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  1. kim

    8.6 bugs

    Thanks FZnoob, I have now updated to the latest build. The problems I was having with version 10017 not repeating. But I have found that build 10027 takes longer to open a file but once the file is open all is okay. Running on iMac 5K, 27 inch late 2015 with 4GHz Intel core i7, high sierra version 10.13.3
  2. kim

    8.6 bugs

    Having lots of the buggy problems mentioned in this discussion. Looked at my version number and saw that it is the buggy one (build 10017). So went to download page and downloaded latest update. For some stupid reason the newly updated FZ file will not open??? Anyone else having this problem? Thanks
  3. kim

    formZ and 4K resolution

    Using FZ on a 5K iMac. Not having any problems dealing with GUI's
  4. I have made a few annotations in the modeling component of FZ but when they are brought through to the Layout file the text is converted to many small hash marks. Am I doing something wrong or is text not transferable from modeling to layout?
  5. kim

    FORMZ curriculum

    Hi Dubi, Great to hear you are running a maker space. I don't know of any curriculum out there for teaching the latest FZ but you may be able to put something together using the FZ tutorials online. Also the curriculum is going to be dependent on what the students are going to want to use FZ for. Being a maker space, I suspect the modeling needs could vary. The good thing about FZ is that it can cater to many different needs . Good luck with your course! Kim
  6. kim

    Happy Holidays...

    Thank you Bernd and Jaakko for keeping up the holiday tradition Happy Holidays to all and thank you everyone at AutoDesSys for continuing to take care of all our needs. Kim
  7. kim

    VRay Render Window

    I find that the VRay render window which insists on sitting on top of all other windows even if Form Z is not the app in use, creates a real estate problem on my screen. Is there a setting whereby one can push the rendering window into the background? Thanks Kim
  8. Hi ZVtech, Yes resetting the workspace fixed the problem of the Renderzone Icon disappearance. Would it be possible for you to post the Vray Webinar we had last week or is there a Tutorial available on how to get started with VRay? Thanks Kim
  9. After loading Vray into FZ8.6 The Display Tools palette no longer shows the Renderzone button, is intentional? Thanks Kim
  10. This update is looking good. While trying it out I selected the move tool and was blown away by all the new features in the new Tool Option Menu. After reading bbuxton's post about opening old versions of FZ, I had to give it a spin. Worked perfectly. Thanks AutoDesSys for hearing us all and giving us what we request! Kim
  11. kim

    Files not deleting

    IPad Pro 9" A9 chip running latest version iOS model number MLMV2LL/A
  12. Even though the dimension layer is on, no dimensions are showing up in the viewer?
  13. Tried looking at 2 files on the iPad Pro and when I select the Front or Back View they show the right or left view. When I look at the views on the mac, they show correctly. Thanks Kim
  14. kim


    Just did an experiment to see if the model file in the view could be synced with the file in the cloud. I could not make it happen and assume that once the file is downloaded from the cloud it is no longer linked to the file on the computer? It would be a nice feature to have the file sync across the platforms. Thanks, Kim
  15. Hi ZTech, I have many FZ archived files from earlier versions of FZ. Presently, If I wish to open them, I can use FZ7. As FZ7 is a 32 bit application it will no longer function under High Sierra. Will future upgrades of FZ include a function which will allow them to open earlier version files or are we going to need to always have FZ7 around on an old mac or two? Many thanks, Kim
  16. kim

    Files not deleting

    Hi Ztech, I have just loaded Mobile viewer on my iPad Pro, and tried to delete the 'sample' files. When I hit the edit button the 'x's stay greyed out. Where is one suppose to delete these files? Thanks Kim
  17. Hi Ztech, It is interesting that you managed to get the 32 bit versions of FZ to open in High Sierra. In a way this is good news. It is unfair of us users to request that you maintain the ability for us to keep accessing our 20 year old files but then you always offer such great service, that is one of the reasons we all stick to FZ. I speak for myself here but all I would like is the ability to open an archived file and re save it in such a way that I can use some of its data in the latest version of FZ. I even wondered if it was possible to have a small application that ran independently from the FZ app that could look for old versions of FZ files on ones disk and automatically update them. I would pay for such an app. Then whenever you updated FZ with a major upgrade you could also update the 'macro app' that would go in and update all old FZ files. Just to answer Joe's question about running a legacy version of FZ 6. My understanding was that as FZ6 used the USB key we had the right to continue using FZ6 with Leopard on an old machine. Not sure if my memory is playing tricks on me but I seem to recall that Autodessystems gave us the okay to do that? Justin, I tried running FZ on Windows 10, not for me. I agree with you that Apple dropped the pro users for the last few years but I am salivating over the iMac Pro. I suspect it will be pretty good for rendering but the proof will be in the pudding . I second Ztech's point that upgrading to FZ8.5 is a worthwhile endeavor. Kim
  18. Hugo, You have given this a lot of thought and there is something about your process that I really think has merit. Since going 3D (1995), I have had a continuous battle as to how best to create documents for fabrication. The one major selling point of your process, is that you are able to tap into the power of each of applications you are using. You are still using multiple apps to get to final product but with a strong work flow method. So, in my mind, that is not a problem. I am presently unable to give your system my complete attention but when my current project is complete, I am going to run some experiments with your suggestions. Once again, many thanks for sharing your ideas. You have got me thinking . Kim
  19. kim

    Layer problem in FZ Layout

    Thanks, I am sold. Will try the new WIP version
  20. I am currently working on a modeling file that has many layers and some of the Layers are in Groups. As the Frame Parameters currently does not accommodate the Groups, I numbered the layers in each group differently. For example from one group the layers are numbered L001 to L050 and in another Group they are numbered R001 to R050. I did this so that when I call up the Frame Parameters to turn layers on and off, they would be easy to find. The Frame Parameters layer section, randomly lists the layers and mixes them up regardless of title. This makes searching for a layer really cumbersome. What is Layout using to list the layers? Another issue I have with the Frame Parameter menu window is that it gives very little space to the Layer/Clipping Plane window. Is there a way to make this window larger? Thanks, Kim
  21. Hugo, I noticed that you are working with Affinity Designer. I just recently came across this app and so far I am impressed with it. Compared to Illustrator it is clean fast and more intuitive to use. Unfortunately, there are some major features I use in Illustrator that they do not 'yet' have in Affinity Designer :-). At one point I was thinking of using Affinity Designer instead of FZ Layout but I modify my work so much that, that process would not work for me. Kim
  22. Hugo, I am finding your 3D to 2D workflow interesting but there are three things about Layout that I would miss a lot. The auto update feature, ability to have multiple windows with different views and scales and multiple sheets with title blocks. Saying that, there are many bugs in Layout, I sometimes get so frustrated with it that I want to throw the whole computer out of the window but there is a lot of power in it. Layout is not a happy camper if you work with large files with many layers. It really takes a long time to update and as it takes a lot of work to set up. I look forward to seeing videos of your process. Thanks for being so generous with your ideas. Talking about a bug - I will make a new post about a current issue that is currently frustrating me :-).
  23. kim

    In memory of Paul Helm

    I am stunned and sitting here in a state of shock. Thank you Paul for all your help over the years with FZ. If I may speak for the FZ community - you are our hero, you were definitely mine. So, sorry to hear that for this last year you had to struggle living with cancer. This did not come through with any of your email answers to our questions. Condolences to everyone at AutoDesSys, to Paul's family and friends. Paul, I will miss you sorely. Kim
  24. I know this has been answered before but I cannot find it in the forum. I cannot remember how to delete guide lines that do not want to be deleted. Thanks Kim