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  1. kim

    Layout Zoom Error message

    Hi Ztech, That is correct. The only way I can get out of the loop is by changing the working units option. So, if when creating the new project I chose metric, I will choose imperial and vica versa. Then the zoom and fit functions begin to work.
  2. kim

    Layout Zoom Error message

    Hi Ztech, I am not zooming in. What you see in the Layout File is what I get after selecting New Layout Project, selecting paper size etc on the menu and hitting ok. The file opens zoomed in as you saw on the file I sent you. If I try to select Fit or zoom in or out, I get the error messages shown above. Thanks kim
  3. kim

    Layout Zoom Error message

    Hi Ztech, I have sent the file via email. thanks, Kim
  4. kim

    Layout Zoom Error message

    Hi Ztech, I open the Layout without a Template file. In the menu option I select Arch D and mm. The file opens in Arch D in Inches (preferences are set to mm). What I see on the screen is the lower left corner of the sheet of paper. If I try either zoom in or out, I get the error message i sent you. But if I go to drawing settings and select mm again. The drawing file is still showing me the lower left corner but now I can zoom out. My definition of "messing around" is doing things which you have no idea why you are doing it but somehow, sometimes, it works Thanks, Kim
  5. kim

    My first 3d print!

    The crispness is really good. What are the dimensions of the logo?
  6. kim

    My first 3d print!

    Hi Peder, Very impressive that you got these forms to print without warping from differential cooling. I see that you are using a Flashforge Dreamer to print in ABS. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on this printer? I am using Shapeways to do my 3D printing but it becomes expensive pretty quickly. The quality and service they provide is excellent. Just to put in a plug for FZ, I have had no rejects from Shapeways caused by poor modeling geometry. My models go through their inspection process with flying colors .
  7. I dimensioned a radius in a Layout file and it gives me the incorrect dimension. Not sure if it is rounding up? Here are some images.
  8. Hi All, If I boolean difference or use the slice tool to create a hole, in a plain facetted surface object, I get this strange shadow in the shaded display modes. I have checked the objects with object doctor and no problems are highlighted. Iin all other modes they are okay. Is there a way to avoid this? Thanks Kim
  9. I am exporting data from FZ Layout to Omax Layout Premium using DWG and DXF. Unfortunately, I am running into scaling problems. I am always having to rescale the objects in Omax. Have checked that I am using the same units and that I am exporting and importing at 1:1 scale. One error message I got from Omax was to update my DWG files as they were older versions? I am curious if anyone has used Omax and if you have managed to do so successfully. Also what settings did you find worked for you. Thanks Kim
  10. I will send a file but it occurs on all files and I suspect has something to do with a preference setting?
  11. I have noticed that the guidelines tend to disappear on the iMac 5k. Is there a setting I can change that will make them easier to see? Thanks Kim
  12. kim

    Happy 25th birthday form•Z

    Happy Birthday to all at AutoDesSys!!! Thanks you for not only creating such an incredible piece of software (it is my favorite) but for providing the relaxed and friendly user support base. Looking forward to another 25 years of FZ
  13. kim

    System requirements

    Thanks Ztech, After doing an OS update, FZ 6 started to not respond and freeze. I think that I will maintain the two computers as who knows what the future will bring
  14. kim

    System requirements

    It is frustrating to have to use two computers but the gains of FZ 8+ far outweigh the inconvenience of two computers. My solution has been to take an old G5 iMac which is totally self contained, so all I do is plug and play when I need to. The better option would be to find an old laptop that could become a dedicated FZ 6 machine, as it takes up less physical space. My original intention was to run VMWare with the different OS's on it but Apple's license agreement does not permit this and VMWare placed a lock in their software to stop folks from breaking that agreement. If you come up with a better solution, please let us know. Part of my old work process is presently locked into FZ6.
  15. kim

    System requirements

    My version of FZ 6.7 stopped working on Version 10.11.3 which is the latest update to El Capitan. Back to using it on a 10 year old iMac.
  16. Not sure if this would work but when the snap intersection option is on, it slows down FZ whilst cursor is moved over the field of intersecting objects. What if the the option could be limited to intersecting objects or vectors on the active plane? Thus limiting the number of variables out there?
  17. Does this update repair the problem with FZ and El Capitan where if you have a lot of notes on the model, FZ memory management stops working.
  18. Running 8.5 on El Capitan, the dimensions if linked to an object disappear when the object is altered vs changing with the object. Thanks Kim
  19. If the clipping plane tool could create a 'temporary' section which would create snapable points to objects that are intersected as well as define a reference plane on which objects could be placed/edited etc. A quick example: If you had two objects and you wanted to add to the one and create a slot in the other. By selecting the clipping plane and moving it into the location where you wanted it to work and selecting a box titled 'Section" the clipping plane would basically cut a section through all objects it passed through and place a reference plane in that position. The objects are in fact 'cut' allowing you to work on them using Boolean, Fill and cut tools. Once done and you deselect the 'section' box the objects are returned back to their original state with latest modeling additions.
  20. kim

    FormZ 9 wish list...

    Making Clipping Plane more powerful. For example having the clipping plane create a 'temporary' section which would create snapable points to members intersecting the plane. Kim
  21. kim

    Form Z and iCloud Drive

    Hi Ztech, I have the FZ preference for backups set to 1, and I get a single backup. The version saving, must be an iCloud Drive thing, which has proven helpful :-). I think how iCloud Drive works is that the file is saved on the hard drive and thus when you save from an application, it saves the file to the hard drive and then updates the file to the cloud. But this is only a guess? I am hoping someone with more knowledge can fill in the gaps :-). Thanks, Kim
  22. I have noticed that if I use an FZ file on iCloud Drive that iCloud creates a new Version of the data file whenever I save. The original file stays as the most updated version and the file with a number is the previously saved version. The feature is nice but its amazing how quickly the number of files builds up. I have two questions: 1) In the past iCloud Drive and FZ did not play nice together and it was best to drag the iCloud file onto the desktop when working with it and then drag it back to iCloud Drive when done. With El Capitan, it appears that FZ and iCloud Drive are compatible? 2) If anyone else is using this setup, is there a way to limit how many backup files iCloud Drive maintains? Thanks Kim
  23. FZ is once again leaving old d
  24. kim

    El Capitan and FZ 8.5

    Sorry, hit wrong button. Two issues with El Capitan and FZ 8.5. The measure tool is leaving the dimensions on the screen. Only method I can think of to clear the dims off the screen, is to restart FZ. The layers menu not completely happy in that if you create groups and then turn on and off the layers at a certain point the eye for the group locks in the on position even if the layers are off.
  25. Thought it might be of interest to those thinking of upgrading to El Capitan to see what issues, those who have done the upgrade, are experiencing. Either positive or negative.