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  1. 3dworks

    suddenly lost all snapping - anyone?

    unfortunately, the issue is still not solved. after reloading the project a second time, again no snapping. i also tried to reset all prefs, no chance.
  2. 3dworks

    suddenly lost all snapping - anyone?

    ok i found out what caused the error: i added an imported DWG as referenced object which caused the issue. after removing this layer, all snapping is back to normal. btw. the malign object passed object doctor before being merged as 'reference object. i am having issues again and again with imported DWG's - but need them all the time as references for modeling. i have the impression that these DWG importing issues are never fixed - as an alternative it would be handy if we could use directly PDF's as backdrops. but this is yet not possible and backdrop placement is not easy as it was with pylon's plugins anyway. on the longterm this will push me to look for another software, because all the issues with these cost so much time. nowadays, 50% of my modeling experience is dealing with crashes and bugs related also to these issues. not fun.
  3. 3dworks

    Batch Rendering in VRay?

  4. same issues here. didn't report yet - but annoyed as well.
  5. 3dworks

    8.6 bugs

    100% same issues encountered here...
  6. 3dworks

    please fix the object doctor!

    des, great post, and well - 100% same workflow here! only rarely doing number 9 because mostly geometry is flat already - but that's a good reminder. i gave up extruding from imported geometry since i started using FZ almost 20 years ago. i am using object doctor on single layers which are otherwise too cluttered (because for example representing large filled areas) but still necessary in my reference object. unfortunately, most DWG's i'm getting from clients are not well layered and using all kinds of 'patch' fills which, when removed, are missing information in the plan. i am also always asking DWG + PDF - otherwise, no chance to see how the should look without that reference. btw i noted that our main competitor with the animal name displays imported DWG's looking 99% as the PDF. something i wish for FZ as well, of course. my main fight is with those parts in DWG's which can't be fixed by object doctor - but which are cause later for the reference object being removed by FZ because "corrupted" the next time the file is loaded. unfortunately, this is happening quite often lately. i have noticed that only objects which 'pass' the object doctor are safe. i am also having issues when selecting unwanted geometry like points for example with the 'by criteria' tool. simply lot's of those will not be found for some reason. if i select all and then look at the selection info, those appear in the list, but the 'select by criteria' tool will not find them. maybe this is related to some objects being locked for some reason - have to investigate further. EDIT: and yes: it is good practice to complain for bad layered / executed drawings to the client, but unfortunately in some cases, they will not really improve on this when sending the next version, with the excuse that that's the best they can do with their software... i really wish FZ gets finally import presets, so we can switch betwenn import settings easyly and don't have to set those 5 km off origin offsets manully for each client again and again.
  7. after not getting any reply from techsupport for many weeks about this topic and loosing much time with crashes, i decided to report here. please try if object doctoris crashing FZ for you as well if trying out the attached layer. my settings are pretty standard with option to merge coplanar faces and set to fix problems. i am frequently looing hours of time when cleaning up manually imported DWG's which need to be used as reference objects to build up complex models. these are typically construction plans provided by my different clients and they almost all have the issue that they will crash when using this tool. on the long term this is a situation which is driving me away from FZ, as the time lost to fix these things is just not within my calculations and unfortunately, this is part of my standard workflow. what we need are tools that work, not a crashing application. this is the more frustrating as importing a complex DWG can take up a really long time. i compared importing of complex DWG's with a well known animal named competitor and there the same file which took 30 minutes to import in FZ took just 20 seconds and looked much better (exactly as on the referenced PDF). ok, have to rewrite again all the text after safari asked me if i want to use flash for this dialog. please fix the forums as well... FZ86_objectdoctor_crash.fmz.zip
  8. 3dworks

    axial sweep issue

    also useful would be to have an integrated 'tolerance' slider which would make the tool ignore points which are closer than a set distance.
  9. 3dworks

    axial sweep issue

    sometimes it's like climbing up a glass wall, FZ seems to refuse to work as expected. not sure if it is a bug or if i am doing something wrong. in that case, please make it 'artist friendly'. see 2 screenshots. both are surfaces, using axial sweep with pretty standard settings and the source set as centered. result is...not as expected. as you can see, the right side of the path poly has 2 closer points, but i don't understand why the result of the sweep is unusable. i used the object doctor on the path object before sweeping. any hints? is it a bug? can this behaviour be fixed? in my long experience with FZ it is not the only case where construction and result of simple sweeping operations just don't match... axial_sweep_issue.fmz.zip
  10. 3dworks

    axial sweep issue

    just as an explanation to how the 'dirty' shape result was achieved: it is part of an imported 2D DWG which i got from a producer. i traced those 2D lines and obvioulsy there was some precision issues when snapping to the existing drawing. this is a standard situation when dealing with reconstructions based on 2D plans. i forgot to say that i also run the 'reduce mesh' tool on this shape, with angles of 2 degrees set for both edge and face. which we could get better analysis / fix tools which can spot such problematic near points.
  11. 3dworks

    axial sweep issue

    ok, then the question is: why doesn't object doctor find them? why does the tool not include some tolerance settings? since we cannot construct anymore precisely in polygonal / facetted way (this mode was killed with version 7) it is difficult to control point placement. since then, i am always plagued with smooth to facetted conversion problems. honestly, i'm getting into this kind of troubles quite frequently and imo it shouldn't be such an issue. additionally, when you switch the view mode to show points, FZ slows down to a crawl when you are working with larger models. all in all i wish FZ would get beck to be a program which enables people to model fast, precisely and reliably (without so many tolerance induced errors and without so many crashes), which was more in version 6.x than in 8.x - unfortunately.
  12. today i bought a license and all seems to work well. where can we get a complete documentation? my main workstation is a mac pro but i have a pc in my network with 5 nvidia 980ti GPU's which i would like to use as GPU render slaves. how do i setup this configuration? kind regards markus
  13. can we get a speed up for handling large textures? if i load a jeg with 4800 x 3300 pixels as a texture, FZ slows down to a crawl.
  14. 3dworks

    Please sort out the component system

    one nice thing with the older symbols system was also that we could easily create low res proxys for massive scenes. missing in components.
  15. 3dworks

    textures handling very slow

    thanks for the hint, this is totally true. as an old school 3d artist i already know how to optimize images. but my point was that we cannot handle medium large size images practically in FZ. the memory base optimization was an important thing 10 years ago, when everything was coded with an eye on RAM and 8 bit limitation, when we had very much smaller computers. but set apart the gaming industry, it is not any more a big rule in modetn 3d applications, at least it shouldnt... ;-) suspect that the image handling code in formz is old ages, was never optimized and slow because of this. internally there should be no difference if TIF or JPG, as image data is handeled internally on the same numerical base. JPG will require less memory on your HD but the same amount as the same image as uan ncompressed TIF inside FZ. not sure if FZ can handle 32 bit images internally.
  16. 3dworks

    8.6 updates

    great development .-)
  17. 3dworks

    vray network rendering setup

    same thoughts as justin, here... i was somehow convinced we are getting one extra render node, as usually a render plugin does locally render on a workstation. in this case it's a bit tricky to find out in the fine print that this is just a "UI license", never seen that before (at least not with octane, maxwell, and vray for c4d)...
  18. 3dworks

    vray buffer window issue

    after playing around with a few parameters of the vray buffer (btw these icons in the bottom row are simply to small to understand) i got the issue that i cannot close that window anymore. also resizing is impossible and all mouse clicks are ignored. the only way to solve this is to quit FZ. using latest version of app + plugin under OSX 10.12.6 with latest nvidia drivers for geforce gtx 980ti
  19. 3dworks

    FormZ 8.6 email

    no email here yet :-(
  20. 3dworks

    Please sort out the component system

    i only can repeat what others posted here +1
  21. 3dworks

    vray network rendering setup

    thank you for the explanation! i can now render with the server pc, but only if i set 'ignore local machine' on the client (workstation) mac, if not i will get error -98 on the server. does it mean that the FZ plugin will either render on the workstation or on the render server pc? this would be a bit disappointing, as usually, render software is delivered with at least one *additional* render node which can be used together with the main workstation. but maybe i'm setting up something in the wrong way?
  22. 3dworks

    vray network rendering setup

    thank you very much, excellent instructions. but on my pc i'm getting this error see the screenshot: do i need to instal the license server on the vray server pc as well? it's not totally clear how i do setup the license there. or is it just a firewall issue maybe? EDIT: i have set my FW settings to system standard (recommended). sorry, i'm not too expert with windows, in any case it's windows 7 pro on that machine. another question is: will GPU's on that server be used for DR? kind regards markus
  23. 3dworks

    V-Ray is here!

    bought a license for my mac pro, after last beta really worked out well here. hope we will get a decent documentation, soon.
  24. 3dworks

    render nodes setup

    bump! posted a new thread about this as well...
  25. 3dworks

    render nodes setup

    how do we setup render nodes? i am on OSX and would like to use a network connected PC running windows pro 7 with 5 nvidia gtx 980ti GPU's or alternatively a second mac workstation on OSX with one gtx 980ti card inside.