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    andrew reacted to Tech in Lost VRAY...   
    If you have not already done so, please email support@formz.com for fastest response to these issues and we can properly address the specifics of your environment.
    Having said that, here are a few things to try/check.
    Re-install V-Ray and the license server. The original email that you received from Chaosgroup has links to the latest versions. 
    Check that the V-Ray plugins are loading in form•Z. Go Extensions > Extension Manager. You should see a number of plugins with V-Ray in their name (you may need to scroll down the list). Be sure they are enabled (have a check mark). If they do not show in the list, then check the plugins search paths (Search Paths button). "/Applications/formZ 9/Plugins" on macOS and "\Program Files\formZ 9\Plugins" for Windows should be in the list of paths and enabled (check mark). If it is not listed, you can add the path by clicking the '+' button on the left and navigating to the directory and selecting "Open".  Then you just need to click OK until form•Z closes itself. Upon the next launch of form•Z you should see the plugins active!
    More trouble shooting can be found in the V-Ray for formZ manual: http://www.formz.com/products/vray/V-Ray_Documentation/index.htm#t=Trouble_Shooting.htm
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    andrew reacted to Shibui Design in Looking for a new formZ companion   
    AsOne, I follow a very similar process. When a drawing package contains 30 to 40 drawing sheets, this becomes labor intensive. Work smarter, not harder follows a familiar mantra! If only the software became a little smarter...
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    andrew reacted to Bo Atkinson in Is FormZ working on M1 Macs?   
    My own Windows10 transition is definitely not for my main work, as W10 is bothersome to navigate, for example word dictionaries are scant in W10 . My main use is rather to explore very specific new tools in Rhino7, (as their Mac side is less supported in the plugins and in the Youtube training of very specific work tasks).  Rhino's Youtube support vids are amazingly extensive, covering many instant-solutions, as done by users at no cost to viewers. Specialized tool solutions are demoed quickly, which I prefer to the long showcase videos or long courses-A-Z. Keyword searches make this fast. 
    The basic geometry stuff is the same and Rhino gives me more depth to explore, as for example the deform tools for complex objects are much faster and easier than formZ, (RE Bend and Taper).
    My 2012MacPro  is about equally fast for my W10 installation of formZ. Common shortcut-hand-patterns for formZ and for Rhino, in both Mac and in W10 might be possible, by "re-mapping" the Alt- and Command- keys,  when adjusting sct files in W10, and I don't plan on using other W10 apps with many shortcuts.  
    I expect the new MacPros might eventually become affordable, but the old ones are good enough for me on OSX 10.13.6. Chances are future upgrades of everything will be subscription only, so older will be better for me working offline.
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    andrew reacted to Smarttec in Is FormZ working on M1 Macs?   
    I did that and performance wise the experience as a program user is much faster BUT I have found the user, just getting used to the workflow difference experience to be a nightmare. In the end as I am not just using the 3D application I think I made a mistake. If you just want formZ to go faster get a new PC with Windows 10. But don't expect Windows 10 to NOT change they are already speculating about new updated Windows with a radical new interface???
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    andrew got a reaction from Justin Montoya in Is FormZ working on M1 Macs?   
    I have to say, I'm tired of being jerked around. Apple, ADS, ACIS, Maxwell, VRay, Lightworks, Intel whatever. I just wanna do the design and modeling without struggling with the tools. Its less and less satisfying to get designs and presentations done with all this screwing around every couple of years. I think the world of ADS and formZ, but how long does one beat their head against the wall? 
    I'm moving to Windows like Bo did. Screw Apple and their insanity. I dont need animojis and widgets. I need tools for grownups and problem solvers.
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    andrew got a reaction from Justin Montoya in Is FormZ working on M1 Macs?   
    I have to say, I'm tired of being jerked around. Apple, ADS, ACIS, Maxwell, VRay, Lightworks, Intel whatever. I just wanna do the design and modeling without struggling with the tools. Its less and less satisfying to get designs and presentations done with all this screwing around every couple of years. I think the world of ADS and formZ, but how long does one beat their head against the wall? 
    I'm moving to Windows like Bo did. Screw Apple and their insanity. I dont need animojis and widgets. I need tools for grownups and problem solvers.
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    andrew reacted to AHTOH in Best Mac-Windows10 Transfer   
    Hello Bo.
    Same thing here. Seems like there is no reason to stick with Mac OS.  Yet there is a solution here:
    Since I installed it I don't see any difference between my drives except for mac ones are little slower.
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    andrew reacted to Bo Atkinson in Best Mac-Windows10 Transfer   
    I recently chose a Windows10 upgrade path after 25 years on Mac... 
    Problem is Win10 doesn't have a way to read data on most Mac formatted SSD drives, *as mine are internally connected (to asus proart z490 motherboard). The USB thumb drives, formatted by Mac do read... I don't want to specially reformat old Mac drives and like them just a as they are.
    Disk Management reveals an SSD and properties, but offers no access button, (and worse yet seems to reveal repeated instances of drive(s)??
    The www offers some apps to read any old Mac formatted drive... 
    1] Does anyone use such apps and which work the most easily?
    2]  Does anyone know if  there is highly reliable app to use with  Icy Docks? (as I've wasted days trying to get files, which is so easy in Macs).
    * I have an "Icy Dock 4 X 2.5 SATA Hot Swap" (front loaded), and I'm not sure if it really and truly hot swaps, but no matter, as it is easy enough to load and unload after shut down. https://www.icydock.com/knowledge.php?id=69. 
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    andrew reacted to Tech in V-Ray update   
    We are actively working on V-Ray 5 for form•Z. Its up and running and looking really good. We are very excited about this new version. We hope to have a beta in December.
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    andrew reacted to allanjl in New update 9.0.6   
    I seem to have issues deleting geometry with this version. Selecting an object and hitting de delete key, doesn't seem to work.
    More alarming, and definitely needing a fix: 99% of my 2D plans saved as a layer inside my model have disappeared. Yes, disappeared! PLEASE FIX THIS.
    I reverted to the previous version. Cannot work without my 2D cad plan layers.
    Windows 10.
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    andrew reacted to Tech in New update 9.0.6   
    "Check for update" now shows 9.0.6 as available. Please note that we always wait 24-48 hours after posting a new version before updating the "check for update" notification just to be sure the distribution is sound before mass installations begin. You can always install the latest version from the link you received with your latest license codes. 
    Here are the highlights of this version. form•Z v9.0.6 (#A283):
    New stuff
    SKP translator updated to import/export SketchUp 2020 files. Plus these improvements:
    - Import performance significantly improved. 
    - Objects will be surfaces by default unless “Construct Solids” is enabled (which is now on by default for new installations). 
    - Import now maintains layers and materials properly. 
    - Non-Roman characters in file names now supported for import and export.
    - Non-Roman characters in layer name and Material names are now supported.
    - Import now includes wire objects.
    - Exporting files with metric units works as expected.
    Contour Sections no longer affected by manipulating corresponding Transform Controller
    Conflicts resolved that could cause Key Shortcuts to stop working.
    Arc 3 can be inverted with the CMD/Ctrl (Mac/Win) key.
    Objects created by Duplicate (Edit menu) remain selected.
    Reference Files window displays correct name.
    DXF export and import now supports Non-Roman characters in the file name.
    Exporting DAE and KMZ files works properly
    Check for Update works as expected no on systems with certain Windows settings.
    Alt key tap key works as expected
    Draft Layout
    Grid Snap now works as expected when combined with the Guide snap
    Python scripting
    unfold.py script now works as expected.
    Scripts are maintained in the Extensions menu and are sorted properly.
    The getLayer() and setLayer object method have been improved.
    Additional performance and stability improvements.
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    andrew reacted to AsOne in V9 update   
    I also have issues with Control V not pasting.  I also have to use the drop down menu at times.
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    andrew reacted to Andrew West in VRAY - Huge Material Problem!   
    Update time.   We finally tracked down the issue at the beginning of this post.  There has always been some issue with materials not previewing in the palette or materials not showing properly on the model.  Or in my case lots of missing textures upon render.  The FIX:  You must have KEEP TEXTURES turned on in project settings.  Then you must turn on Opens Fast or your save times will be really long.  
    It was such a simple thing that ended up causing a lot of issues.  
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    andrew reacted to Bo Atkinson in V9 update   
    For countless issues with many kinds of tools, when things get suspicious, I either reset workspace to restore session, or restart formZ, and if still wrong, reboot OS. Loosing custom shortcuts and prefs are usual, also loosing generalized project responses, most of which easily fix by starting new project and closing it immediately, which restores current project immediately after that trick. As for loss of the good old ways changing, yes, I have to accept that too, but the new powers are well worth it. 
    I looked at other 3d apps and downloaded Blender, and am just amazed how they lack some of my particular favorite things. So I don't object to random formZ problems, by persisting until things work out, and new methods pop up, and then I need the outdoor work for exercise, and let the processor chips cool down.   ^__^
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    andrew reacted to ingoerik in FormZ and Affinity Designer   
    It works, but i cant recommend it. You get no closed objects, just lines. Better wait till they have a dwg importer. 
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    andrew reacted to Des in Maxwell Cloud Rendering   
    I just thought I'd post my experience with the Maxwell V5 Cloud rendering option.
    I went to render on the Rebus renderfarm but they don't support Maxwell 5 yet (they said a few more weeks), so I tried out the cloud render option straight from FormZ and I have to say I'm very impressed so far. In the Display Options in FZ, select the Maxwell tab as normal > choose Cloud Render in the "Launch Application" drop down and hit render.
    The mxnetwork app is then launched, where you just have to log in and name your project. Your file is automatically prepared and uploaded and starts rendering after that.
    The great thing is that your render can be previewed after about SL 7 or 8 and can be stopped at any time to be downloaded thereafter. This takes out the guesswork compared to other rendering farms where an SL or cost limit is set beforehand.
    While it is not quite as fast (during the rendering stage, but nearly) as some of the other farms, it is way more friendly to use and is integrated into FormZ very well. No more time preparing a project for upload.
    If you're on Maxwell V5, give it a go.
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    andrew reacted to Justin Montoya in V-Ray for FZ update?   
    Also hoping to hear news of VRay 5 for formZ.
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    andrew reacted to Andrew West in optimising PC performance   
    Most of my issues with speed and fluidity tend to get compounded by the importation of outside models. That is a constant concern for me because it is absolutely necessary to my work.  Just importing the model can be a painful experience, especially when compared to other programs.   We are working with Tech to try to improve this in the future and hopefully it will get better.  I imagine that as all the other programs evolve it becomes harder to keep up with the cross platform translations.  It is worth reminding everyone that you should keep a journal handy to jot down when things start to lag and get buggy so that you can retrace your steps to find the culprit.  Kind of old school but that is just me.  
    There are certainly a few tools in Form.z that can be problematic as well but I have learned to work around them for the most part.  Sometimes it is necessary to get pretty creative in my technique.  Just don't waste much time on something that is not working out for you and find a different path.  
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    andrew reacted to ¢hris £und in fZ + Python + CO2   
    What do you think?  Finally bit the bullet and ordered one of these.  And this is what I have been itching about for python!  Looking to make some dedicated toolsets for creating patterns for the CO2 machine.  Don't know how far I will be able to push it, but I am gonna go for it!
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    andrew reacted to Justin Montoya in Setting Up V-Ray/FormZ Workspace   
    Greetings Dennis,
    Been away for a while, but hope I can still help you here.  It sounds like you may have found a bug in the VFB (VRay Frame Buffer) window, where it is not saving its last location.  You should report that to support@formz with your OS and other info.
    However, you mentioned the Multi Window option and I think I can help you get that setup.  If you turn off the "Use Frame Buffer", then VRay will render in the 3D view window panel.

    I'll also add that I do not usually use the VRay Interactive mode since it seems to cause instability in my projects and formZ.  But I find the lower resolution VRay images to preview fast enough that I don't really miss it much.  
    Hope this helps!
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    andrew got a reaction from ¢hris £und in Windows 10 on ARM Support   
    Here's an interesting writeup on the mac marketplace.   https://architosh.com/2020/06/arm-macs-and-cad-3d-apps-apple-chip-readiness/
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    andrew got a reaction from ¢hris £und in Windows 10 on ARM Support   
    Here's an interesting writeup on the mac marketplace.   https://architosh.com/2020/06/arm-macs-and-cad-3d-apps-apple-chip-readiness/
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    andrew reacted to Trick in V-Ray for FZ update?   
    Well, it's not a mistake (besides the fact that VRay for FormZ is a joint development); It's just an observation. More VRay plugins for other apps have been under further development outside Chaos in the past, but this resulted in more problems than benefits and now most are under the Chaos umbrella. I am using VRay (since v1) in 3dsMax (since 3dStudio DOS v1) and would like uniform development for FormZ (since v2). Then I could apply materials during modeling and when finished transfer everything to Max. As things go now this is not quite possible. Thereby you pay the same prices for a product that is more than 2 years older!! If I would use both VRay plugins I also would need to talk to 2 different support systems. Maybe if you are only using FormZ this may work and you may even be "thankful" this option is there at all. But as has been proven in the past with the other plugins it will not work, especially since it is very expensive to maintain for a developer who wants to stay competitive.
    If there are enough FormZ users using another soft for rendering maybe Autodessys could make a deal with Chaos to offer the collection including the FormZ plugin (if you own FormZ!) and take a percentage.
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    andrew got a reaction from Jaakko in V-Ray for FZ update?   
    I really have enjoyed using the first release. So much promise in it, with so much left unfinished. I really wish ADS had enough development horsepower to keep us up with the marketplace. Still, I am grateful for the tools we have.
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    andrew reacted to Martin Malinski in VRAY - Huge Material Problem!   
    You can change the extension from  .vismat to .vrmat and they'll open in formZ.... If the file contains functions that are available in SketchUp or Rhino but not in FormZ, the file will still open, but without those functions.... generally they work fine.... I've noticed that if you open and save in FormZ they respond better (not so many issues of invisible previews and flickering windows... once saved, the textures are saved to a 'maps' folder by default...so if the original textures were loose; you'll get a double up of textures, you can delete the loose textures.
    https://www.sketchuptexture.com/search/label/VISMAT VRAY SKETCHUP