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  1. I move vectors from Affinity Designer to FZ by using a 3rd Party application. The app that has worked for me, available from the Apple App Store is "The Vector Converter". I simply export my vector design from Affinity Designer using SVG file format. After opening The Vector Converter I drop the exported SVG file into The Vector Converter and then I select dxf file format for the conversion. The conversion takes place online so you have to be linked to the internet. Once the file is converted it will be downloaded onto your system. Once the converted file is downloaded I import it into my FZ model, Draft or Layout window. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/the-vector-converter/id973738775
  2. Hi Hugo, I was in the process of setting up a proper tutorial showing this method and to my horror have discovered that in one of the updates between the tree apps, this system no longer works. The vector lines from Affinity are now turned into what look like small rectangles - depending on the line weight used. SVG standards can vary depending on who is using it. I suspect that the conversion process is no longer doing a simple conversion. Last year, I was using this system without any problems. Will need to look for another converter as the only vector export capability from Affinity is SVG.
  3. kim

    Why isn't formz more popular?

    Hi Joe, I started a separate question to answer your question. The short answer here is yes.
  4. kim

    Unexpected behavior, Slice tool

    trying to slice this shape using heal on - not able to do it? Untitled1.fmz
  5. kim

    Unexpected behavior, Slice tool

    Slice tool is still misbehaving as mentioned above? Running FX 9.0.2 on Mac Catalina 10.15.4
  6. If the cursor just moves over the tool dock, all the tool windows just open and stay open creating a lot of clutter. When choosing the Don't pop up Tool option then in order to open a tool window from the tool dock, you need to click on it. This opens the selection of tools available and then you need to click on the tool. But again, it all stays open and clutters the window. In previous versions of FZ if you held the cursor over the tool icon it would open the tool dock window but if you moved on, it would close. This is a long way of saying that the tool dock is not working so well.
  7. key shortcuts stop working and FZ needs to be closed and opened to work again.
  8. When using Reference files for projects they tend to have similar names, if not the same names. When attaching a reference file to a project the layer palette does not differentiate the reference file layers from the file layers. This makes working with a reference file really difficult. It would be helpful if the Reference File Layers were separate to the working file and maybe Prefixed REF or something like that. Maybe it could look like this? REF: Layer 1 REF: Layer 2 REF: Layer 3 Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 If you added more than one reference file then the system should realize this and then the layers would read as follows: REF A: Layer 1 REF A: Layer 2 REF A: Layer 3 REF B: Layer 1 REF B: Layer 2 REF B: Layer 3 Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3
  9. I can get to set up the import. FZ looks like it is doing something and even gives me the option to import current view or select a view. Then a blank page opens with no data.
  10. kim

    Palette Window

    I am currently having a love/hate relationship with the new Palette window. I find that the scrolling up and down for the entire window requires a lot of effort when the Layer menu has many layers. If the layer menu is open for most of the monitor but still has many layers hidden, I am finding that I need to scroll past all the layers in order to get to palettes below. I have tried placing many palettes on the same level but there is a limit as to how many of these you can have. Anyone worked out an expedient process for the new palette window?
  11. kim

    Palette Window

    Thanks Justin and Lund for your suggestions. Yes, I have started using the Nesting of palettes. My arrangement started off with the following: Layers and Objects Scenes, Views, Clipping Planes, Reference planes Trying to keep them nested in terms of relationships. Problem is that I am a layer junkie, so my layer palette is extremely long and I like to see as much of it as possible. This is where I need to start controlling myself. FZ 9 is pushing me to rethink my workflow and hardware, which at the end of the day may actually be to my benefit?
  12. The Logitech MX3 mouse has the scroll wheel which is great for scrolling the palette windows. Unfortunately it also zooms the main window. Is there a method for turning off the zoom function on the scroll window but keep the scrolling capability for the palette windows?
  13. Great! Thanks for the image.
  14. Thanks Justin for the link and for laying out the guidelines for using a mouse as a navigation tool. Hugo, I am blown away that you can get to use the trackpad in your left hand and the mouse in your right. If you don't mind me asking how do you enter data such as dimensions or text? Do you have the keyboard positioned between the trackpad and the mouse? Thank you both for speeding up my learning curve!
  15. kim

    Hardware - Input Devices

    Hi Chris, This is a game changer! Maybe I won't need a new mouse :-). Many thanks.
  16. The time has come for me to throw out the old Wacom tablet and replace it with some other form of input device. I have been trying a very old Logitech MX mouse and am not sure this is going to cut it. I find the scroll wheel for zooming a bit weird and then when I go into Affinity Photo and Designer the scroll wheel no longer zooms but pushes the window up or down. The other oddness about using this mouse is that I tend to click when moving the mouse around. Then there is the placement of the side buttons which require ones thumbs to do a double back flip (slight exaggeration) in order to magically touch the correct button. If anyone is prepared to share what devices they use and what features they like about said device, I would be very interested and appreciative. (I tried watching a few You Tubers review some mouses but they were not very informative :-))
  17. My MX3 mouse does have the button that turns the scroll wheel into a step scroller, but I think the step gears must be worn out. Justin, I can see why you are using the Logitech MX 620 mouse, the forward backward buttons are positioned in the correct place and not behind the finger. The G700 looks like it could handle the modeling environment, I am surprise that logitech software is not sufficient for it on the mac. What is interesting is that you are all using the mouse and that it has not been replaced by the trackpad or the spacemouse which if I understand correctly only operates navigation vs data entry? The MX ergo is high on my list for the same reason that Hugo has one. I end up doing a lot of work in tight spaces. Many years ago I used to use the trackball but am a little concerned if I will be able to fine movements with the trackball all day without destroying my thumb joints :-). But the G700 looks like it could speed up my work flow (if I can remember which functions are in which buttons). Many thanks for all your input. It has been tremendously helpful in my decision making.
  18. In FZ 8.5 I had the Tool Options Palette separated from the Palettes window and sitting in the top right hand corner of my screen. Regardless as to what I was doing with the other palettes I could always keep my eye on the options palette to check what was going on. With the new FZ window being a contained cell, the only way I can separate the Tool Options Palette is to place it away from the right side of the screen. As it is open all the time, I then lose valuable real estate for modeling. I would be curious if anyone has figured out a work around to the new palette structure? And then a question for ADS. Would it be possible to place the Tool Option Palette in the top right hand corner and lock it so that the other palettes would scroll under it. Similar to how the Header Row and Column system work in spreadsheets? Currently the options on a palette window are "Detach, Move to Left, Move to Right." How about a "Lock Palette" Option?
  19. kim

    Palette Window

    When I have a lot of work to do on the layer palette, I pull it out of the ui window, stretch and use but cannot position it there as it takes up valuable modeling real estate.
  20. Hi Justin, This is great information. I used to use the Wacom tablet not the clintiq. My Process was to hold the pencil in my right hand and use the left hand on the keyboard using quick keys. To select tools and navigate around pretty quickly. I never used the Wacom buttons or disk as that meant taking my hand off the keyboard and I found it slowed me down. The Wacom tablet replaced a Logitech MX3 mouse (must have been the first one to come out in 2004 :-)). I have set up the old mouse and to Logitechs credit the latest driver actually drives it. But my mouse is a predated version of the step scrolling. You are correct about the scroll speeds, but I have dropped them all the way down. But I cannot get used to scrolling for zoom or using the scroll wheel to navigate. What device are you using to zoom around the fZ space?
  21. It would be helpful if AutodesSys let us know when a new build is released.
  22. I am not efficient with the mouse. For the last 20 years I have used Wacom tablets. Unfortunately FZ9.5 does not play nice with the Wacom tablet due to the design of the new Palette window. Once I work out how to work with the mouse I will let you know. I find the scroll wheel uncontrollable. I would use it to scroll the palette window and then move it over the modeling window and poof the scroll action sends the window to either max zoom in or out depending which way I scrolled.
  23. kim

    Mac/Finder/ Icon-Images

    Hi Bo, Are you talking for FZ 9.5 or all FZ previews. For me, the FZ preview images for FZ 9.5 are not showing up but the FZ8.5 images are. Working in Catalina.
  24. This works 🙂 Thanks