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  1. thecadman

    form•Z 9 beta

    Mirror modelling is really good! Works on any type of model including Nurbs, SubD and others...
  2. thecadman

    We are looking for some private testers.

    Corey Have been a long time advocate of Vray for FormZ and have already tested a bit Really pleased it is all going ahead and hope to help where I can... although very busy on other things at the moment. I think this will be a huge boost for FormZ and a good marriage between the excellent modelling of FormZ and the equally excellent and reknowned rendering of Vray. Cheers Steve cadschool.co.uk
  3. thanks - I found the Copy Atributes and did it that way. Glad it is not a bug but would be good to ask Autodessys for that ability
  4. I am trying to change the Maxwell attributes of multiple selected objects. The moment you have more than one object selected the Maxwell attributes don't show up in the tool options attributes. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Is there a workaround? Cheers Steve
  5. Doah!! sorry! 45-15 spot 1000lum.mxm.zip
  6. attached.. spotlights from MXED.fmz.zip
  7. I am using an MXED derived texture to create a spotlght. In MXED I create an emitter and that emitter is a spotlight with particular beam angle Am going down this path in order to have many surface mounted downlights which can be controlled by one multi light slider. However when I apply the new material to a disk whose normal faces down to the ground the beam is not pointing down as expected. I was also expecting to see the disk glowing as well but that may be a separate issue. See accompanying images and FormZ model. Notice the location of the disk and the location of the beam pattern in the top view especially. spotlights from MXED.fmz.zip
  8. thecadman

    Bump shader error ?

  9. thecadman


    I have re-installed it all and it now works!! thanks for the help!
  10. thecadman


    Tried that but no change
  11. thecadman


    I will email it to you but saw on it that I have Volumetrics and other extensions missing. Have emailed to Ben
  12. thecadman


    Doesn’t matter which - no bananas!
  13. thecadman


    Funny but I opened your file and when I render it I don't get any volumetric at all! I checked my version of Maxwell which is 3.1 and your plugin which is The only reason I tried 100 was that I wasn’t seeing any effect! Any idea why I am not getting the effect? thanks!
  14. thecadman


    Have been trying to get Volumetrics to work without any success. I attach a file with both an emitter and a cone light but no bananas! I have a volumetric object totally encompassing both light and camera and have tried bumping it up to 100 which seems to be the highest value possible and nothing in either Fire or Maxwell render... What am I doing wrong? Cheers! volumetrics.fmz.zip