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  1. Hi Bernd,


    Bezier Import is supported via Illustrator format, but Exporting is not.  However, if you Export DWG, you can then open that in Illustrator and maintain Bezier curves...



    So this is still the same status as with v7. My tests with DWG were only partially successful. Guys… you're SOOO close to vector export as it should be, time to go the last few meters, isn't it?


    I'm currently quite happy with v7 hidden line renderings, less flaws and rendering errors than in v6, and the option to have two different line weights for interior and silhouette lines is also fine and long desired (directly from the modeling window, not from Layout, though). But then the bezier curves remain stuck (more or less) in FZ. DWG is a crutch, not a solution, only working in a few cases, and creating lots of weird shapes sometimes. I really want that bezier export feature. Since 1996. Just in case I missed to let you know ;-)








    I don't care if it says Newbie above your name, you are still a Senior Member in our book...




    I know that you know. However, preserving and restoring old things (guitars that is) is my hobby, so this old name plate just nicely fits me. Will get replaced one day for sure :)



  3. There are several ways to do it. Object doctor can do it, if the maximum number of points isn't below the number of points needed to fill that gap. It might also be a problem when the newly created face is (or would be) not planar. Other methods: if there's a defined outline, select this to derive a face, which you can stitch to the object. Or you can draw such a face using a point snap. I'm sure there are still more ways…