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  1. Illustrator also exports .DXF file format. I copy & paste from Aff. Designer into Illustrator and then export as .DXF.
  2. Gary Jackson

    Cleanup Show Palettes command + Hide form•Z...

    Picky, picky, eh? Period-period-period. –Will try to remember that!
  3. Gary Jackson

    Cleanup Show Palettes command + Hide form•Z...

    Hey! I figured out the path you were talking about - You meant "Keyboard" in System Preferences. I thought you meant I should look in the System folder for pref's... anyhow - - SUCCESS! Thank you! I can now easily hide f•Z! Thank you, Chris! But I still wonder, what do you mean in answer #1?
  4. Gary Jackson

    Cleanup Show Palettes command + Hide form•Z...

    Wow, here's a new process... I just wanted to add my name at the bottom like this: ~ Gary By the way, I'm going to change my User Name from my business name to my actual name: Gary Jackson. Cheers!
  5. Gary Jackson

    Cleanup Show Palettes command + Hide form•Z...

    Thank you, Chris! Re: No. 1 above: would you please explain your answer? What does "+1" mean? Re:2: I am on MacOS 10.14.6 (Mojave.) I'm not finding the "System Prefs" folder. I'm finding Preference Panes, but no thread of folders as you speak of. Would you kindly direct me to the correct files folders thread for Mojave? Thanks again and many cheers for your work!
  6. Hi ~ I've been a user of form•Z since 2.9.5, but have only recently gotten back up to speed with the current version. My impression is that the program is much smoother in some ways, yet in other ways it has become overly complicated. For instance, on my older computer, f•Zs Tool palettes would pop-out so much more quickly and solidly. Now they are so finicky, it's frustrating... Anyhow, my main wishes right now are: 1.) I wish the Hide Palettes command would not reduce the size of the viewer window and then throw big areas of black around it. When I am in Multi-View mode, it works like I wish the single view mode would: it expands the size of the viewer window(s) to fit the monitor, and does not have the black areas. 2.) I wish I could set a shortcut command for Hide form•Z Pro. Thanks!!