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  1. Thanks Tech, The combination of Command + Shift + Space keys, worked. The temporary guidelines have now gone. Working on Mac Sierra. Kim
  2. Hi Tech, Just uploaded the file with guideline issues. It is titled Guidelines. I thought that they were the guidelines that are placed temporarily but could not get rid of them using the Option Spacebar method. Thanks Kim
  3. Sometimes a guideline does not want to be deleted. Even on layers that are not locked :-).
  4. Thanks Ztech, This is great! Just ran some tests and even though I am running on a 15inch retina MBP 2012, it appears to handle it. it has the NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M and the Intel HD 4000 graphic, which if I remember correctly is on the edge of ok.
  5. I need to do a demonstration showing some shadow studies in real time, so I cannot pre-render. I will use Shaded full Display as it will be good enough for this exercise. As i am working on a small laptop, I was wondering if FZ had a function that could hide all the palettes and menus yet recall them on a single click? Something like the tab quick key in illustrator. thanks Kim
  6. kim

    Quick Key file

    Thanks Anton. Such a solid simple solution, wish I had thought of it
  7. kim

    Quick Key file

    I keep loosing it :-). where is the Quick Key folder stored on a mac. Thanks kIm
  8. kim

    Quick Key file

    Hi Anton, Thank you, yes, I do mean the Key Shortcut File. You are correct, it is a handy feature. I made the key shortcuts, saved the file but would like to transfer it to my other computer, so I am looking for it. I always forget where it is placed. Kim
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    No this does not help.
  10. kim


    Is it possible to Edit a Scene? For example, change layers that are on or off, turn off the grids etc or adjust the background settings. Thanks, Kim
  11. kim


    The settings in Scenes are not updating. Once I create the Scene, thats it. It will not accept any changes. So my work around is to activate the scene, make the changes and then make a new scene with the updates and delete the old scene. Something is buggy with my Scenes, i think?
  12. kim


    Thanks Andrew, that is exactly how I remembered it working. I click on the make active icon and unlock make changes lock then deactivate. If I come back to it, it still has the original settings?
  13. kim

    video server on a mac

    Hi Tony, Welcome to FZ, better late than never :-). I find that in order to get the videos to open up, I have to click on them a few times. If this does not work for you there are also videos on You Tube https://www.youtube.com/user/formz3D. I think that if you look on the AutoDesSys web site you can find links to other videos as well. Hope this helps, Kim
  14. kim

    Happy Holidays…

    Happy Holidays to everyone and best wishes for 2017! A special thanks to all at AutoDesSystems for being there with such a great product and incredible support.
  15. Wacom has released another update. Tried it but they have not yet repaired the problem with the right click button. Presently running Wacom on Sierra and all appears to be fine.
  16. kim

    UI / Display on Imac

    Hi Andy, I am using FZ on an iMac and as Ahtoh points out if you use the green dot FZ goes full screening you don't get the desktop appearing behind your modeling window. It helps to have the "Show scroll bars" selected to 'Always' in Apple System Preferences. This way you get to see the resize handles etc. Hope this helps, Kim
  17. Thanks Doug for the heads up. Just so happens that today I got a notice from Wacom that I need to update to 6.3.16-12. As things are presently working ok - thanks to your warning - I will not update the driver as I don't have an older dmg file hanging around. _Kim
  18. Hi Doug, Today the sun is out so I tested my Wacom tablet with FZ. On the pen toggle switch I have right click on the lower toggle and middle click on the upper toggle. Not to put a jinx in the system, all is working fine - - - today. Here are my specs: Wacom intuos 5 touch running 6-3.15-3 on an iMac running all the latest and greatest OS and FZ Renderzone. Best of luck solving your problem - you may need to move to the East coast? Kim
  19. Congratulations Chris and Alexandra! Wishing you both a wonderful time in your next stage of life. Many thanks for giving us this incredible tool with fantastic customer support. Best wishes, Kim
  20. I cannot get grid snap option to turn off when moving exploded dimensions around. Thanks, Kim
  21. I cannot change the radii within controlled rounding or add more than one controlled radii since doing the upgrade. Any thoughts? Thanks, Kim
  22. Hi Ztech, Changed to default pref and all worked ok? Thanks for your help. Kim
  23. kim

    My first 3d print!

    Thanks Peder, Your prints are impressive, especially for the size you are doing. Kim
  24. kim

    Layout Zoom Error message

    That fixed it thanks
  25. When I create a new layout file, I find that I cannot zoom to see the page and get the following error messages. This is what the working units specs look like. I go in and mess around with the settings and then Layout starts to work. What have I messed up? Thanks kim