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  1. I've had time to look at it now.  Leaving a bit of space on the left side of the drawing window, between that and the tool pallet does not solve the problem.  Here, auto scroll works quickly to the top, right and bottom of the drawing window.  It is sluggish or completely unresponsive to the left.



  2. I'm having an issue with auto scroll.  Top edge of window, right edge, and bottom edge works responsively.  Left edge reluctantly or not at all.


    formz 8.01

    osx 10.10.1

    wacom tablet 6.3.9w3

    mbp early 2011.  10gb RAM






  3. I think this topic is 6.7-8.  My situation.


    8 is very cool, but I don't know my way around yet like I did in the old version.


    What I'm missing right now is:


    Return to Pick Tool.


    I see no mention of this in the manual either.





  4. In process of remapping brain from fz6 to fz8.


    And, one of the questions I have, is that what I called auto scroll does not seem to exist, either in practice or in the manual, though from above it must.


    When I am creating an object, say a shape, and I draw toward the edge of my screen, it does not scroll to let me see parts of the drawing not in view.  I can pan and zoom to find it.


    Just what have I missed?


    8.00/osx 10.10.1