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  1. Hello folks. What the latest on Catalina usability with formZ 8.6.5 and the Lab plugin and Vray?
  2. andrew

    VRAY - Huge Material Problem!

    Hi Folks. I'm giving the vRay plugin another try. Can anyone give us all the cliff notes on what material formats can be referenced from downloads etc. what I've figured out so far is vrscans are not compatible yet because the plugin isn't for formZ. Ive tried to load vismat files at the vray level in the formZ material editor but no luck. Are all vzmat files from elsewhere loadable into formZ? Are any vismat? How is one to know when looking for materials outside of the formZ plugin provided materials?
  3. andrew

    form•Z Anniversary | Thank You

    Happy Anniversary, AutoDesSys! I've been using the program since version 2.8. It changed the way we did design and brought many opportunities to our clients years ahead of what was possible at the time. FormZ is not just an amazing set of professional tools, but is an incredible learning system in many ways. Here's wishing many more years of robust development and expanding users. I dont believe there is any Form Synthesizer out there than comes close. Cheers! ps- still have my box of manuals, too : )
  4. andrew

    Still alive?

    We all wait. Maxwell hasnt been touch in a year. And we wait, and wait. If you use FZ, its what you do. Thankful for their day to day support. Best in the biz.
  5. andrew

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    In doing some time sensitive work yesterday, I discovered the following issues on the Mac. -In general, there is something destabilized about image output and the OS and FZ. JPGS and Tiffs take way longer to save from a rendered screen. Maps with JPGS are doing strange unpredictable things. -The imager has many bugs that weren't there in 8.6.4 Again, it seems to do with the OS and from what I can tell CPU usage. I'm sending details to support in an email. -On the PC, The app tries to update after its already been updated, when booting it up. -there is a sluggishness that seems to me an issue with OpenGL shaded viewing that I didnt have before. With sanps off, it still seems to hang and re-draws are no longer immediate when turning on and off layers. Your mileage may vary. : )
  6. andrew

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    Thanks all.
  7. andrew

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    Thanks Justin! That what I ended up doing. I was on a Mac with Mojave for this problem and so far so good. I have been avoiding saving a preferences file for a few years, now. I make a Template file with the newest version of the software, have preferences load that template and save the last session setting instead of an actual preferences file and set a new workspaces to default.
  8. andrew

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    Hello and thanks for the update. The tool icons are fixed on my install, but now the tool options dont pop out as a row of sections for each tool category. I can only click on the tool that is shown in the palette !?! Argh!
  9. andrew

    Scale issues importing to Blender

    Also, Alan Brito has an ebook on using imperial to work in Blender. I recall that he covers importing.
  10. andrew

    Scale issues importing to Blender

    "Blender units" by default are 1 meter. Try exporting as meters.
  11. andrew

    Error writing JPEG file "logo.jpg" ?

    ...two things that might help. its seems like all the way back in FormZ history, the jpeg format has been a bit wonky. I have trouble with jpgs that have a progressive compression in their save format and end up re-saving maps as a baseline compression in photoshop or other. This usually solves 99% of the problems. I sometimes will grab an image off the net no knowing its got the advance compression saved and this is when it wont map properly. The second issue is with the latest formZ and Mac Mojave. I've been having problems saving rendered views AS jpegs. The process can sometimes crash formZ, so I've gone back to my old standard of saving rendered views as compressed tiff files.
  12. andrew

    interface lag on MacOS

    I am experiencing similar issues. I find that turning off snaps vastly improves performance. I always use object doctor and project doctor these days. I find that even after fixing a model or assembly and saving, making changes to the file or scale will create new problems in an object that need to be re-fixed. I've also found that with Mojave, Apple related issues such as saving a simple JPEG rendering is unstable. The app will crash after exporting the file. I started saving TIFFs a week ago and its been way more reliable. One thing about JPGs for Support. After all these years, why cant FormZ use a JPG with Progressive compression as an image maps. MANY folks save images with that JPG scheme these days. It just seems like that should have been dealt with a long time ago. For Apple users, I think some of the blame goes to Apple. They been messing with so many parts of the OS, I dont know how developers can deal with the mess.
  13. andrew

    Error E3

    Thanks for the help, Ben. Is there a beta or latest version beyond from 02-21-18 ?
  14. andrew

    Error E3

    I was attempting to build a Maxwell file of a rather large model 8 million plus polys. In the error log of generating a render, every error is Error E3 EditObjectAttribute. Anyboy know what this refers to? I have a large amount of these error messages and no other error types.