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  1. Wonderful to see that Draft is being brought back but the old method and link to the Draft package has not. How do you export to Draft? Tried to look up the manual but it does not work if you try the search function.
  2. kim

    How to export to Draft

    Hi Chris, Thanks for posting the instructions. I can get Layout to work but not Draft. When I select New Draft, the Content window is all greyed out.
  3. kim

    Form Z making new versions

    I created a file and deselected the Make Backup. For some reason FZ is still making a backup?
  4. FZ9 is making new versions every time I am saving?
  5. How do you control which layers are on or off for reference files?
  6. I discovered that you can do this in the Layers Palette. The one problem is that the Layers from the reference file are not differentiated from the file that is referencing them. Do not do a sort Layers when your reference file is open. Plus if layers have the same names - then you have a problem.
  7. kim

    How to export to Draft

    Hi Santa, I have not yet managed to work out how to use the new Draft. When I get some time i want to open up my FZ 6 and remind myself of the process, its been a few months since i last used it. Will post something as soon as i get it going.
  8. kim

    Form Z making new versions

    Yup, only happens when I use the iCloud drive.
  9. kim

    How to export to Draft

    Did a trial by exporting a clipped model in plan view - exported DWG and imported into Draft. Draft turned the imported file which was plan view in Model to single point perspective in Draft.
  10. Really hard to organize the Palette Menu. Dragging palettes up and down to get the order I work with is really tough!!! Attached is an image showing how the layers menu when with the objects menu is now not showing anything.
  11. I use FZ with a Wacom tablet so I need to have the ability to see a double scroll window in the pallets. Is this possible in FZ9? Currently the palettes in the palette window don't compress when you close them. So it is impossible to get to the pallets that have gone below the screen. In the attached examples - Objects are closed and then open. No difference, I still cannot reach planes or palettes below.
  12. Open up FZ Draft > Manual > Search The result is a lot of code. Latest version of Safari
  13. kim

    Where's the info on 9?

    I hope that 'family plan members' will also receive notification as soon as it is released. My current version of FZ 8.5 not happy on Catalina and I don't want to spend the time reinstalling 8.5 when I will need to do the same for 9. Hopefully, 9 can be released today which will allow for folks to contact Tech support if things don't go right. Releasing on Friday with no tech support available might end up being frustrating to those who run into installation and registration problems. But Friday better than Monday for those of us who are having a crashing time with 8.5 :-). Looking forward to seeing what FZ9 brings to the table but have been very happy with 8.5 modeling but not layout. Thanks to everyone who has worked hard on bringing the new version of FZ9 to fruition, and that includes the beta testers!
  14. Not sure why but the Clipping Plane Palette on the Mac version of FZ does not respond well to renaming attempts. It takes a lot of careful clicking to try and get the name tag to respond.
  15. Is it possible to add .eps to the import and export file types? Especially to the import section. I have moved away from Adobe to Affinity. This has created a bit of a snag with my work flow.
  16. Hi Ztech, Thanks for the answer - really helpful and easy to do :-).
  17. I am using the dimensions tool in the FZ model window. I would like to not have mm behind every dimension. A simple note on the drawing stating that all dims are in mm is sufficient. The mm gets in the way. How does one remove the mm annotation behind each dimension? Thanks Kim
  18. Happy Holidays to everyone 🙂
  19. kim

    Extend Segment to Surface

    The Extend To tool will extend a segment to a surface. The operative word here being Segment and it needs to intersect with the plane of the surface. If you could provide an image of what you are trying to do it would help the answers
  20. Hi All, I am trying to create a simple 24" x 36" pdf from FZ 8.6. on a MBP running Mac OS X. Went into Pages to create a custom sized sheet (24 x 36) and then came back into FZ to go through the print process to create the pdf. Unfortunately the custom sheet sizes are greyed out. To create pdf from Model I am doing the following: 1) Select PRINT > PRINT SETTINGS 2) Then pull down MENU for PAPER SIZE . It is here where I usually see my paper sizes for pdf files. I select a paper save and hit SAVE. My process is now limited to paper sizes in my local printer!!! Any thoughts how to do this simple process of how to make and select a custom paper size for making PDF's? Thanks Kim
  21. Thanks Anton, I will look into this solution. Kim
  22. The Layers Palette is acting up - not scrolling up and down. Same problem on two different machines using same combo of FZ and OS.
  23. Just rebooted the entire system. All working now, wondering if this is something that takes time to develop? Anyone else having this problem?
  24. kim

    8.6 bugs

    An interesting idea. The logistics may be a problem as users are spread around the globe. Maybe ADS can hold I at their headquarters thus keeping costs down. If you do as suggested by Justin, hold it with an Architectural conference, you will attract mostly architects. I think FZ is used more widely as it is such a powerful 3D modeler.
  25. kim

    8.6 bugs

    Hugo, We got into this discussion last year but due to time constraints I dropped the ball. I agree with the points you make above. One day if ADS could set up a video conference where we could all share our work processes, I would love to participate.