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  1. For many years we have had requests for a viewer app for form•Z files on a laptop or desktop computer. form•Z Viewer is a new app based on the v9 interface. More mature than a beta, but its never been out in the wild. Please let us know what you think!

    Click on the icon below....


  2. We are happy to provide free additional form•Z installations for individuals and companies who need additional capacity to accommodate work from home during these unpreceded times. Please email support@formZ.com with your form•Z serial number and we will add extra installation slots to your form•Z v8.6 or v9.0 license. These extra installations will remain in place until the crisis abates.

    We are able to continue to offer technical support and sales services while honoring the necessary restrictions in place in our local area. We recommend email as the best form of communication with our support (support@formZ.com) and Sales (sales@formZ.com) teams. 

    We wish everyone the best!  

  3. We are obviously concerned about these issues but have yet to reproduce the problems on any machine that we have tested with. Next time a problem happens like this can you please compress the "formZ 9.0 pro" folder from the autodessys preferences folder and email it to support@formz.com? Please include the details of your OS so we can try and reproduce the problems on a similar system. This is our highest priority at the moment.

    Please use support@formz.com to let us know about issues that you are encountering. We see email messages much faster than the forum and and we can properly track and follow up with you. 

  4. 30 minutes ago, Andrew West said:

    Until then I am sticking with v8

    So because Reference files do not have this feature (which is a good idea BTW), you are going to forgo all the other improvements? Really? Components received an overhaul in v9. Did you even try them? 


  5. 18 hours ago, Chris lund said:

    I imagine they are going to do a little touchup editing to it before they post it.  "If you want it perfect, make it perfect", editing is that opportunity.


    We had some technical issues with the recording plus we are cleaning up some rough edges (and prepping for this weeks webinar!). Please be patient, its coming but as these views tend to have a long shelf life so we want to get it right.

  6. AHTOH,

    Sorry that you feel this way. You participated in the v9 beta and yet never mentioned these issues you are encountering. We found 3 tickets regarding v9 issues: 1 was about your registration code and two about palette issues (which have been resolved).

    There are many additional features besides symmetry not to mention the overall performance improvements. Did you see the list here?

    You can interchange your drawing with the modeling environment (see Import from Drafting in the file Menu). Also printing and opening classic Draft files with Libraries work with our tests. We would be happy to investigate the issue further to see why these are not working for you. Please email the details to support with the files that are causing problems and we will get to the bottom of the issue.

    A number of the new features in v9 were suggested in the forum. We could not possibly implement all of the suggestions so If there are specific features that are important to you please be clear in what they are rather than the vague reference in your post.

    We are working on a couple of other issues that have been reported in v9 layout. We would be happy to work directly with you in a constructive manner to resolve the issues you are encountering.

  7. 1 hour ago, f700es said:

    Sorry about this but....now I get this error after installing.....

    We identified an issue that can happen on some systems. We have posted an updated installer that should fix this issue. Please download again and re-install.

  8. 40 minutes ago, danshaw said:

    On the Products page the form Z pro and Vray graphics overlap.

    On the form Z pro learn more page all the graphics images overlap their white base boxes. Same for form Z Jr learn more page.

    This is caused by the width of your browser window. If you expand the window, the graphics will be fine. We are looking into why this is not dynamically adjusting properly in some browsers. Thanks for the additional feedback. Not as widespread as you made it sound, but obviously things that we needed to correct.

  9. 1 hour ago, danshaw said:

    spelling mistakes and grammar errors on nearly every paragraph, links that do not go anywhere but back to the same page, doubled up text that doesn’t pertain to the section title and misaligned graphics everywhere.

    We certainly do not see the issues you are describing. What browser are you using? What page do you observe the graphics and link issues?

  10. There was a server cache issues as we transitioned to the live version of the new site. Please reload the page. You may need to force reload the page with shift key while selecting reload depending on your browser. You should now get the proper links. 

  11. Thanks for your feedback. We will be working on this going forward. The newer Mac OS SDK we are using in v9 has had a number of subtile changes that we are still working through. There is a lot of behind the scenes tweaking to make things look good on all the languages, operating systems, and versions we support.

    Can you detail why you would want to be able to reset the coordinates to 0? If we add this id would need to be a button or icon as check box UI element indicates a "state" not an "action".

  12. On 2/19/2020 at 1:46 PM, f700es said:

    Yes, when is the v9 Free release coming? Also what about the SE edition?

    form•Z free v9 is available today (Click Here). formZ Student and Faculty Edition (SE) v9 is also available (Click Here). Existing form•Z SE users will receive an email in the next few days with download instructions.

  13. 12 hours ago, pkcn said:

    We were not able to update by menu/help/search for update, as we received the following message: "no available update".


    This is most likely coated by a fire wall or other internet issue that is blocking access to our updater message. We will see if this message can be improved.

  14. 5 hours ago, Gyro said:

    Can I tag onto this post my issue since updating:

    Since updating to v9.0.1 the space bar doesn't bring up the favourite tools after a few minutes of running the app. Restoring keyboard shortcuts to default doesn’t work nor does deleting prefs files on the Mac. Restarting the app it works but again only for a period of time requiring yet another restart! 

    We have not observed or been able to reproduce this behavior. Are you on OS X or windows? How long does it take before it stops working?

  15. 5 hours ago, CADulator said:

    I was having much trouble with in Layout mode, especially with title blocks, and came here for help.  I saw that 9.0.1 is now released, supposedly with Layout title block fixes, so I expectantly installed it.  Yes, it fixed a few things, but broke many more.  I can't use Layout at all now.  My template projects don't work right: font styles disappear, but when I update a title block Dictionary entry <Entry> (for example) with "Text" I get the text "<Entry>" in the wrong font overlaid with "Test" in the nonexistent right font.  Items that have been completely deleted in my template projects appear when I start a new Layout with the template file.  And when I change and save a .fmz 3D model which is linked to a Layout frame, Layout doesn't recognize the change and update the frame.  I tried deleting the frame and re-entering another identical one, and now nothing shows in the frame at all.

     I'm using the same procedure as in the 8.5 Layout tutorial at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UslpCswTm1o.  Is any testing being done on Layout, including 3D links, for Windows platforms?  It sure doesn't look like it.  I've spent several hours on this, and I can't find any workarounds for these myriad problems.  I literally can't use Layout at all.

    So far we are not able to reproduce the problems that you are experiencing with the temples or title blocks. Can you please send your temple file and the title block that you are using to support@formz.com so we can test with your files? Also we can not reproduce the problem with the linked 3D model files not updating. Are you working off of a local drive or on a network or cloud service?

  16. 2 hours ago, AHDD Designer said:

    Why not simply publish the link to the download page here, respectively with your Post, Tech ?

    This forum is open (ie you do not need to log in just to read) and as such it is readable by bots that scan the web and look for links and email addresses etc. we prefer these links not be subject to DNS and other types of attacks that will inevitably slow or limit your access to the download. The update item in the Help menu can be used to check for a new version and direct you to the download page. By default form•Z will auto check for updates every 7 days (this can be controlled in the preferences).

  17. V 9.0.1 is the latest version (it is newer than v9.0.0.3).  This version can be installed from the link you received with your v9 codes (ie this page  always has the latest installers).

    The update item in the menus will notify you when there are new versions and direct you to the download page. We can no longer update the software with the patching system that we have used in past as changes to application security on both Mac OS and Windows have made this method obsolete.

  18. form•Z v9.0.1 (#A107) 

    We have posted v9.0.1 today to address some reported issues with formZ v9. This version can be now installed using the link you received with your v9 codes. Here is a list of some of the more important improvements:

    • When the favorites menu is invoked (Space bar by default), pressing the space bar again will open and position the tool options palette on the screen at the location of the favorites tools. This makes for an easy way to access the Tool Options without needing to navigate to the location of the palette. The palette is returned to its original state when the mouse moves out of the newly positioned tool options palette or the favorites menu shortcut is selected again.
    • Pop-up Tool Options is a new key shortcut available in the Palettes group of the Key shortcuts manager. This invokes the tool options at the mouse location as with the favorites menu without needing to go through the favorites menu first. There is no default key combination assigned for this option.
    • The color popup in the Attributes tab of the Inspector now works properly when clicking on the arrow indicator.
    • Export PSD no longer generates empty files under certain situations.
    • The palette dock is now maintained in the Cone Of Vision environment.
    • Shaded work and shaded full now show the proper color when Copy and paste of objects which have materials with matching names.
    • Certain geometry no longer causes a crash when using object snaps and the mouse rolls over the object.
    • Create Reference File no longer includes references to other attached reference files in the newly created reference file.
    • Create Reference File now warns when replacing a reference file that is already being referenced by the project.
    • Create Reference File now handles single object reference files properly.
    • Docking and undocking certain palettes now works properly.
    • Editing Components in the project window has been improved.
    • The parameters tab of the inspector now works properly with components.
    • Components placed with the “Place on Active Layer” option now explode properly.
    • The “Getting Started” tutorials are now accessible from the startup screen again.
    • Holding Command/Ctrl and dragging docked palette will allow precision
placement/force placement
    OS X specific 
    • Installer now works better on OS X 10.15.3
    • Animations played in the form•Z window now display properly.
    • Closing the Inspector palette, no longer leads to crashes. 
    • Changing the direction of the Arc 3 again works with tapping command key.

    Windows specific 
    • Hide palettes no longer leads to extra margins shown around the palettes when un-hiding. 
    Draft Layout
    • Title blocks now work as expected.
    • The place image tool now works as expected.
    • Components update properly when a layout file is opened.
    • Paste from Model/Paste from Draft have been improved.
    • Compounds from v6 files are now converted properly.

    Additional stability and performance improvements.