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    Thumbnail Preview

    One thing that frustrates me and wastes time is that I cannot always tell that the file I want to open is the correct one just going by the file name. I know that FZ Pro for Windows does not have thumbnail preview. Do any users of FZ have any tricks that they would like to share to overcome the lack of thumbnail preview?
  2. SD01

    Thumbnail Preview

    Ok here is a work around for anyone interested. Component Manager Add Component Library Select folder Thumbnails now display in Component Manager
  3. SD01

    Thumbnail Preview

    Thanks Des Unfortunately icon View in Windows 10 doesn't work for me.
  4. SD01

    3Dconnexion Space Mouse drifting.

    I didn't mean dismantle the mouse. Just use a brush to clean in the movable joint.
  5. SD01

    3Dconnexion Space Mouse drifting.

    I have had drifting occur. In my instance it is usually due to something accidentally resting against the mouse. I would also check that there is no crud in the mouse.