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  1. Duncan303

    Component - Align with View Issues

    Hi, Thanks for the responses. Yeah quitting FormZ and reopening seems to do the trick. Also it's happened a couple of times during this project and not sure what action suddenly made them change. It's just all of a sudden the components all rotate and become unresponsive to changing the align with view in parameters. I've tried relinking the texture maps but it just keeps making the file crash. Whats the best way to share file with you Tech?? thanks.
  2. Duncan303

    Exporting to SketchUp

    Hi, Looking to see if anyone has any tips on exporting files from Form Z to SketchUp. I quiet often get asked by clients to provide 3d work to add to a larger models based in SketchUp. My go to whenever exporting/importing between different CAD platforms is DWG but I've had a few comments regards some of the models I've sent people in the past - generally to do with surface objects. I'm not familiar with SketchUp although i have dabbled a little bit in the past. Looking for some recommendations regards file types, whether models should be smooth or facetted, scaling issues, surfaces objects and any other thoughts from the forum. Thanks in advance Duncan
  3. Duncan303

    Exporting to SketchUp

    Hi All, Thankfully this is not really an issue anymore - persuaded our new designer to move away from SketchUp to FormZ so converting my files is no longer an issue. After a few attempts I realised that I don't fundamentally like the modelling functionality of SketchUp - the geometry just isn't up to the level of FormZ or other Cad applications. I know it works for a huge number of people but it's not for me or our business. Agree with above comment - I always run object doctor when I've imported something from 3D Warehouse. thanks
  4. Duncan303

    Exporting to SketchUp

    Thanks for the tips - I'll let you know how I get on with some of the methods described. Wish there was and .skp export option! Actually import quiet a bit of stuff from the 3d Warehouse and although some of it hasn't the greatest geometry it's good for using within visual and concept design.
  5. Duncan303

    8.5 cost?

    Agree, I thought that this would just be an update especially since a lot of the improvements are in Layout and were supposed to work when version 8 came out in the first place!
  6. Duncan303

    Layout: Arc Length

    +1 for the arc length dimension tool. posted about this before, as it used to be an option in v6.
  7. Duncan303

    FormZ to Construction Drawings - again

    Hi All, Thanks so much for all the advice and recommendations, it's great to get some solid advice through the forum. I'll look into the programs mentioned and see if can work within our business model. Interesting to hear that some people would never use form z for construction drawings. I have actually produced a building consent drawing package for a 15,000 seater stadium structure (my previous job) before in Form Z, version 6 mind you and it took me a very long time and any design changes caused me a huge amount of grief as I'd have to manually go through the drawing set and make changes where necessary. I hope this thread keeps running for a bit longer as there are obviously a lot of opinions and advice we can all share to help each other out. Thanks again.
  8. Duncan303

    FormZ to Construction Drawings - again

    Thanks Support, As I think I touched on previously, ideally I'd like to work within one program for all aspects of my work, Form Z. A small business such as ourselves can only invest in one CAD program realistically. I'm just exploring the options to be more efficient with my workflow. Look forward to hearing from other forum users regards this.
  9. Duncan303

    FormZ to Construction Drawings - again

    Hi All, Finding this a really interesting thread. I post a bit on issues relating to Layout as I have to use it extensively to produce production drawings and site plans etc. I might add I have been doing this with relative success for a number of years now. There are definitely limitations and working with some other companies i notice the quality of drafting work to be on another level - mostly architectural firms. I manage to successfully communicate what i need to though and as a company we are able to send out complete fabrication drawings for a variety of different things, producing bespoke components to suit our needs out of materials such as timber, steel, alloy and fabric. I mostly use Form Z for its modelling capacity though and again have been doing this successfully for the last few years, producing visuals/renders etc that help sell what our company does. I guess what i'm interested in though is increasing efficiency and saving time in the drafting side of form z. Layout is killing me some days and driving me a little crazy. I'd be interested to talk to some people about the use of Form Z and another CAD program, potentially Vectorworks - using Form Z for my modelling and rendering and using Vectorworks for my drafting. I would love for Layout to be the solution but there seem to be so many issues and not a lot of resolution regarding improvements (maybe more in depth tutorials would help). My company has a decent turnover but a small team, I am a design team of one which means any investment in new CAD software has to be thought out very carefully hence the reason why i'd like to stick with Form Z but the time it's taking me to draft up larger models is causing me a great deal of frustration. If there are any users out there using Form Z and another program for drafting let me know your thoughts and recommendations on this please. Thanks in advance for the help..
  10. Hi, Noticed a little issue when creating pdfs in Layout when you are using multiple sheets, this has only started happening since latest update (when a few changes were made to layout) If you create a pdf with 'all' pages selected the pdf created only has drawing info on one page - generally the page you are viewing in the print dialogue box. If you want to create pdf's for each sheet you have to do this page by page - 1 of 1, 2 of 2 etc etc. Before update if you had a layout file with multiple sheets and you created a pdf there was no issue and you'd get a multiple paged pdf containing vector info from all sheets. thanks. Duncan
  11. Have a suggestion for the Layout mode: Is it possible to retain Grouping of Layers as per in Modelling? It seems strange that you'd able to organise what can be complicated files into tidy coherent groups in Modelling only for all that information to disappear in Layout meaning you have to scroll through a long list of layers to turn on/off specific layers. This is especially noticeable if you have maybe imported a DWG from AutoCAD which can sometimes have a vast number of layers, great in Modelling, just create a Group, drop them all in there and you can switch on and off, keeping them separate from any new modelling or other imported geometry. Let me know if this is an option for the future. thanks
  12. Duncan303

    Layout Bugs and Quirks

    Hi Tech, Glad to hear the title block function is coming along. Look forward to the update. yeah, I set up clipping planes in the modelling space and turn off and on in layout to create sections, this works really well now that you can assign hatches to materials in the attributes palette. Also really nice that when you have a couple of clipping planes set up to perhaps isolate a small section of a larger model the drawing is centred in the layout frame. I'm using the print dialogue to output my pdfs, with the vector option turned on. I'll try the dwg method you describe and let you know how i get on. My main reason for outputting the pdf this way was that it's very easy to just open that pdf in Illustrator, ungroup the drawing, add a title block, (i used to have to change the line weights but now won't need to as you've fixed this) and then save as. With the leader lines I have sent numerous fault reports on this and pretty much given up on finding out whats wrong at this stage. I'm changing the text in the leader line all the time as I use it as way of annotating my drawings - could this be the problem? Also if i get time i'll try not changing the text and see what happens when i create the pdf and see if the text moves. thanks
  13. Duncan303

    Layout Bugs and Quirks

    Hi Envdesign, Yep, I use layout extensively. Everyday pretty much as part of my work. I used to use drafting in Formz6 and actually have to say i think the new layout is better and quicker. There are a lot of issues which are holding it back and i have been considering looking at sketchup or autoCAD as a different route to go down. I work for a small company and am the only CAD user/Designer in house so can't really justify running more than one application and FormZ is what i know and for the conceptually modelling and rendering i do, I'm more than satisfied. I plan on brushing up on my animation skills too to add that into the mix. I've put together numerous site plans, steel and alloy shop drawings, other fabrication plans in layout so far and sometimes it can be a bit painful but I think I've found a few work arounds for the problems as they arise, which is not ideal as i'd like to be able to do it all in FormZ and output working drawings from there. What is it specifically you have issues with? I might have some suggestions.. Would be good to get some dialogue on the forums about layout, the silence is deafening sometimes!
  14. Duncan303

    Clipping Planes - numeric control

    Yep agree 100%.
  15. Duncan303

    Stock Lists

    Hi Tech, Yeah the beginning of the post about cultist data certainly helps. The files I have for the truss are set up so each piece is a single object and named appropriately. I'll use Information Management to create my lists. What would be nice though is being able to add these lists to my drawings in layout. At present the only way I can see of adding a table of quantities is to export a CVS file and then import into Excel(or similar application) and then piece this together with my drawing in illustrator(using pdf from Layout), potentially not the the most efficient work flow. Seems like the fundamentals are there in the modelling to create these lists but just need the ability to transfer that information into layout somehow. thanks
  16. Duncan303

    Stock Lists

    Hoping someone can help me out here with something I'm trying to do with Form Z that would make our companies life a lot easier. We work in the events infrastructure business and put together a lot of plans and concepts for temporary structures, a lot of times these are made from Alloy Box Truss sections, I have a file with all our lengths and connections made up and I just use as building blocks. See attached screenshot for what I mean. We also have a variety of other connections, types of truss etc. These structures vary in size from small 'boxes' 6mx6mx6m to covering whole sites (40mx30m), or forming partitions, screens etc etc. At present I'll put together plans and our production manager will go through manually and put together a pick list for the crew. I'd like to have somewhere in my capabilities in Form Z to have loaded in the quantities of truss we have in stock and the ability when I draft up a set of plans be able to add a table of quantities which list out the elements required to build the structures. Was wondering if 'components' would be an option i could explore, I don't use them much and have found them a little quirky to be honest. Wondering if Form Z can do anything like this? Thanks for any suggestions on this in advance. duncan
  17. Thanks. I've had a quick skim read of the tutorial and potentially looks like something that might be useful. I'll go through it in more detail and let you know how i get on.
  18. Duncan303

    Problems with Textures

    Hi, I've had a look through forum and found a similar topic. When using the preset textures image with shaded and shaded full everything is fine. When you go to do a full render you get an error message and the textures are missing. I tried the fix in the previous thread, going in to Go menu, library, preferences, autodesys and changing name of folder, didn't fix the problem and found that when i opened form z next time a new folder was created in this location and all my preferences had reset. Any thoughts whats going on here. Basically means i can't use render zone in Form Z 8 and can't back save to version 7 because textures are all missing there too. look forward to your response.
  19. Duncan303

    Problems with Textures

    Hi, As far as I'm aware I haven't ever moved any of the texture files for the links to have changed.