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  1. Michele

    Form Z error ID: 128: -35

    First of all thanks to all those who tried to help me! I followed the setz procedure: actually I recovered only a part of the model that, once saved on another empty document, at the opening gave me new messages including ID = 13 corrupt document. At this point, setz gave me the idea: why not try to delete the temporary formz files? On Mac, preferences are usually eliminated. So I think to eliminated the temporanery files. I followed the C / user / appdata / local / temp / formzx64 directory and deleted all the temporary files. At this point I launched formz and all the files now open perfectly. It was an intuition, but the cause I could not identify it. I enclose the screens for how they appeared in succession, so that they can be of help to other users and thanks again to everyone, thank you setz!
  2. Michele

    Form Z error ID: 128: -35

    I work alone. I use the version on PC, Windows 7 professional 64, i7 processor, 16 GB ram, nvidia 4 GB graphics card. The message that returns formz is: the volume does not exist ID = 128: -35. I have already tried to change the file name, change position and it does not work. However, the files are opened by the older version 8.0.2, so the problem is the last version of formz. I've seen several bugs and instabilities in version 7 and later. Even today formz suffers from problems and instability, I think.
  3. Michele

    Form Z error ID: 128: -35

    Hi FZnoob, I have already contacted technical support (support@formz.com) in the past few days. They were quick and kind, but we could not solve and the problem persist!
  4. Hello everyone . I'm new to the forum, but I've been using it for some time. I am an architect and I use the version on PC, i7 processor, 16 GB ram, nvidia 4 GB graphics card. Recently with all the files created with the same version it happens that I can no longer open them once closed. At the attempt to open it appears the message that I have attached e formz does not respond and stops. I saw on the forum that someone had the same problem, but another error id. I wrote to the technical support, but we managed to solve, even if sending them the file, they manage to open it. I have taken all the attempts they have given, but nothing. I tried to open with a version 8 and the files open. Understand that it is difficult to sleep peacefully, because you risk losing your job. Has anyone found the remedy and the cause of similar errors in the forum? can someone help me, since in Italy there are not many people using this software? Thanks