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  1. andrew

    Error E3

    Thanks for the help, Ben. Is there a beta or latest version beyond from 02-21-18 ?
  2. andrew

    Error E3

    I was attempting to build a Maxwell file of a rather large model 8 million plus polys. In the error log of generating a render, every error is Error E3 EditObjectAttribute. Anyboy know what this refers to? I have a large amount of these error messages and no other error types.
  3. andrew

    Maxwell vs Vray

    Thanks Pylon! I know that gives me some assurance that my investment is worth the effort.
  4. andrew

    Maxwell vs Vray

    There are some real workflow differences between the two with advantages and drawbacks. I do alot of interior and product design shots, so I rarely use skies or daylighting. My experience is as other, Maxwell is superior but it comes at a time and setup cost. I have been very impressed with how the Vray setup takes an existing FZ scene with lights and materials and gets pretty close without you having to redo everything. Maxwells materials are awesome and deep, however it takes time. Maxwell's Multilight should be in every modern rendering solution. I think its that essential to designing with light and material. When youre dealing with high quality physical modeling its just not going to have the speed of workflow that an Unreal engine or Keyshot has. I use Macs and Pcs, and I prefer Maxwell's experience, but you really have to try them with a project or two to get a feel for what works for you.
  5. andrew

    macOS Mojave

    thanks for the posts! I went and upgraded a mac. I found that it runs just fine. I was able to open a 300+ mb project and use renderzone as I did in High Sierra. I was able to run imager on a number of images for Renderzone successfully. The only thing that is visually different is that tool menu icons are trying to stay light and opaque, in Apples changes to menubar transparency. See attached.
  6. andrew

    forum update complete

    thank you for the update!
  7. andrew

    form•Z 8.6.3 Update Released

    Thanks for this. Stability is good.
  8. andrew

    forum Sign In link

    thank for the notice Zweb.
  9. I understood that even if you used an updated CUDA-Nvidia card with the MacOS, you still cant take advantage of Maxwells GPU rendering, because its not supported by the OS. I dont think thats changed, but maybe it has with Maxwell 4.2 ?
  10. I still use CS4. I save everything to a v8 file and make sure before I do that masks and clipping paths are released. I have found that sometime these interfere with the generation of objects. I also change the import scale on the formZ side to a factor of 12. This will bring in vector art at a physical size of feet (meters) Lately, I've found the DWG is cleaner in formZ v8. However in both cases, you do have to go back through an boolean difference the inset shapes in letters or patterns. Then you can extrude, reshape, etc. The Illustrator method always preserves the different object colors, but formZ v8 does not seem to always import them with HSV or RGB values that match. I'm accustomed to going in and simply rebuilding the material in formZ to my spec, as it still is assigned to the objects that were that color in Illustrator. For context, this has been left this way since the early days of formZ. I understood that Adobe was not interested in providing code to ADS to make this easier. I keep my old (non subscription) illustrator running just for this purpose and have often asked designers to back save their vector files. (If its a CC file, older Illustrators wont open it. Another Adobe problem) DWG/DXF is always a good alternative. It would be nice if Affinity and others exported a DWG and stayed current with it. I believe they have the same difficulty with Adobe providing code to be native. DWG vector exports can be very helpful for clean CNC pattern making.
  11. It worked. I had to go to WIBU's website to find the latest runtime for the key, but I was able to export a 8.6 to a 6.7.3 file and render it perfectly. Now I can access some legacy work and also send some creative work to one of my colleagues. This is invaluable and I appreciate ADS for doing it.
  12. andrew

    FormZ 6.7.3

    Sorry for this post. Just so anyone know, I waqs able to apply the hot fix to my old install on High Sierra. I had to go to WIBU to get v6 of the WBKey runtime, but aftert getting that installed and applying the hotfix, I was able to take a 8.6 project, save it back to 6.7.3 and rendering it perfectly. Thank you ADS for keeping our legacy work alive!!!
  13. andrew

    FormZ 6.7.3

    I must be blind. Its pinned up above! What a Monday. Sorry folks.
  14. andrew

    FormZ 6.7.3

    Sorry for all the posts. My chrome browser did not show the post actually posting.
  15. andrew

    FormZ 6.7.3

    Hey Folks, I was talking with another formZer, and I got to wondering if I could still run my old version of the program? I still have my install in place, and I still have my USB key, but I'm guessing the WIBU drivers are out of date or gone. I remember at one point, it ran without the hardware key a few years ago, but I'm just curious what the current state of running it is under Mac 10.13.xx. Amuse me if you have a moment....