your points as well, BIM support would be crucial for the future of FZ.


    the great strength of USD is that lots of platforms are adopting it right now and we need one reliable way to transfer geometry, materials (or at least coulors), layers, cameras and lights from FZ to other platforms. no current format is doing this well, especially if you consider camera settings. one format which could do it would be FBX, but it is reduced to geometry only in FZ. DAE collada as well. i also found the exported data missing correct material settings. these are long term and reported issues with the exporter plugins. it seems to me the only format currently updated with each version was and is DWG. in my workflow, i am modeling geometry and assign all materials + layers in FZ, then export the scene, import it into C4D where i do the setup and then render with the octane plugin render engine.  the problem is: i cannot transfer my FZ scene as it is to C4D,  just the geoemetry + materials + layers and only by exporting to LWO first, then importing this format into C4D. all other exchange formats are not working as well, because they are missing layers, materials or even don't export geometry as well.

  11. Could we get an additional option to trigger a backup copy manually via a hotkey? This would be extremely useful as the time or number of operations triggering sometimes can produce lots of unnecessary action / backup copies. Also, the incremental save via LAB extension will alter the file name, which is not always what we want.


    Thank you for consideration



    Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 11.37.32.png

  12. Pixar's USD exchange format seems to establish as a new standard nowadays in many 3D apps. The latest C4D version for example will support it. Render engines like Octane are starting to support it. Can we expect FZ to incorporate it soon?


    Maybe this format could solve once for a while all exchange problems between FZ and other apps, if well implemented. I'm still missing an export / import module in FZ which handles geometry, surfaces, textures, cameras and lights alltogether in a decent way.



  13. I am not happy with the DWG import in FZ V9. Why is there no option to import DWG files as they where intended to see, with their proper layout / viewports settings? I thought this would be improved when departing from V8 but still it's not there in V9. If I import any DWG into your competitor modeling app Rhino, it will be shown as intended by the author, with proper layout, exactly as the reference PDF's which show the plan as it is intended to be seen.

    The problem is that FZ always imports ALL data on one "sheet" without any layout. In general drafters use large areas of these sheets for setting up the drawing or designing variants. These are all imported by FZ, which makes it sometimes impossible to guess what part is relevant for the final design. The only refenrence in this case is to get PDF'a for all plans from the architects as references and then cleaan up manually the FZ imported DWG's to finally get the intended reference / underlay in FZ. This is just too time consuming! I remember in an older version of FZ once there was an option to choose layouts when importing DWG's but I forget which version that was. Other apps like Rhino show that it is possible, so please add this feature again to the DWG import module  - it's a big workflow stopper here right now.