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  1. Hello. Recently I've installed trial version of form-z 8.0.1 and here is my problem: When I switch to shaded work display or shaded full display mode, I don't see any shaded surfaces, only wireframe. I've tried to set different settings in display options window but it doesn't helps. Any ideas? My system: - Acer aspire 7745g notebook - Win 7 home premum 64x - Intel i5 m430 2,27 GHz (2 CPUs) - 4096 RAM - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650
  2. Tech, yes, your answer definitly helped! At this amd board I've found a link to another forum, and there was description of similar problems: http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=381583 I'm not the only one who faced with such a problem. The reason of it - all latest versions of video driver (most likely all newer than 13.4) doesn't works with all ATI mobility series HD 5***. I noticed that such issue doesn't depends from laptop manufacturer, because people say about similar problem on HP, ASUS and Acer machines. So I'm pretty sure it's all because bad drivers... Damn, I've spent two days and night with installing and deinstalling latest drivers. I didn't expect such surprise from AMD/ATI. Must say, it is not first problem with Radeon video cards and 3d applications, few years ago I had similar problems at my desktop PC with ATI video adapter and Google Sketchup. Screw it! My next machine will be with nVidia card only! Tech, thank you very much! You are my hero! I've installed Catalyst 13.4 Mobility - not newest, but the latest proper release, and it works! I hope now my problem is solved! p.s. I am advanced skethup user and after first hours in form-z I'm already very impressed by the 'insert' feature and automatic geomerty intersections! Much easier after skethup. WOW! Can't imagine what next will surprise me )
  3. Well, I think its a problem with video adapter too... The latest version of Catalyst Control Center at Acer web site is 8.692.1.0, it installs and works with most modern 3d applications without any issues, but actually this version is quite old. According to AMD/ATI site the latest video driver is 14.9, but It doesn't installs properly in my system...