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  1. mplishka

    Can't access Project Settings Tabs

    Thanks Joe, I'll check into that as well. Appreciate the feedback, Thanks again, Mike
  2. mplishka

    Ideas for making a leg cast type thing

    Thanks! Didn't even think about that. MP
  3. Hi all! I downloaded a step file of a leg and thought I could just make make a skin and thicken it, but it doesn't like the little nuances of shape on the surface and chokes. Any ideas? I just want to make something that's about a half inch thick that conforms to the complex shape of a leg. Thanks! Mike
  4. mplishka

    Can't access Project Settings Tabs

    I can partially fix this by using ALT SPACE and then hitting an arrow button after which I can use the mouse to reposition and click.
  5. When I open the project setting tab this is what I get. ALT SPACE brings up the move but nothing can move, it's like it's locked in place. This is for a project that's already late and the upgrade to PRO didn't go well so any help would be most appreciated. Thanks!
  6. mplishka

    Environments for Rendering

    Thanks! Will do!
  7. mplishka

    Environments for Rendering

    Thanks for the welcome! I forgot you re-did the forums. ;-) I totally didn't think about looking for HDR's within FormZ. Are there good places for HDR's? Thanks again, Michael
  8. Hi All! I have a tabletop piece I designed I'd like to put in a modern room setting to render. Any suggestions on where I can get environments? I only have FormZ as a rendering engine. Thanks!! Michael