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    Best Mac-Windows10 Transfer

    Thanks Des, I'm not a network user by preference and want to keep these PCs apart , reduce UI studies, and the UI differences encourage this. I'm gaining confidence in the hot sapping and usb options.
  2. Bo Atkinson

    New update 9.0.6

    Solved with OSX/Finder/Menu/Go+OptionKey/Delete FormZ# folder.... Necessary every few years when we forget. Updates– The Multi View still needs a work around when tools become unresponsive. (Open new project window and immediately close it, with shortcuts).
  3. Bo Atkinson

    formZ 7 "Hot Fix" for OS X 10.10 Yosemite

    Change topic to "Updating OS Versions" ? I'm going through that on my 2012 Mac and also just bought a Windows 10 PC, and am learning there are multiple versions of Windows 10 interfaces, (as when looking up UI routines).
  4. Bo Atkinson

    New update 9.0.6

    Has formZ stopped filling out the Extension Manager? (It used to be pre-filled with a long list and check boxes, where sometimes 3dConnexion/ for Navigator needed to be checked once more). I recently discovered this when my 3d Connexion palette was found missing after some weeks of needing to reinstalls OSX (old High Sierra, old MacPro). I have reinstalled the latest formZ A26A and the previous update, both have blank Extension Managers on my machine, but were great until my very old OSX started deteriorating. Delays of upgrading were due to current video card, (and does anyone know the best older video-card names for Mac , which by now must be at bargain prices?) PS- I'm waiting for my first 3D Mouse, (in the mail), but was very happy with my discontinued Navigator, which has suddenly become inaccessible through formZ (and may have other problems too, as the fresh download of their legacy driver doesn't reconnect either)... ... Any ideas out there are welcome.
  5. Bo Atkinson

    V build A26A

    I'm on 9.0.6. Build A283 7 yr old MacPro 10.13.6 1GB video... Everything is pretty good here, 100-200 MB files, Inspector-Display Options- Material Parameters used a lot. However there is just one big glitch: V9 disconnects most of UI often, which is easily fixed by opening a new project and then immediately closing it. (closing the new project). This means two fast short cut key combos, and that cures all. It has become a fast workflow. The quickest onset of this "UI-disconnect" happens with Multi View, which I use a lot. It also happen with other things and if I have several projects open, the current project is cued behind others so it has to be clicked back on top. This encourages me to use just one project, close others. The other methods of past versions apply to those versions and the past OS specifically, and V9 has it's brand new ways of keeping stable. PS- I updated recently but just now "Check For Update" results with "Update Failed" "The New Normal" Just focus on what works, ignore the rest .
  6. Bo Atkinson


    Has anyone here used github for sharing of technical geometry files? https://github.com I can't even figure out if all the specialized digital packaging there is used for 3d file sharing or is it only and exclusively for code sharing, (and nothing else).
  7. Bo Atkinson


    To answer my own question, they accept any files, and besides that you first need to find your contact up there, then figure out the verbiage you were given and try clicking like-sounding checks offs, which is nothing like other forums which I have joined in the past. But the site is friendly enough if one likes reading a lot. (I don't).
  8. Bo Atkinson

    Energy Wave Theory & formZ

    Energy Wave Theory, or rather it's focus on better alternative hypotheses, in the history of particle physics, has always attracted my interests, so that finding a competition to "to simulate a micro-sized universe" seemed to ignite part of my formZ modeling efforts these past six weeks. http://harmoniouspalette.com/TrihedralHelixForEWT.html I have sent this into their open-source competition judges... Their extensive web presence spans widely from here: https://energywavetheory.com/introduction/
  9. Bo Atkinson

    Energy Wave Theory & formZ

  10. Bo Atkinson

    Energy Wave Theory & formZ

    Sounds great! Does the formZ arrowed display animate? Or do you mean Place Along Path Tool, with pre built cone arrows, or what? In any case the attached should be same model as the one linked at page bottom. Did it not open? Did you try Display Options/ Show Direction? These are the arrows I'm using for now. (Saves a lot of steps when exploring curve variations and lots of bandwidth). I put my basic files on the web for open source sharing and would love cooperating. (let me know if something there is missing). There also might be more math help coming, after the work week is over, but not sure yet, exactly what it will be. I was told the spin type is possibly applicable to the project, because the Standard Model of classical physics lacks meaningful 3d models to describe spin, and there was a real welcome for my work there. Trihedral-Mechanics-UseShowDirection.fmz
  11. For most problems like unresponsive interface issues, in case the Reset Workspace doesn't help, then the unofficial, fast workaround is to: 1] Open New 2] Close New window This is actually a fast succussion of short cut keys which solves numerous user interface problems which I get, even including the loss of personal sct settings... Not to worry though because the menu/file has always held up... Or restart formZ, or restart computer at the worst. All in all, V9 is pretty strong, once I aptly use these commands.
  12. Bo Atkinson

    Phantom numbers

    I think(possibly) v9 lets me sometimes get rid of persistent-numbers-being-displayed, if immediately, before switching off the measuring tool I start making a new measurement and immediately click esc... Sorry I can't verify this until problem shows up again and I do little measuring with this method, and I actually prefer selecting segments of objects to view the measurement in the inspector/ info tab. (I just wish formZ would let me copy & paste that number elsewhere, that is the number displayed inside the inspector, as sometimes I want accurately stated long numerals with decimal point).
  13. Bo Atkinson

    V9 update

    I save time by just opening a new project window and immediately closing just that window, (instead of restarting or rebooting, as this happens often).
  14. Bo Atkinson

    Duplication Offset

    Yes copy-paste should have been used from the beginning, but after decades of duplicating, and using personal prefs, my changing work patterns trick me and later requires back stepping... Duplicate does it for half the clicks involved, which is habit forming. ^__^
  15. Bo Atkinson

    Duplication Offset

    May I ask if anyone finds the Duplication Offset default,(set at a distance from the original object location), annoying ? I tend to loose time at this with Undos deleting wrong placements, and I'm now trying to use a Copy-Paste workflow instead, but a 100% duplicate in same location would be nice! Unless you all prefer something else... I used to manage well with personal preferences to duplicate at 0,0,0, but gave up on personal prefs a while ago, partly due to widely differing settings I normally use interchangeably, but always needing duplication at 0,0,0.
  16. Bo Atkinson

    V9 update

    For countless issues with many kinds of tools, when things get suspicious, I either reset workspace to restore session, or restart formZ, and if still wrong, reboot OS. Loosing custom shortcuts and prefs are usual, also loosing generalized project responses, most of which easily fix by starting new project and closing it immediately, which restores current project immediately after that trick. As for loss of the good old ways changing, yes, I have to accept that too, but the new powers are well worth it. I looked at other 3d apps and downloaded Blender, and am just amazed how they lack some of my particular favorite things. So I don't object to random formZ problems, by persisting until things work out, and new methods pop up, and then I need the outdoor work for exercise, and let the processor chips cool down. ^__^
  17. Bo Atkinson

    what's new webinar

    My favorite video type is indeed very short, just enough to demonstrate one tool action, or one trick in that one-video, all-alone, and the demo should also include views of which buttons, menus or dialogs are relevant and any special key words describing references, if any. Many of such videos could be listed and linked on one webpage, with an "open source" style and disclaimer, because 20 videos on one key word might pile up, so that an ideal moderator ought to re-title videos on that one link page, to zero in on each video particular. I recently began looking at Rhino videos where countless users post linked videos of various lengths and of personalized interests, and this spans many fields of endeavors.
  18. Here is an openable formZ file of many rectilinear sticks, (solids). It does not have trunks because back in those days HD space was too expensive to save big models. I also had a better tree from the Power PC days, but that file won't open today and needs a much older Mac with formZ dongle and probably version 3.6 or 3.9. Not to be confused with my dablings, here is a good software with much better trees by type: http://www.onyxtree.com
  19. Bo Atkinson

    Closure Options

    I go to edit, as if it were a second and additional required tooling step. Yes some behaviors change (or get lost to unrelated fixes I suppose.)
  20. Bo Atkinson

    Unintended incremental saved files

    Yes, I do notice unplanned fzb files, but I have stopped trying to keep "one zpf fits all my projects", even before this fzb thing became noticeable, and furthermore It doesn't really bother me, because one of my work flows is to save many incremental files named by the latest steady state of a project, (then regularly purge the unneeded between-files, later on). Fact is, tools wear down in minor aspects as the clock turns, so that I restart frequently.
  21. Bo Atkinson

    Exploded 3D Drawings

    Long ago the Independent Scale tool had an option to "scale the space between objects", such that assemblies like this bike could have axel parts moved along an axis vector line. I think this was dropped possibly before year 2000... Can Such functionality be brought back to FormZ again? In the case of the the U-Scale tool, objects should be distanced apart from the center snapped point, which actually has a useful architectural advantage , to show clients the optional object spacing in room design phases.
  22. Bo Atkinson

    Fast Dome Possibilities

    Here is an idea for an economical thin shell, inflatable form work (for sprayed thin shell cements), using one sheet, (just as it comes from the factory without job site modifications), to build those NURBS surfaces you are dreaming about. Otherwise, it is a good starting point for designing a rigid framework for tensioning translucent skins. (I'm interested enough now to model such structures based on what I learned with this new model). Today's considerable green house plastics are gradually improving and the sizes cover needed spans, which are easily erected and easily replaced after (the current) lifespan of 7 years, which also depends on location and budgeting, (the point being that costs are more reasonable for such skins as compared with high end projects). More details and pics are here: http://harmoniouspalette.com/MonolithicSheetDomeStudy.html In case examples of my building experience are of interest, here are structures I have built (albeit on shoestrings, so naturally there is no polish).
  23. Bo Atkinson

    System Shortcut Conflicts

    Warning: System Shortcut Conflicts Check the System Preferences and make sure the Secondary and Button 3 mouse buttons are assigned. (End quote) Where exactly is this assigned? I have always used 2 button track balls (and now with scroll), which generally work well, but latest update has blocked two of my personalized short cut keys. I probably saw that warning before (over 25 years of formZ), but ask again in case something applicable was forgotten.
  24. Bo Atkinson

    System Shortcut Conflicts

    Solved! . . . System Shortcut Conflicts What seems to have caused this was having installed a second OSX sys, (2 days ago), on a second SSD inside the same MacPro, which was still sitting in the bay unused... After shut down and removal of second sys, then restaring, my original shortcut keys are all restored! Granted that only a penny pincher would have a 7 year old Mac plus make back up drives to keep around like that
  25. Bo Atkinson

    System Shortcut Conflicts

    Or to be fair, this might also be caused by a newly bought refurbished Mac keyboard which works very well otherwise. Have also tried trashing menu/go/optionkey/library/pref file. Have also reinstalled latest formZ App update second time (Build A133). Have also tried Mac Prefs associated with keyboards.