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  1. Hi, May I know how to export a formZ file to DWG in scale please? I have built a 3D exhibition model in formZ 8.5 and want to export different views with dimension to Ai. I tried to export the top view in DWG format and it worked. However, it was not working for front, side and iso views. May I know any setting or advises for me to fix this problem? Thank you so much. Kimdo
  2. Hi Tech, Thank you so much for your advises and help.
  3. Hi Tech, Do you mean all dimensions should be done in the Layout frame page, in stead of formZ mode or Drafting mode? And I should not import the drawing with dimensions into the Layout frame? It is a bit misunderstanding. For a professional drawing software, I guess all objects with dimensions shall be able to export with text and dimension. :-( May I know if the future versions of FormZ will improve that? Thanks
  4. Hi Tech, I haven't used hidden line. I imported the formZ file by frame in the Layout mode. And the units/dimensions are changed to lines once the formZ file was imported. May I know if there is a video tutorial or step by step tutorial for this? Thanks for your help. Kimdo
  5. Dear Tech, I tried to print it as PDF format and select Vector Output but the units are displayed in lines. Please see the attached screenshot. May I know if I have did any wrong? Thanks
  6. Dear ALL, Thank you so much for your reply and advices. I tried the Layout mode and it worked. However, the dimension, dots and units were converted in lines while imported into AI. Hence, I could not change the figure. May I know if formZ can keep the unit while exporting to DWG? Thanks a lot. Kimdo
  7. Hi, I am using Form-Z Pro 8.5 (Mac platform) now and I want to try Maxwell Render Plugin. However, I have a problem while using the Maxwell Render Plugin. I follow the instruction and place the "Maxwell folder" into the Form-Z>Plugin folder. While I try to use the Maxwell in Form-Z, a pop-up box is shown out that I need to register. May I know how to register the "trial version" of Maxwell Render Plugin please? The reason I use Maxwell Render Plugin for Form-Z is for Spherical Lens (360 degree Latlong image). Can anyone help? I will buy the Maxwell Render Plugin after trying it. Many thanks.
  8. Hi DennisA, Thanks again. It's really nice to know that. I can use FormZ in either one now.
  9. Hi, I am using Form-Z Pro 8.5 at office now. May I know if I can use Form-Z Free to open a file created by Form-Z Pro 8.5? I just use it to view the model but not doing any modification. Thanks a lot.
  10. Hi Tech, Thank you so much.
  11. Hi DennisA, I don't know about that. May I know if I intalled and activated two workstations, I can only use one of them in the same time? It is a good news to me. Thank you so much.
  12. Hi Moderator, It's great to know it works. I will install the Form-Z Free in my Mac book for presentation. Thanks a lot.
  13. Thank you very much for your great help.
  14. Hi, I tried to export a model from Form-Z to Maya in OBJ format. It was working. However, the imported OBJ model in Maya was not performed well. The faces of the model are shaded with black (in white arrows). I was confused about that. Can anyone help and teach me how to export model from Form-Z? I did anything wrong? Thank you so much.
  15. Thanks a lot. I tried to click on Fix Smooth Shading options, it worked. :-) I don't have "modo", so I can't use it to delete surface normal map.
  16. I haven't done any mapping in formz. I just did a very simple test, create a rectangular in formz and then export it to OBJ format. After that, I open Maya and import this OBJ. However, the faces of the rectangular model was showing the above shading. Can anyone me for fixing this problem please? Thanks a lot.
  17. Hi, I downloaded a trial version of formZ Pro 8.5 recently. I tried to import AI file for building a floor plan. However it never worked. May I know why? Is it due to "Trial Version" which not support? Either any other issues? Please help. Many thanks, Alex
  18. Thanks a lot. I hope the Apple OS X problem can be solved soon.
  19. We have purchased 3 set of FormZ Pro 8 recently. We find the interface is abnormal in two Mac workstations, only one is correctly display. May I know how to fix it please? Under the "View" menu, there are no default view angles and the "Front (-ZX)" is wrongly display. There is not "Command -" for selecting and a triangle icon is next to "Front". We have reinstalled the Mac workstation, but the interface is the same (wrongly display again). Please help.
  20. I am using English OS now, while my colleagues are using Chinese OS. I don't know if there are any other differents. The View Menu is absoluely a big problem.
  21. I hope the problem can be fixed very soon. The interface of FormZ 8 which running in Chinese OS is a bit different and odd. Besides, we can't change to English OS beacuse it will affect the adobe software like AI, Photoshop and InDesign. Please let us know when can this error be fixed. Thanks a lot.
  22. Hi Rob. The problem was fixed. It is due to the lanuage setting of the MAC OS. I guess it is a bug. While OS is running in English language, everything is ok. However, the wrongly display will occur if OS is running in Chinese language.
  23. Thanks Rob. It is the same after rename autodessys. :-(
  24. Thanks. I contacted the formZ dealer and she told me that the hardware key driver needed to be updated. After updated, the installation was succeeded.