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  1. looking up which component is selected is only possible with the pick tool/ parameters info. then selecting this component from the library will require an additional step. please add a 'select in library' context menu entry when components are selected, this would be a great help. or am i missing such a functionality? thank you markus
  2. probably this never got reproduced because you where never testing with snapping modes on. in my day by day work the snapping is almost 95% of the time set to on... good to see this getting fixed, finally! :-)
  3. and btw. the same issue applies when using mutiple copy with snapping. after the first copy the perpendicular mode is deactivated. already reported a while ago and still there...
  4. +1, this could be very useful!! but please consider also also parametric fences... a really cool implementation can be seen here please have a also a look to the videos about windows and about shingles of lwcad. using it here and it is incredibly versatile. in general, an integration of parametric tools with components stored as libraries could be extremely powerful!
  5. i'm not seeing support of LWO format mentioned in FZ jr and FZ pro versions...
  6. i see it obviously in the extended list, but imo it is not a good move to remove some file formats from the highlights. someone having a fast look will maybe skip if his file format is not listed. i was recommending FZ to a collegue working with lightwave and he got back to me asking if FZ still was supporting LWO...
  7. http://www.3dworks.com/skitch/form%E2%80%A2Z_Pro%2C_by_AutoDesSys-20141107-180708.jpg
  8. this is an old but persistent issue with DWG and DXF imports. the generic error also does not really help in diagnosing what's wrong. please fix it once for all... ;-)
  9. 3dworks

    Welcome to our New Forum!

    ok, let's start again from scratch. it's always a shock to see an old 'home' gone, but this seems to be part of the continuous cycles of life... but more importantly, congratulations to the effort to modernize the overall look of your web presence! the new dynamic look suits much better to FZ, gone is the look of 90's, which honestly was much less appealing. now the last step would be a redesign of the FZ logo, which in my opinion with its beveled and 'gold' look still reflects this older period... congratulations and cheers! markus