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  1. Tech

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    You can select "Check for Update" from the Help menu to patch you installation or Use the link from the email you received from us with your license codes (it will always have the latest installer) or Select "Download Archive" from the "Techinical Support" Menu on the formZ website and choose the v8.6 page.
  2. Tech

    Toon Material

    Toon with GPU rendering is not yielding consistently results so we recommend not using GPU with Toon at this time. Toon is admittedly and older shader not offered by all modern V-Ray products. We have had a number of requests to add it and it does give some nice effects. We have reached out to Chaos Group to get more details on planned GPU support for Toon.
  3. Tech

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    As of today...... Current version of formZ v8.6.5. Current version of V-Ray for formZ is v3.6.6 Sorry for any confusion caused by the the progression of version numbers!
  4. Tech

    form•Z 8.6 Update Released

    Here is the list of changes. Mostly stability improvements. http://www.formz.com/products/formz/update/whats_new.html
  5. Tech

    Mesh lights

    We tested here and it seems in order. You used the V-Ray mesh light tool to make the mesh light, correct? Can you confirm which version of V-Ray for form•Z you are using (V-Ray settings palette, Utility menu ->About V-Ray for form•Z)
  6. Tech

    opening old files

    We made some improvements in v8.6 to support opening of older files without needing to go back to the older versions!
  7. Tech

    Does Form•Z Tech monitor this forum?

    We do monitor the forum. Frankly we have been a bit “heads down" on v9 so our apologies if we are not always quick to respond lately. We will will try to do better. Having said that the forum is mostly intended as a place for discussion of ideas, experiences in a sharing community. If you need technical support please email us at support@formz.com. Every support email is assigned a ticket number that gives us a much better way to track issues and respond to your questions and resolve problems.
  8. This is being improved in v9 but we also want to make sure everyone is aware of a subtle feature that was added in v8.6. When you right click on a material there is a new option at the bottom of the context menu to select all of the objects (and faces) that are assigned the material. An additional benefit of this is that if the material is not used, the menu item will be dimmed giving quick feedback if the material is in use or not. While this is not replacement for the Elect By Criteria palette., it is a quick way to get to the common talk of finding the object that use a material.
  9. Tech

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    Hi Martin. We have receive the files and we are investigating the issue further. We can not promise a fix for the "next" update, but we hope to know more about this soon.,.
  10. Tech

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    A memory leak is simply a portion of memory (virtual) that is reserved by a process and then abandoned with out being released for re--use (by the same process or others). To our knowledge there are no significant memory leaks in formZ. We are aware of some of small leaks that are beyond our control as they are in third party technology we use (ACIS, file translators etc) and even in Windows itself. These will show as leaks in formZ because we are the process that they are associated with on your machine. The leaks total a few Kilobytes and are really not materially significant. We monitor leaks as part of development process to be sure were are not using memory inefficiently or leaking. Webroot would be more useful if it warned when leaking a significant amount of memory! Even a large memory leak would hardly be noticeable on todays machines as the inactive pages would be swapped out of physical memory to virtual memory and in a 64 bit app there is plenty of addressable memory. so you are very unlikely to actually run out of memory because of a leak.
  11. Hi thorsten, Can you please send the DWG file to support@formz.com so that we can investigate what is the cause of the slowdown? Thanks
  12. On February 14th of each year we celebrate the anniversary of the first release of form•Z. This is a time for us to celebrate the great work and outstanding designs created by the form•Z community over the years. Your creations inspire us to look forward to the future with the same enthusiasm and anticipation as the day we started this journey. Thank you for the support over the years. Specially to those who embrace the form•Z community on this forum and graciously offer assistance to others, share their work and offer suggestions and constructive criticism that makes form•Z a better solution for all.
  13. Tech

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    andrew likewise we are not experiencing the issue that you are describing. These are areas that were not affected by the corrections made for this version. Can you give some more details of the problems as we are not reproducing them here. If you contact us through support@formz.com we can setup a screen sharing session to get a better handle on these issues.
  14. Tech

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    Flosimo & Hugo we have been testing and we have not been able to reproduce problems with scenes or editing groups. Can you please give some more details or steps of the issue you are experiencing. Neither of these are areas that were affected by the corrections in v8.6.4 so we are quite surprised that you are encountering these issues.
  15. Tech

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    We did discover an issue that can happen on certain versions of OS X that can cause a problem when closing files or switching to the desktop. We have updated the 8.6 release to to address this. Please select for "Check For Update" from the Help menu to get the latest 8.6.4. Note that the update message will still show 8.6.4 as the UI does not show the minor version numbers so it will install a new version even though it appears its trying to reinstall the same version (the startup screen will show after the latest update).