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  1. martinb

    Integrated Calculator

    +1 for calculator and input-fields working like in vectorworks... would be great! thanks!!!
  2. hi to all, for me, palettes are fine because i can arrange them the way i like - at least they would be fine if working correctly. - to have an impression please visit (once again) vectorworks - the main difference to formZ is that their palettes have the ability to stay in exactly the same place i put them! - i don´t know if things have improved with 8, because i am still on 7, but maybe not... i have 5 suggestions: 1. try to make palettes really costumisable regarding their size (allow very detailed settings - avoid big steps like they happen with materials palette or the lights palette which jump line by line!!!) 2. try to make palettes and windows and everything to stay in the place where you put them - maybe we would need kind of a screenshot function that saves all positions (its just numbers i guess?) for a desired screen setup? 3. try to have a simple and efficient file dialogue for the workspace settings - like the one for the keyshortcuts (i suggested this about 2 years ago...) - to avoid problems with corrupted setting-files (if you have access to the file which stores all the correct(!) workspace settings, you could duplicate it easily to avoid further corruption and you could call it from within the program to restore the prefered settings) 4. try to avoid the jumping around of palettes - especially in the formZ window - when rearranging them - i would leave it up to the user to put them in place and to make everything visible! if necessary, give up this special formZ window at all. 5. try to show the names of palettes always (maybe if the palette is too narrow add some dots... or use initials instead of loosing the whole name - this happens with the costum reference-planes-palette for example) and maybe let the user decide if he/she would like to have free floating palettes or a fixed layout - like in autocad (i dont know how this kind of layout is called?!?!?) - i personally prefer palettes, but without their (actual) annoying behavior please! i think this layout- and workspace issues should be really solved, because it gives no good impressions to new users and its really so much work to costumize the program the way you want it - just to find out, its not working... frustrating!!!! btw, does anyone know what happens if updating for example from 7 to 8 - do you have to rebuild everything or can you take the workspace to the next version? one question to ads: will there be an update for 7 as well, if you decide to improve the interface??? sorry for the long post, thanks for reading and nice greetings! martin formZ 7.3.4 macos X 10.6.8 macbook pro 13" mid 2010
  3. martinb

    view "newbie" questions

    hi, i can only support the request for a simple input of coordinates! my suggestion would be: 1. select the tool 2. hit the tabulator key to enter the first input-field (X) - and to jump to the subsequent ones to lock values you have confirmed by enter, please have a look at vectorworks to see how it works perfectly (at least in 2011) ! one more suggestion: since we have the colors red, green, blue for the axes, why not have red, green, blue marked input fields? thanks and greetings! martin
  4. martinb

    Numeric input and the terrain tool bug

    hi, yes, it would be a very good idea to make numeric input accessible by using the tab-key!!! in vectorworks they are using this key, and the input is very reliable. you can even store the values seperately (by entering a number and then hitting the enter-key) and still adjust the others... stored values can be released again by hitting esc or changed by entering new values in the respective field. then, if all the values are correct, you finish the operation by hitting return-key or left mouse button. done! its very simple, intuitive and very precise to use numeric input in vw. if i´m not clear enough, please try to have a look there! formZ is such a great software, would be good to have the input more easy!!! greetings! martin
  5. hi people, great to hear that issue 2 is on the list! and hopefully the many other problems with workspaces as well... formz7 here! thanks and greetings! martin
  6. i think, at least for the positions and sizes of palettes, windows etc the problems should be fixed easily: just store the positions and sizes and bring them back once the workspace is selected again... now, if i try to position a palette exactly, once i save the workspace (Workspace - New Workspace...), formz repositions the palettes some pixels higher - why? and i still cant understand, why we dont have a file dialogue for saving and loading the workspace - just like for the key shortcuts??? thanks, martin formZ 7 on macbookpro 13"
  7. martinb

    set image size

    +1 for rendering small parts of the scene in final resolution! thank you!
  8. hi jon, thank you for sharing your ideas about the tool-palette. this is one of my long time problems i still have with the interface. especially if you dont use formz every day, the changing group icons lead to confusion. so i really support your idea of constant group icons!!! thank you, greetings martin