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  1. mplishka

    Can't access Project Settings Tabs

    Thanks Joe, I'll check into that as well. Appreciate the feedback, Thanks again, Mike
  2. When I open the project setting tab this is what I get. ALT SPACE brings up the move but nothing can move, it's like it's locked in place. This is for a project that's already late and the upgrade to PRO didn't go well so any help would be most appreciated. Thanks!
  3. mplishka

    Ideas for making a leg cast type thing

    Thanks! Didn't even think about that. MP
  4. Hi all! I downloaded a step file of a leg and thought I could just make make a skin and thicken it, but it doesn't like the little nuances of shape on the surface and chokes. Any ideas? I just want to make something that's about a half inch thick that conforms to the complex shape of a leg. Thanks! Mike
  5. mplishka

    Can't access Project Settings Tabs

    I can partially fix this by using ALT SPACE and then hitting an arrow button after which I can use the mouse to reposition and click.
  6. mplishka

    Environments for Rendering

    Thanks! Will do!
  7. Hi All! I have a tabletop piece I designed I'd like to put in a modern room setting to render. Any suggestions on where I can get environments? I only have FormZ as a rendering engine. Thanks!! Michael
  8. mplishka

    Environments for Rendering

    Thanks for the welcome! I forgot you re-did the forums. ;-) I totally didn't think about looking for HDR's within FormZ. Are there good places for HDR's? Thanks again, Michael