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  1. Good Evening, What are the parameters to be chosen in "Form-Z Free" to import sketchup skp file? When I import a file skp Sketchup, NOTHING appears on the screen !? Thank you.
  2. Zorgloub

    .skp SketchUp file import ?

    Hello, Important info: Using Form-Z Free under Win7 I found that the SketchUp file name, like the name of the directory in which it is located, CAN NOT CONTAIN ACCENT! Best Regards
  3. Hello everybody, searching last stable version for Win XP (V.7?). Where can i download ? Thanks. @++ -----------------------------------------------
  4. Hello Everybody i am searching a stable version of Form.Z free for Win XP. Where can i found it ? Do you have it to share ? Thanks
  5. Zorgloub

    Form Z Free for Win XP ?

    ?? Urgent - Searching for the v.7 XP version ... It existed and it is therefore right at the bottom of a bag, a treasure chest, a USB key, ... Too old ...? Lots machines still running with this awesome XP ! I do not share at Bill