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  1. Bo Atkinson

    SVG format ???

    Anyone know of the best way to export SVG format from formz8? (Without buying a big app).
  2. Bo Atkinson

    form•Z 8.0.2 Update Now Available

    Thanks Dennis, Ideas are appreciated. Actually there is only one formz8 on this machine. Tech said: "....please refer to the original email you received with the product download details to download and install this latest version directly from the release page…." I did find my email, clicked on link there which got me to an 8.0.1 download. Except i did not verify the version, until after installation. I think this might be a spacial case where update programing does not like reinstalling 8.0.1 on top of an older 8.0.1, then updating to 8.0.2… Or, it would not surprise me if OSX 10.9.5 on my specific 2012 MacPro is adding something to the issue. I get plenty of hiccups on this machine, (a new machine for me, just for formZ8), but simply restarting or rebooting usually fixes issue.
  3. Bo Atkinson

    form•Z 8.0.2 Update Now Available

    I tried direct download and seemed to have received version 8.0.1… Unfortunately the fact that it was 8.0.1 and not 8.0.2 was not noticed by me until after the installation was started up and checked for version info… Next i got my non-internet- formZ-machine plugged into ethernet and tried the update…. Now i get the message: "formZ failed one or more security check and cannot be updated. Make sure copy is installed correctly and registered." My 8.0.1 has been registered with my name and still indicates it is registered, but perhaps it disapproved the way it was re-installed. I am a family member, please advise next step to update given this circumstance. Thanks
  4. Bo Atkinson

    360 3d movie for google cardboard

    Rudy, May i ask if formz's animation tools seem too difficult to learn, (in available time)? I would think a Youtube which showed one or two variations on this ought to provide proficiency…. Where an average formz user could "see what an animator does, what tools and menus are used, exactly where the cursor clicks, or which shortcuts are invoked, when doing this" It seems that built in Youtube publishing takes care of movie formatting, (which was a roadblock in decades past)…. I have to admit that i've had reluctance to focus on the animation manual pages, just to get a quick fly around animation. It has been easier to use OSX/ Quick Time Player/ Menu/ File/ New Screen Recording. However this is difficult to time the video properly. It would seem that formz's Billboard could display import pictures, into video, while the Shaded Work or Shaded Full displays provide pretty good color, etc... I would love to "see what is done" with animation tools.
  5. Bo Atkinson

    Search in fmz Manual

    That would be nice... even google can't seem to locate T-Spline specifically in the manual. I have given up searching for specifics many times.
  6. Bo Atkinson

    Adjusting Axis length

    Yes, please do add user control of displayed axis. This is very useful for schematic illustrations--To verify axes, both in 3d navigation and also inside a 2d image, later…. 3D Connexion Navigator throws formZ views into hyper-space when approaching one of the axes, if line of site is nearly coincident with any axis. Also Related: Currently Data Scale settings in contrast with customized Numeric Accuracy can loose proper grid display…. Also: Apparently, most users work at one scale alone, without switching scales frequently inside one project. Work arounds are possible, but less convenient, than the many other stellar features of v8.. Numeric Accuracy requires higher resolution editing, ( than default), sometimes, because v8 seems to have a hidden "grid snap", (when all user snaps are turned off by user)-- I assumed v8 won't allow user to make subtler cursor movements than the setting displayed in Numeric Accuracy…. EG: When user zooms in much closer than Data Scale listing…. IE: If user works at the scale of a building, but wants to zoom in on a detail smaller than a watch… With all snaps off, there still appears to be a snap effect on some objects. Very fine user movements of object or angle, etc… BTW, v6 never had this issue. Thanks for your consideration.
  7. Bo Atkinson

    line start point

    I simply 'draw' a point with the point tool, first row, second column. Then name this point object for reference or delete it later. Use of a contrasting color will also help.
  8. Bo Atkinson

    upgrade from V6

    I've not been able to register 6.7.3 on a 2012 Macpro. For some reason the valid formZ registration code which worked on previous machines was not accepted on the 2012 Macpro, with Mavericks 10.9.5. Z-Version 6 has a few useful tools, not available on v7 or v8. So i would have to use my old Mac for a v6 task, (back saving fmz from 8 to 7 to 6 format, then go through USB, to older machine, etc..). My experience is, don't trash a working copy of 6 if you have one, even if an old computer is dying. The flurry of MacOS upgrades might prove disappointing and take up far more time than expected, while still lacking something, which one used to have.
  9. Bo Atkinson

    reshape used as delete tool?

    At 29:50 in the youtube entitled "Whats new in formZ 8 Jr" the reshape tool seems to be used to delete part of a beam structure, (by operating on the cage in contrast, i suppose, to automation of the Pro version). Is this so? The manual does not summarize every possible formz action which deletes something . (Which is sensible, until a rare question like this arises).
  10. Bo Atkinson

    Attach Tool

    I too hope this important tool is brought back to formZ 8 and above. Unfortunately 64 bit Macs won't support formz version 6 so the tool is harder still to access. (?) Has anyone had success running version 6 on a separate HD, lower OSX, on a MacPro? So much time goes into straddling these issues- I hope there is time left to immerse into complex modeling again.