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  1. Duncan303

    Showing Outline Only of Facetted Object

    Hi Chris, Thanks for the response. Yeah hidden line doesn't show the facets in this model as illustrated by the second image which is a hidden line image layered over a full shaded image with edge display turned off. What I'm trying to achieve is a full shaded image with an outline but no facets showing. Any ideas?
  2. Does anyone know if it's possible to show only just the outline of a facetted object in "Shaded Full" display option. See attached screenshot of a structure with a facetted skin. It's an imported file from a client and there are no parametric(smooth) options to import. I have a workaround for this by exporting a full shaded image with 'Override Edge Display' turned off then a hidden line image of the same view and layering them in photoshop but it'd be more efficient to not have to have this extra step. See attached second image. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  3. Duncan303

    Problems Exporting DWG's

    Been meaning to reply one last time to this thread but couldn't sign in to forum for a number of weeks. Thanks again for the help. Have exported several models since posting this and found the naming of layers seemed to be the biggest issue. No longer using any spaces in layer names and files export fine. thanks again
  4. Duncan303

    Problems Exporting DWG's

    Thank you so much for looking into the issues with that file. I did wonder if it might have something to do with naming of the layers, we've been having some issues with file names and google drive recently as well. Also thanks for the advice, will check through layer names etc before exporting in the future if we have any further issues. I think after exporting several different parts of the rest of this build and then getting stuck with this I'd lost a bit of patience. thanks again.
  5. Duncan303

    Problems Exporting DWG's

    Hi Tech, Having a lot of issues exporting DWG files out of FormZ. I've tried to export the attached file from FormZ 8.5 with no success and have also tried from version 8. tried back saving through different versions of DWG, 2000, 2004, 2010 etc etc to no avail. Have exported much larger and more complicated parts of this job, some of which were modelled outside of Form Z reasonably successfully, it took me several tries with each file, getting various levels of success until finally got a full export. same file exported used same settings produces different results?? This alloy truss model attached was modelled entirely in FormZ and it would seem like a an easy export as fundamentally it's just a bunch of extruded rectangles. I have attached the resulting dwg. File sharing like this is an essential part of our work and I feel like this used to be easily achieved using version 6 but has also been a problem through updates 7 & 8. Any suggestions as to what is wrong here? Truss Structure.zip
  6. hi, Maybe i'm missing something straight forward here but i can't see any way of changing the 'selected hatch' when setting attributes in the Cross Section dialogue box. I can change the scale, angle and alternate between world and screen but i want to be able to add different hatches to choose from so in my sections or Layout drawings I have different hatches showing. Have searched through the manual to no avail. Anyone know how to do this?
  7. Duncan303

    3d PDF

    Hi, Looking for some advice on best apps to create 3d pdfs, preferably free. Also is this something we could hope to see in version 9 of Form Z where it could be an export option? as I know it's something you can do directly from Solidworks with a plugin.
  8. Interesting way of working. I use layout all the time and have come to expect the frustrations that go along with it while hoping that it'll be updated and upgraded in the future. I try to post about issues i have and improvements that could be made on a semi regular basis. The way of working you describe almost sounds a bit like the workflow from version 6, hidden line renders dimensioned and annotated. I'd be interested to explore this if it was quicker than using layout - how do you do multiple elevations on a single page and how do you set up a scale. Do you ever add axonmetric or perspective views? At present I take layout created PDF into illustrator to tidy up and add further detail, title block etc.
  9. Duncan303

    Layout Glitches

    Hi, Just highlighting a couple of glitches that I have come across on numerous occasions in Layout mode. • Note Text - text moves when you save as pdf. it generally shuffles up the page. i think this mostly happens if you type in a note with multiple lines of text. see attached screenshots of layout version then pdf version to see the movement in text. • Dimensions Units and Display - file toggles between "use project" and "custom" when you make any changes in source file or if you set to "use project" before saving the file, it then jumps to "custom" on saving
  10. Duncan303

    360º Renders

    Thanks for the feedback above. I'll have a look more closely at Maxwell render - may or may not be something our company would look at investing in.
  11. Duncan303

    any help please how to model this tent

    This is something I wrestled with the in past also - I used a serious of guidelines and guided lofts to get an approximate 3d model of this type of structure. Sub D tool could be worth a look though - thanks for the file above..
  12. Duncan303

    360º Renders

    Hi, I recently saw a render by a company on their facebook page that was an interactive 360º view. You clicked and dragged mouse to rotate yourself around a central point allowing you to look at all the points of the interior of a room. Very similar to if you take a panoramic picture on iphone and post to facebook. I downloaded the render and what i got was a flat image that was obviously a kind of panormaic view but that also allowed you to look up and down. Is there a way in Form Z of setting a central point in a space and having it create a render like that. I have attached the image for reference. Has anyone done anything like this before?
  13. Duncan303

    Leader Lines Text

    +1 This would be a great addition - either be able to select object name or layer name
  14. Duncan303

    Layout Lagging Performance

    I have noticed similar lag when using perspective view in Layout with certain more complex models. Mostly complex truss models with a lot of detail, can be relatively quick in elevation but very very slow in perspective. I have noticed a slight increase in performance if i change object type to 'Poly Lines' as opposed to 'Lines, Splines & Arcs'.
  15. Duncan303

    Layout - Dimensions - Units and Display

    thanks Tech, I also just thought i could just set up a preference file for layout with the working units set to the same as the preference file i have for all my modelling projects but then sometimes I may be working on different scale projects so I guess a fix is in order.