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  1. yes i did read this, and reverted back to V3.2.1.7. i did not try this as it's a mac dedicated only as file server, i will never use it for modeling. but as i wrote earlier, the maxwell suite is working perfectly on the same mac where FZ is installed. the lightwave plugin is running as well with no licensing issues. however, in my memory i seem to remember having resolved a similar licensing issue some months ago by using V3.2.1.5, but i cannot find it on my backup. is there a way to download it somewhere to try?
  2. i'm currently trying to export via DAE to lightwave layout, but i'm struggeling to find the correct settings. the main problem are the transformation options. i let scale at 1,1,1 as it seem to import at the correct size in lightwave when keeping the same factor. i also switched the coordinate system with the 'swap Y-Z' option. but the views/cameras are still not corresponding between FZ and LW, whatever additional check box combination i'm trying. anyone with the secret recipe? btw exporting from FZ V7, as FZ V8.5 seems not to do fine with DAE - at least here. techsupport is informed already. cheers markus
  3. just as an update: i also tried to re-register FZ first. also i cannot get any registration with the previous version unfortunately i have no to try out, nor i can find it on next limits customer portal. if i register maxwell with the license activator, the response is "License saved correctly. License Type: MAXWELL SUITE FLOATING".
  4. hi pylon, unfortunately this is still unsolved. restarting the server mac didn't help. also, if i select the log menu after hitting the maxwell render button (and getting the warning it is not licensed), i cannot see any entry which i could save... markus
  5. 3dworks

    License Maxwell 3 trouble

    is this issue still unfixed? i am also trying to use plugin and cannot get it licensed. what was the trick to make it running again? i need an urgent solution, thank you. markus
  6. this is my rlm server screenshot, does this help to support the issue?
  7. Hi Smarttec, i don't have V4, and my old V3 license is installed and working with the suite, but not with the FZ plugin. the FZ plugin does not even save MXM when not activated. I did try a demo of V4, that might be the issue. But I don't know where to look to fix this problem. to be clear again: i never upgraded to V4 (the upgrade price for is too high compared to the usefullness, as my main render and animation program, lightwave is not supported anymore).
  8. 3dworks

    Formz and Anima 2

    maybe in the FBX import module animation is just not supported? i actually never tried to use FZ for animation, as my main animation program is lightwave. i also own an anima license and i am actually using it with lightwave...
  9. i can confirm, this has been going on for a long time now. i cannot reproduce 100% but it happens many times. it is also true that opengl buffers are not updated correctly, as m_kisch reported. same behaviour here... nvidia 980ti card here runing on a macpro 5,1 with osx 10.12.5.
  10. 3dworks

    FBX export, still no luck

    sorry too busy right now, using the maxwell plugin for camera transfer - this always worked, but i had to reinstall maxwell on both platforms. i will get back to you if i have more time.
  11. i am trying to export my scene as FBX because i need to sync my FZ cameras with the ones in my Lightwave scene. there are several issues with this (using the native FBX plugin of latest version): * cameras seem not to export correctly, all are having the same coordinates. this happens in C4D and LW. * export grouping method setting seems not to have any effect, i only can get the output seen as a myriad as single objects when opening the FBX in C4D or LW. * is there any other way to get cameras into Lightwave than using the old maxwell plugin in both applications? DAE does not output FZ cameras at all, just a pity. how do you actually handle export of lights and cameras to third party applications like C4D, LW, Sketchup? cheers markus
  12. 3dworks

    FBX export, still no luck

    thanks for the tip, lightwave cannot read vrml files afaik, but i will see if i can find a plugin. i will package the file later today and send it to support, thank you.
  13. there are big issues if you start to rename components by the components manager dialog. try this: create a component, then copy and move this component 3 times. now make 3 new unique named components with the 'make individual comp' tool. in my case i assign names like comp01, comp02, comp03 and comp04. now try to rename comp01 to comp00, comp02 to comp01 and so on. result will be that renaming will be denied. i also found out that under certain renaming circumstances, components disappear from the project. the component management in FZ is still so full of issues that the best is to avoid any renaming, not very practical if you are relying heavily on components like me. anyone else having these issues? cheers markus
  14. 3dworks

    renaming components, better not!

    ah interesting, and i thought the opposite way that user components would create issues! maybe i should try handling them this way then, i never tried before.
  15. as soon as i set a sky environment in my scene, vray will produce a totally overblown bright rendering - even if removing all other light souces, see screenshot.
  16. 3dworks

    sky system not working well?

    yes - this workaround does fix it.
  17. yes, by list and with an option to resize the icon previews grid by the user.
  18. 3dworks

    bend to path, how?

    i seem not to be able to bend this geometry to the path shown as in the screenshot. anyone? i also attach the FMZ file to try for yourself. the decorative mesh should adapt to fit the parapet structure shown as ghosted... all help is appreciated. markus 3dworks_bend_to_path.fmz.zip
  19. 3dworks

    how to select geometry by line type?

    yes, actually loading DWG's into illustrator is possible, and filtering out these is also straightforward, but as a general workflow it's just too complex. i expect FZ9 having all those issues resolved. i don't understand why autodessys doesn't care to bring all these older useful scripts into FZ lab for FZ 8+. the lab itself seems to be pretty dead as a portal for extensions. the plugin we are talking about in this specific case was "cmnd_select_similar.fsb" EDIT: but it didn't permit to select line style as well...
  20. i got some DWG's from a client which makes very poor use of layers and i need to clean up the data to get decent reference geometry. i wonder why i can't find the line style in the 'select by criteria' dialog. be it by some plugin or by native support, i seem to remember that in older versions of FZ we had this functionality. anyone with a script or idea how to do that? for future versions: best would be a context menu 'find similar' which pops up on selected geometry and contains a checkbox to deseleect criteria which does not need to be filtered. cheers markus
  21. 3dworks

    Creating faceted objects ?

    agree on this. 99% of the time, sweeping is a real pain. this used to work very well in older versions. i wonder until when we will have to wait to get it's fuctionality back to useful?
  22. 3dworks

    bend to path, how?

    justin, thank you very much, i guess the unioning before using the tool and reversing directions of the path where the things i missed to do! i wish FZ's tools would be more intuitive to use...
  23. how do i do this? i've selected a couple of points and want to scale them relative to the geometrical center of those selected points. the same would be also requested for a group of selected objects. am i missing something or is this not possible in FZ? markus
  24. i cannot handle components which are containing geometry on different layers anymore sensibly with the latest generations of FZ. as soon as i assign a component to a different layer i have to follow the procedure to choose not to update all components etc. which is per se rather unlogical. after setting the dialog to no and cancel and not to report anymore, the components now reside on the new layer and internally still preserve the original layers, as expected. now the issue: in the past it was then possible to revert the components visibility to it's internal layers by picking them, and selecting a small menue sides of the attributes/basic/visibility layer, usually an exclamation mark to tell me that i am overriding this. apparently this functionality is gone. how can i revert components to stay on their internal layers now? see screenshot. am i overseeing something? anyone else with this problem?
  25. a very talented software designer, oliver hotz, started this and it would be extremely useful if there was a FZ implementation as well. the idea is to copy and paste geometry directly between different 3d applications like maya, modo, cinema4d etc. - which is somewhat something every designer using many tools always dreamed about.. afaik he made the source available so it would be possible to participate also as external programmer for FZ. what about implementing this as the next 'labo' plugin? https://github.com/heimlich1024/OD_CopyPasteExternal cheers markus