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  1. reposted in vray forum.
  2. update:i could install now after running manually the server uninstaller in the applications/chaosgroup folder... (osx here)
  3. i've followed your instructions, but still cannot install with latest vray installer (downladed right now). i'm getting a "ERROR: Unable to obtain temporary file for uninstall log of V-Ray Online License Server" at a certain point during installation and it stops there, see screenshot.
  4. 3dworks

    Vray License Server Error

    please can we get a simple solution from chaosgroup / autodessys in form of a fixed installer? i still need to evaluate if to buy a license. with the last beta the whole plugin / fz combo seems to run in a rather unstable way and the licensing issues on top are not really helping to find out if this a viable production environment. another problem is also that the plugin needs last 8.6 fz beta - which is rather buggy and has an broken UI.
  5. 3dworks

    Build 9999 UI bugs (Mac)

    any comment from autodessys to this? is it actually a problem for other (mac?) users as well?
  6. same issues here on OSX 10.12.x
  7. 3dworks

    Build 9999 UI bugs (Mac)

    same here http://forums.formz.com/index.php?/topic/5967-form·z-86-pro-wip-download-available/?p=21944
  8. what happened to the UI in the latest release build 9999? almost all palettes and dialogs show a space consuming larger layout. as if the whole UI had been scaled up? or is it only a local issue with my installation? OSX 10.12.x here...
  9. 3dworks

    Vray License Server Error

    i cannot install on my mac with latest installer, always getting this error: "ERROR: Unable to obtain temporary file for uninstall log of V-Ray Online License Server"
  10. 3dworks

    Component problems

    symbols / components have been / are actually one of the main reasons for me to use FZ instead of any other good modeler - hope ADS get's this area fixed and revamped with version 9...
  11. the GUI needs urgently to be redesigned, as we can only see the actual material name by clicking the mouse over the material previews... with all those presets it is becoming a no go. see screenshot.
  12. i can confirm issues with the auto save function and objects disappearing when making them as reference geometry. worst thing happened to me was when mirroring and scaling a group of components. i continued working on the scene. then after quitting FZ and reloading the scene a few of my components where totally out of place and unscaled. had to go back a few versions of my scene and rebuilt the whole thing without components to be on the safe side. i remember this was an issue sometimes with older versions of FZ 8.x. these bugs are hard to fix because they are not reproducible easily. my feeling is still that the whole components system needs a fix.
  13. i bought the viewer just to see it crash with my latest model. using an ipad mini MF084LL/A with IOSv 11.0.2 here... what are the minimum specs and what are the limits for geometry / textures etc?
  14. 3dworks

    what are the size limits for models?

    sounds good, as my file was even smaller than that. maybe other issues made it crash. i don't know if the developers get log files and crash reports automatically from the app. i will try again with other files as soon as i have more time - but the first impact was: application just quits, no error report, nothing.
  15. 3dworks

    Paste Behavior

    a requester if user want to delete selected geometry would be useful imo. but on the same topic, i'm having another issue with the latest versions of FZ right now. when copying and pasting a large number of objects, FZ takes ages. is this something anyone else can confirm? what i do is select a few hundred objects which are parts of a building fassade from one layer and paste them into a new layer. i'm getting a spinning wheel for 10 minutes now and this is repeatable. i noticed already that FZ takes 10/20 seconds when pasting a much smaller amout of geometry. there should be almost no delay imo.
  16. 3dworks

    what are the size limits for models?

    yes that's what i mean: what are the limits for given ipad models? is a file with 1.3 million faces totally far from being handled on an ipad? the demo files rather suggest this is a viewer for logos, small objects only. wish i did not pay 10 EUR for a toy...
  17. 3dworks

    cage tool

    is there any script / trick for FZ which works as a 'cage' tool? what i need from time to time is a derivative tool which generates a perfect bounding box of an existing shape. mostly to remove bevels from facetted models, but it could be useful also for low res placeholder shapes etc. anyone? cheers markus
  18. 3dworks

    cage tool

    yes i remember that tool in V6 and always missed it. interesting, i will try this wrap objects tool, for some reason i never realized it was there. thanks for the insights ;-)
  19. it has been there for ages. lots of requests to change it have been posted as well. will we see a better solution in FZ 9? if at least in the meantime we would get the information what the objects name was and on which layer it was deleted... one solution to this would be if FZ would create a special 'quarantine' read only layer where it moves these objects, so we can examine what objects went wrong. this layer can then be purged when not useful anymore. even better, fix the reason why this happens at all. if an object is corrupted by some operation, it should be reported immediately to the user whth an option to undo the last operation.
  20. 3dworks

    I cannot Undo

    i'm having the same experience from time to time...
  21. 3dworks

    Top Ten FormZ 9 list

    * more speed in general, especially when importing geometry as DWG * a better DWG import module which actually imports text correctly (please give us back the text to geometry option from older versions as well) and gives us an option to import only visible and active layers. * better FBX/DAE export/import with surface material, camera and lights * a industry standard level polygon reduction tool is needed. the current one in not useful in 90% of cases and seems to be unrevised since many years. geometry is mostly destroyed when we apply it. it should be focused on polygonal objects and include options for saving UV textures and the boundary shape/volume of an object. this could be also a plugin idea, which could be sold separately. * a better management of components. the current solution is unreliable and slow. if i click onto a component in the model, i should get to the respective library entry with one mouse click. as FZ is slow on the screen, please add again some option for a proxy with lower polygon count as we had it in V6 and before. please add a better library manager with options to resort and to group components more to follow...
  22. i still need to use my old maxwell version from time to time, but i cannot activate my V3.2.1.7 maxwell plugin anymore on my mac. the maxwell suite is correctly licensed via rlm server and my license is a permanent full suite license. if i launch the maxwell render app standalone on the same mac licensing is active and recognized. if i launch FZ it will always ask for licensing, and MXS export is disabled. i did run the activation procedure several times with positive result, but FZ will not accept the licensing. i need urgently to export my scene as MXS, what can i do to use my licensed plugin? OSX 10.12.6 here. kind regards markus
  23. i would like to thank ben again for the great support! issues solved! cheers markus
  24. ben thank you, i will get back to you via email. markus