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    Emitter Lights Please, Please!

    ... in Shaded full, yes please, that would be wonderful.
  2. Bo Atkinson

    FZ manual search

    OSX 10.12.3 /Safari 10.0.3 = no search box to write in OSX 10.12.3. /Firefox 56.0. = search box does function
  3. Bo Atkinson

    Creating model of "ribbon" from images

    Yes formZ alone with, which Match View or with View Angle, also Underlay and especially using GoPro or fish eye camera shots, linearly arranged shots. Front, side and bottom up views, to get all turns.
  4. Bo Atkinson

    FormZ and Rendering options question

    My own perspective is of an imaginative nature boy, reluctant to buy new hardware systems, happy with risky 2012 MacPro and Titan (which does crash if used too long, as it is not recommended by Nvidia, with it's great support)... This keeps me better purposed, in using the default card for my geometric studies, for very long sessions, cutting up complex models into smaller connected files... I keep wondering if there is not a method to reverse the "black pixel content "of Shaded render to ply my imagination towards crystalline geometry, even afterwards with photoshop processing. I barely touch anything with buildings or photo-naturalism from 3d, (besides photos), nor have used formZ in months, as life presses me elsewhere. I very much look forward to V9 and any new render options... I did buy Maxwell at 50% off when that famous world soccer victory was celebrated with the big discount... However. could never find the right tutorial to get up to speed through formZ, (it is a dead version by now). Any new rendering upgrades for me will need very quick start up in my particular rendering interests, but i have saved up some cash and ready to try, before buying. Justin's testings of fast systems is always great to read, but my ecological side also grabs me, where computer graveyards are so horribly developed in poor countries, devastating formerly nature based peoples, with false promises of a better life, which in fact turns into polluted dystopias of sickness and madness. So i avoided my own corporate ladders, of high pay and fast digital cultures, to stay instead, with ruralism. I'm able to support myself with low income, low maintenance ruralism, in multiple integrative trades. I'm also a shameless believer in the greater laws of cause and effect, which bites us in the back, to the extent to which we contribute to entropic-dystopian-consumerism. Instead i rather support software approaches! Even for getting rendering speed, on my second hand Macs. Does anyone have a good 2d editing software as an option instead of "3d rendered realism"? Anything to help photoshop or best it?
  5. Bo Atkinson

    Action Palette Disappeared?

    Suddenly it seemed to have disappeared ! Please advise if you have a sure way to restore Action Palette. Longwinded explanation follows.... The Extension Manager said it is there (and allows unchecking and rechecking). The proceeding user inputs included some shortcut keying, some of which made the palette's Dock blink, (but seen only with the corner of the eye and ignored in the midst of my creativity, darn). So back I went to attempt finding the key combination I roughly used with my very selective short cut preferences. (This happened to use keys In the upper right hand part of the keyboard). No reappearance occurs with all other key combos in that area.... Rebooting Mac Pro with Pram does not reset it... Then I unchecked the "Action" option in the Extensions Manager, restarted Z. Then looked for the Action option but it now has disappeared from the Extension Manager! Next changing the folder name... It did bring back the Palette under the Palette MenuExtension but still no Action Palette anywhere on the display. I Closed the Tool Dock, Palette Dock, move floating palettes away....Still no Action Palette.
  6. Bo Atkinson

    Action Palette Disappeared?

    My error on the name of the missing palette. I just found the right one- "Tool Options". It just needed rechecking. Ignore
  7. Here is a quick fix for eye strain, especially for people glued digital screens. There seems to be a growing area of science revealing the major health impacts, of light frequencies and how blue light is especially damaging. Apparently the Operating System providers have missed the need for addressing this health impact, in favor of "true color" for computer graphics, outdoor full sun. etc... Screens do not self adjust. Part of the solution is to instantly install an automatic color shifting preference, according to time of day and night. I found this download which works quite well at times where absolute color standards are not needed, (which is probably more than 99% of the time). https://justgetflux.com. (This is an OS preference free of cost).
  8. Bo Atkinson


    +1 on more curve options as found on version 6
  9. Bo Atkinson

    fmz art show

    I finally got around to getting some large prints of fmz models. I really needed the best card I could get, now that the big cards are affordable, especially on eBay. http://harmoniouspalette.com/RuralRoadSidePortal.html Years ago i tried to get a quick start with Maxwell for rendering, but I just couldn't follow the tutorial video, due to too many projects going on in every direction, outside of PCs... So I resisted getting the new Maxwell upgrade, to try again. Nevertheless I was pretty happy with formZ's Shaded Mode.... Years ago, (was it version 4x?), we had a nice glass shader pluggin which would probably be most of what I want today. If anyone can recommend good, quick start, Maxwell vids on Youtube, etc, please recommend here! Thanks! Bo Atkinson
  10. Here was a very powerful geometric tool which has had two or more incarnations in early formZ versions, but today seems entirely forgotten or lost. Please see image for a graphic definition: I also provide two examples where forum members have requested the lost function, based on centroids. I have also requested it through email, long ago (and had given up, but now hope to revive the issue again). It was previously mentioned on this forum, as: “Scale By Absolute Value / Keep Facetted” http://www.formz.com/forum/old/messages/49778/56813.html Tech promised to restore this in 2012. Tech even mentioned Clones which are now gone… So sad, because Components are such an inferior type of geometry, Also mentioned here in another member’s post, but is Tech’s answer actually relevant to the function demonstrated in the attached image? http://forums.formz.com/index.php?/topic/1956-independent-scale-in-fz8/
  11. Bo Atkinson

    Mac FZPro and Windows10 FZPro

    Quizzical Question For Apple's next MacPro Why not drop the AMD GPU (replace Radeon with Nvidia), drop the Intel CPU and replace it with AMD CPU?
  12. Bo Atkinson

    Loss of visibility of snap points?

    I get this problem intermittently with my purely formZ models... I find it happens most often from one side of an object or the other side of the object. I wish formZ had an instant-view-reversal.... However the easy solution for this is to momentarily switch to wire frame render, after my eye has fixated upon the offending point. So as not to become confused with the lost location-- Select the point there, then switch back to my shaded renders.
  13. Bo Atkinson

    Mac FZPro and Windows10 FZPro

    My post reflects the low maintenance, low cost , (used market), approach to Macs and PCs. The end of Mac work stations has seemed evident yet I was pleasantly surprised to find PC GPUs can actually work in my 2012 MacPro. I don’t use photorealistic rendering but wanted better full-shaded-rendering, but for work mode uses, to quickly switch between transparency and opacity, back and forth, just as formZ’s latest versions offer, (without need to change each Material). I got a cheap, used TitanX, 12GB, which does this quickly and well. There is also a CUDA driver for Mac, but with a one further caveat. Apparently, after a long support session with Nvidia, (they kindly support used TitanXs on Macs), I have learned it is only the very latest Titans, (Pascals at high prices), which are fully supported in Macs, but only with Sierra. Nevertheless, Nvidia has an ever new driver which fixed my first and only GPU crash, for the older Titan (on my older Mac). This unburdens me from greater costs, and additional learning curves, for the time being. (The change of keyboards alone, would be my dreaded switch to PC). The mere fact that MacVidCards sold their factory-new TitanX (Maxwell the card, not the Maxwell the software), sold as a compatible Mac card, got me going on this. So there are indeed surprises in the computer modeling world, because it is actually the modelers who are treated with obsolescence! This remains my greater focus, as artificial intelligence is given all the development capitol, of this world. Creative modeling is left to small businesses which are increasingly crowded out of the markets. My suspicions are now aroused that the new 5G networks may further complicate the heavy duty computing world, but with remote processing power, to replace remote work station offices. It is not clear to me whether remote work stations will be advanced much at all, seeing that the PC processors have not really exceeded the limitations of silicon chips, which are now stalling at around 4 GHz, for Intel, why then? In the past 5 years chip speed for remotely used PCs has not climbed as fast as in decades past. I expect it has stopped. We have never seen parallel processing for booleans, etc… I say that all the development capitol is going to centralized computing, like D-Wave Quantum Computing. Such that, in coming years, network rendering might be sent out of the A&E offices. Therefore, I am quite content to work with a 25% slower system, while the mega% increase in hired-computer-power will likely come through 5G, etc, etc…. The attainable speeds of long distance communications may yet soon exceed the desktop by leaps and bounds. Meanwhile I can focus on my imperfect, intuitional creativity, with formZ. ^__^
  14. Bo Atkinson

    formZ 9

    Could not work-colors incorporate dynamic colors, that is, very slightly brightening-dimming- intensity for selected objects...changing at a subtler rate than Photoshop-selections, (perhaps with gradual peaks and valleys of one change per second). Hence we could extend the range of one limited octave of coloring to more states of clarity.
  15. Bo Atkinson

    Mac OS function keys not working

    I always deactivate the OS X short cut keys which otherwise have interfered with my very personalized short cut keys. There are a few Currently the F5 and other personally assigned function keys are working flawlessly for me. There are a number of lists in the OS X perfs to uncheck.
  16. Bo Atkinson

    View parameters consistency

    “They both are the same pixel size but the content is different, the new one is smaller within the frame.” Did you match the multiple options of “View Parameters” and … At this point, without your original settings, perhaps you will need to manually recreate the “Zoom Options”/ “Fit Border”
  17. Bo Atkinson

    View parameters consistency

    There is likely a discrepancy between your old display-screen, (resolution-settings), as compared with your current one. You can simply go to- Menu/ Display/ Image/ options Then Use Custom Setting All in order to match the older display screen.
  18. The following refers to my facetted object modeling with dense geometry: I need to use several short cut keys (with my own edits, depending on which keys become which sort of snap as I have never used default shortcuts)... I almost always turn off previous snap-key-shortcuts, then turn on the desired snap, to be sure the right sort of snap is invoked... Even then points will sometimes not snap! I find that I need to navigate to the opposite side of an object to avoid foreground objects which interfere with point snaps.... All when using shaded mode with transparent solid objects.... In which case I must switch to wire frame which provides more access, to the object snaps behind other objects. This toggling is easy and fast, once practiced. Also, I turn off grid snaps in the above situations. The grid snap becomes troublesome, for point snapping, so I turn it off. Until and unless grid snaps are needed. At which point, the object snaps are tuned off. I turn Numeric Accuracy values both up and down, depending on the applications; because, high accuracy naturally complicates quicker reading of wanted values, and also in cases of fractional values, (for my use of old fashioned fractions or ratios). In the USA, there still persist various uses of non-metric values, in material marketing and referencing. I do not object to this, as there are other reasons to use both metric and fractional systems.
  19. Bo Atkinson

    Modeling help/suggestions Please

    These look like Helix tool wires which were swept with a segment.... However building things in the real world introduce other factors which the Sweep tool does not immediately adapt. That is to say there are many possible outcomes, both in formZ and also in the real building world, regarding absolute matching and mathematical definitions.
  20. Bo Atkinson

    Reshape Tool Keeps Old Points

    I don't have formZ on this computer, but in some cases, the Unmesh tool has helped me with Reshape products in the past. Regardless that a mesh condition was not visible to me. (?)
  21. Bo Atkinson

    Space navigator tilt

    I don’t see any single button to lock-out “tilt” in my 3DxWare 10 on 2012 MacPro (OS X 10.12.4) . Oddly, my 2011 MacMini (OS X 10.12.3) seems to have a different OS panel, with a tilt/spin/roll check box. (I don’t use the mini for formZ). I do see a drop down menu in the MacPro, to convert each individual tilt into some other function, currently. It would take a lot of time to fiddle with this sort of locking. Generally speaking the Connexion devices have never inspired me to lock or adjust anything as it is only good for a limited set of navigating functions. EG : I much prefer zooming and panning with short cut keys, except for very fine adjustments with Connexion devices, (because these have been very slow acting for some operations. Response seems to vary with projects). I have always preferred the general connexion styled navigation, despite the outrageous draw backs…. Another draw back is that sometimes all the Connexion functions are skewed so i’ll useSetView instead. I have used Connexion devices since formZ fist introduced them, so very long ago.
  22. Bo Atkinson

    Old MacPro Video

    Has anyone found an especially good video card, for formZ needs only, for use in 5,1 Mac Pro? My main interest is for Shaded Displays (and not likely to use fancy rendering anymore). I couldn't find the post on video cards using search button here. Currently have ATI Radeon HD 5870 and would hope to find something considerably better for a few hundred Max. Thanx in advance.
  23. Bo Atkinson

    Old MacPro Video

    Just now saw one advertised for $500 USD. (?)
  24. Bo Atkinson

    Old MacPro Video

    I ultimately discovered that a used, generally top end, 12GB card, can be bought on eBay for 600-700 $. After much reading and thinking I went ahead and bought an un-flashed Titan X 12GB (Maxwell) card, (for my Mac Pro 5,1). It took a while for me to find a matching driver for Nvidia & Sierra. (Just in time publication). Other than that it did install easily, providing one has a pre-existing card, in order to assign the TitanX, in OS Prefs.. (I am mystified that MacVids seems to be the only source of these Mac drivers, yet in one of his blogs, he mentions himself obtaining updated releases from Apple(?) Here was my favorite tutorial link, with a Youtube, which inspired me to upgrade the most: http://www.i0sen.ch/?p=22 This Youtube is about the 6Gb card, but that seems close enough. It did not show the newer 8 pin GPU power connectors… I had more to research here… It seems that the 5.1 connector with 6 pins can be used, by simply adding two additional grounding wires… I have come to expect that it is best to ground each of these extra pins to a separate grounding spot on the chassis, to help isolate the “temperature sense” function on the Titan. (Sharing a ”sense wire” with intermittent high amperage wires might confuse the sense function). Nvidia recommends not using the connector types which simply use short jumper wires on the plug- Yet generic vendors offer this short-jumper connector. The connectors to borrow power from the unused SATA sockets, are apparently shorter than Macs SATA sockets. (Simply cut off a clip). …. I’m going to have to lengthen these wires and better solve this for a firmer attachment. Upgrading for better cooling, is one further step, for later…I have some good aluminim heat sinks which might paste on easily with a micro, quite fan. The hydro stuff does not seem much better to me. I don’t get the apple logo at start up but it boots up and works well. I tried some Flashing commands in Terminal which seemed to result in an error, but i am only interested in rendering performance. So I might ignore this drawback. I might rather find a faster way to switch between my two video cards, instead of using the Titan exclusively. I still need to learn about CUDa options and possibly getting Mawell Render, since I do more product type modeling. More details of upgrading…. I tried disconnecting the power connectors to my original, smaller GPU, after setting up OS prefs- Doing this to reduce heating up of my prime card. Finally after 20+ years of modeling, I can try out better render settings, without endless waits. Even the Shaded-Full dialogs give much quicker results, to test multiple-combinations. Some shader options and especially the advanced, Render Zone Material options crash formZ outright…. Something wrong here, but nothing too vital. In any event, the fastest GPUs are dropping in prices, with 6GB cards also priced so much lower! I’m perplexed by what is safe, but with an old Mac, becoming abandoned by Apple, I have become emboldened to try this and am pleased with the outcome. I am using a handheld IR thermometer to double check the temperature rise of the Titan X. (I will try the software panel for this soon). It does go up near to 70-80C, (the limit is listed at 90-91 C). Idling does let the card cool slightly, but it stays hot to touch for most computer uses, even small things. Therefore I am resolved to find faster ways to switch GPUs.
  25. Bo Atkinson

    Point Index?

    Just a wild thought here, in case this idea if it is not too old fashioned... Is this point ordering needed to print on large flat material, to cut out void areas and then to seam it all up physically, to read the printed art properly? Back in the last century I tried getting a job to solve this need (of others) and basically had to include redundant, contiguous geometry on each face, (to sort of map out each face content), to align printed parts, before physically re-folding and seaming. This sort of labels each vertex, with a tiny signature, like a unique symbol, or notch count (which a digital cutter could add where the seam would hide these notches).