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  1. Hi Z Resetting preferences does not solve this , nor does a total reinstall. There must be another file outside the formz folder needing deletion
  2. trying to adjust ONLY the added tool palettes in the first post. 1. With the tool manager on as stated , the tools in the palette won't move from that palette as they should (actually it works erratically and unpredictably )but mostly not at all 2. tool palette options : restore defaults is permanently greyed out .......how to make this active and what default does it restore ? 3. Managed to remove the tools from the added palettes after half hour of fiddling but not the actual palettes suggestion : if an added palette has no tools it should automatically not show as palette in the list Getting this behaviour on latest iMacs and latest macpro so presuming its not my systems
  3. Following on here ....one can reset the favourite tools but not the modelling tool stack ? Im a bit apprehensive now about fiddling with it to definitively assess this but i hope Im wrong
  4. pipo

    default version

    removed v8 and that obviously fixed the issue... didn't find any stability reason or bug to warrant keeping it except a possible custom tool bar issue I am noting in a separate post
  5. pipo

    default version

    Thanks , but as I stated that doesn't work hence my post
  6. Missing these 6.7.3 features in version 8 / 8.5 - 1. Separate options : separate along boundary of selected faces / along selected segments 2. Axial Sweep : interactive source manipulation 3. Show normals - presuming I just can't find this one 4. Line editing 2d : trim pair of segments with join option
  7. 2 click face / outline selection needs to have an assignable shortcut and probably deserves a spot on the tool options pick palette. Also could we have a palette into which we can save regularly used 2d profiles, for use with sweeps. Something like the door/window library.....
  8. Hey Gordon Is this an 8.5 feature ? 8 seems not to be able to accomplish this
  9. I can't import views from one project to another
  10. Can the 2 click face/outline selection option be moved or added to pick tool options
  11. Marcus , could you please elaborate on why you need to return to 6.7.3 ?
  12. To toggle normal visibility on/off by assigning a key would be beneficial particularly for setting up emitter planes and scatter geometry
  13. Markus I'm running 6.7.3 with no problems on 10.10.4 on latest iMacs and mapcro. It won't run on a latest macbook pro on the same 10.10.4 ......hopefully this hasn't changed with 10.10.5 I am compiling a list of 6.7.3 tasks that can't be completed with version v8 Perhaps we should make a thread for this ?
  14. Z , yes that does the trick....just jumped straight in to new projects from 6.7 so learning on the go. Please elaborate on the measure trick. While on the subject , how to permanently set the reference grid planes so they extend infinitely (as a permanent preference) Also the same ...how to set the guide snap to 45 as a permanent preference Do I need to set up a start up file with these options ? sorry for posting this here , can delete after reply
  15. An option to also move/scale reference plane underlays interactively .....perhaps with a 'hand' type tool. The current method is a bit hit and miss
  16. Hi Z , yes all works correctly , just presumed constrain to perp (key) would over ride these settings
  17. This is just not working at all Objects are constrained correctly when moving perp. to ref plane with shift/command (mac) Drawing a 2 point line horizontal to reference plane , after second click constrain with shift/command but the line is drawn perp to the cursor position , not the second click. Also the single "click" to complete a perp to ref plane line does not result in a segment. Known issue ?
  18. with these settings it does not work correctly (general pref settings) otherwise it is as expected ..apologies
  19. Shouldn't this draw the vertical line from the last click of the horizontal line , especially if grid snapping is on ?
  20. pipo

    Axial Sweep - As Positioned

    Yes , this is an adequate work around but considering recent improvements it should be expected that the source is movable in real time. Hope this is added soon
  21. pipo

    Axial Sweep - As Positioned

    axial sweep in fz 7-8 is a huge leap backwards in terms of functionality. Architectural modelling requires a large amount axial sweeping and this alone keeps us well ensconced in 6.7. The ability to MOVE AND SNAP the source shape in the preview window was infinitely EASIER , FASTER and more flexible. No need to get bogged down with positioning or editing first point status. Now (v8) if the source shape requires moving relative to the path , all source points need to be individually selected. I would be happy if I'm overlooking something here ?
  22. pipo

    Any Yosemite issues with form•Z 6.6?

    Hi Tech I had already installed the latest drivers prior to a 6.7.3 install.... Will wait to try again on new machines arriving shortly
  23. pipo

    Any Yosemite issues with form•Z 6.6?

    6.7.3 worked fine for up to 10.9.5 but Yosemite prohibits an install because of a wibu error
  24. Please reinstate EXPORT GEOMETRY - MERGE OBJECTS BY LAYER for those who wish to use Maxwell Studio. (Actually would be good to have all the original export options) We are still using form z 6.7.3 and can not make use of newer FZ versions until we can export cleanly into Studio. It seems slightly unfair forcing users into using one environment over the other.....large scale collaborative projects using different software packages where everything is brought together in Maxwell is key for us and we need this flexibility back please. Is there a chance the 7.3 plugin could be updated to accomplish this ?
  25. Hey Pylon The maxwell website indicates this new plug only works with the beta 3.1 Can I export a layered mxs from fz 7.3.4 and open this in maxwell 2 or 3 ? Several of our collaborators are still on maxwell 2