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  1. kim

    FZ 8 on El Capitan

    On my 15" Mac Book Pro retina 2012, there is a slight increase in speed. The only two issues I am experiencing so far, are that when I do a Save or a Renderzone rendering, the blue bars in the tool dock are no longer visible. And when quitting FZ, it crashes. On an ancient Mac Book Pro 17 inch (early 2009), I can no longer do Shaded Full Display. Have not even tried to do Renderings with Renderzone. I realize that these issues might be due to problems on my computers and not generic to other macs but there is only one way to find out :-).
  2. I have been trying to create a texture in Renderzone which will cast a shadow using the alpha channel. I can get it to work in Shaded Full Option but not in Renderzone. The Renderzone shadow is of the rectangle that the texture is on and not of the image in the texture. Thanks Kim
  3. So just to check I am following you. The idea would be to trace with B-splines the outline of the barbed wire and then to texture map the new 2D form. Make a component out of it and then select that the component is orientated to the view. Is this correct? If so the drawback here is that I am doing multiple pieces of wire, which are different lengths and some are bent. The texture mapping of the barbed wire gives a lot of flexibility in this case, whereas the components don't - if I am correct?
  4. Ztech, Could you please expand some more on the 'trace your shape' option. Thanks
  5. I am trying to wrap an object with barbed wire. Thought I could achieve this by mapping an image with a barbed wire image in Renderzone. I cannot get this to work. If anyone has some ideas and willing to share, I would be very grateful. Thanks, Kim
  6. kim

    FormZ 6.5.6 and Mac OS Systems

    I sometimes use FZ 6.7.3 with Yosemite (I have it loaded on my MBP 15inch retina). But not for any heavy lifting. I model in FZ8 and then back save it to go into FZ6 so as to be able to copy and paste between draft and modeling. This work is then brought back into FZ8 for further modeling. What this means is that I am not using all of the tools in FZ6. But still, I am just blown away by the fact that FZ 6 keeps on working...
  7. Upgrade the Decal Tool to match the intuitive nature of the edit texture tool.
  8. Created a new FMZ file and the shadows are working? Will send file to tech support :-)
  9. Thanks Jonmoore for your response. I have selected all the settings as you show above but the shadows only work in shaded view but not in the Renderzone. I have even used an image supplied by AutoDesSys. It leaves me baffled. Which version of FZ are you using? Thanks.
  10. kim

    modeling barbed wire

    Thanks Ztech and Jonmoore for responding to my question. I will look at modeling the barbed wire but would also like to know how one would go about texture mapping a strand of barbed wire onto a spline. Is this at all possible? Thanks Kim
  11. Will it be possible to download a pdf version of the manual for FZ8 Pro with Renderzone? Not always working with FZ in an area where I have access to the internet. Thanks
  12. kim

    FormZ 8 ghosted operands bug

    Hi PablosS, I am using FZ 8 pro on a mac and find this ghosted operands note annoying. As soon as you have one ghosted operand the note appears when you save. Then if you agree to remove the ghosted operands, my system does not crash but the ghosted operands remain. If you look under the Edit Menu you are given options about Ghosted Operands. If you don't want to keep them just select Delete Operands. Hopefully this will solve your problem for now.
  13. I hope that it is okay that I am still asking a question regarding FZ 6.7.3 on this forum. My problem is that I am trying to paste from Drafting to Modeling and I cannot get it to work. No elements are moved over. I have also tried pasting from the FZ Draft Clipboard without any luck. When I check the clipboard the 2D image is in it. I must be forgetting to do a setting. Any pointers would be very helpful. Thanks Kim
  14. Thanks Ztech and Rich for your responses. Found that both your suggestions work, I don't remember FZ 6 behaving like this in the past. Is this just a glitch with the newer operating systems? My work around now for copying from Draft to Model ------- I create a New Model file do the Copy from Draft and then copy and paste from the new Model file into the one I am working on. So far this is working for me.
  15. How does one hide the animation 'markers' that are left from creating animated objects? Thanks Kim
  16. Whenever I reopen my file I get these layers appearing. I then select purge and they disappear. Curious, where they come from - are they linked to Layout mode? Thanks Kim
  17. The file that I sent to show problems with the underlayment is the file that creates the fictitious layers. I will send the fml file that is linked to this file as the problem only started when I created the fml file.
  18. Sorry, I should have mentioned that the files that appear from nowhere are titled: 1/12/15 Layer 1 Reserved Here is a shot after purging