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  1. Susanne Nielsen

    How to edit an existing drawing !

    Hi Des, Thank you for getting back to me, I am attaching my primitive globe, which is supposed to become a lamp ! So what I want to do is to add a hole at the top of the globe, plus a larger hole at the bottom of the globe. My problem is that when I open the project it thinks I want to make a new globe ! I don't 🙂 I want to make changes to the existing one. thanks a lot in advance, Susanne Rowan Ø15 - formz Copy 3.fmz
  2. Susanne Nielsen

    How to edit an existing drawing !

    Hello All, I am a complete beginner, and am trying to get myself started with this fantastic programme. I saved my first attempt at a drawing, saved it, went home, came back the next day...and now the problem ! How to edit an existing drawing ??? Thank you, much appreciated, Susanne