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  1. We are actively exploring the issue where the key shortcuts stop working. For those experiencing the issue, do you happen to be using custom key shortcuts to activate navigation tools? If so, could you please save your Key Shortcuts through 'Edit > Key Shortcuts' within form•Z and submit the shortcut file to support@formz.com?


  2. Thank you for the feedback. We have the issue logged and hope to have a fix in place in an upcoming build!

    For now, you should be able to use the Move tool set to "Repeat copy" in the Tool Options palette to do the same thing. 


    In the future, please send reports of issues to support@formz.com so that we can better monitor these problems.


  3. 6 hours ago, jldaureil said:
    On 5/10/2020 at 10:28 PM, Chris lund said:

    Only a suggestion, ADS has noted on multiple occasions to email bugs, etc...  Presumably, this means their CR system/database doesn't work with the forum.  Here, your concerns are likely to just get lost in the noise.

    yes I am aware of that ...
    except that in this case I did not receive a response ...
     ok covid etc ...
    except that if i swing a big rant on the forum the answer falls direct
    pity to have to arrive there
    once again and this was said clearly and not that by me if autodessys manages to integrate that our community is benevolent and that it is necessary to listen to it... so it will

    We answered you on Apr 27 (@13:08 EST) via email and you even quoted these responses in your recent posts,  but we did not receive an email response back you except for the recent forum posts. 

    Your recent posts include a lot more detail about the issues that you were encountering. Thank you for the additional information. We are investigating these and will get back to you shortly.

    Please use email for technical support issues as this is the best and fastest method to communicate with the support team.


  4. On 5/6/2020 at 3:20 PM, jldaureil said:
    Can you confirm that the malfunctions on the list below that I posted on March 30, 2020 have been corrected?

    You emailed this same list to the support team and we answered you on Apr 27 (@13:08 EST) via email. In our answer we detailed what has been fixed and asked for clarification on a few of the issues. We have not received a response from you to our email. 

    ZTEK thank you for your detailed response which is in essence  is the same as our emailed response to the questions.  

  5. formZ v9.0.4 is now available. Select "Check for update" from the Help menu to be directed to the download page or use the link in the email you previously received with your v9 installer codes.

    form•Z v9.0.4 (#A12A) Highlights

    New stuff
    “Dynamic” is a new option in the Extend Segment tool options. When selected, the extension is made dynamically using the projection of the cursor position onto the tangent from the end of the object.

    Components with Flat/Cubic/Spherical decal controls now render properly in RenderZone. 
    Save a Copy as to v8.x now works properly for files with embedded components.
    The objects palette is now updated properly after Components are exploded.
    Changing the name of a view or layer to an existing name, no longer leads to repeated messages about the duplicate name.
    The fillet tool is applied to the selected point for certain objects.
    Import from Drafting now groups the imported objects properly.
    Exiting the Cone of Vision, no longer disturbs the palettes under certain conditions.
    Certain Sub-d tools no longer automatically apply unintended symmetry

    Frames are now properly updated when the linked Model file is changed. 
    The title blocks folder is selected by default when choosing a title block. 
    The offset outline tool now works properly on closed shapes. 
    The Image and Image fit tools now track the cursor properly when placing images. 

    Python scripting
    Python scripts now work properly on some Windows 10 machines that previously did not recognize Python. 
    A new method (material) has been added to the “face” object to retrieve the material assigned to the face (face.material).
    The “object” method getLocalOrigin()now returns the proper value
    fz.pickList() now returns a valid empty list when nothing is picked.
    fz.viewList(), fz.materialList() and fz.lightList() now returns a valid empty list when the project does not contain any of the respective entities.
    fz.revolve() angle parameter now works properly.
    Object methods edgeCount(), edge(), edgeList() now work as expected.
    A number of sample scripts have been updated.

  6. Surface solids are an oxymoron! They are topologically a solid but as they have no geometric volume, they give many modeling operations fits. Surface solids served a purpose at a time when computing resources were limited and they could be used as a proxy for a wall or shelled surface. We dropped these with v7 as the effort to make special exceptions for surface solids in tools and export formats going forward out weighed their usefulness in todays computing environment. 

    Surface solids should be cleaned and separated if they are encountered during import. setz if you have and example of these slipping through please email the details to us (support@formz.com)

  7. 6 hours ago, AHDD Designer said:

    It struck me that you guys keep defending yourselves and giving us (me) customers any mistakes!

     I feel the same way as the other forum members: 
    Very often I have written very detailed bug reports and also uploaded the corresponding documents to a file server so that you can check them.
    Unfortunately without any answer.

     When I have made suggestions, you ask me for the «why» and when I explain it, you don't answer…

    Sorry if you feel that way. We recognize that you have given a lot of good feedback over the years and if something was missed its unintentional. 

    In 2018 we deployed a professional CRM system to manage tech support emails to make sure nothing gets missed. This system assigns each new email a ticket number that allows for us to track the back and forth communication on requests for assistance and reported issues. Shortly after you submit an email you will get an confirmation email that contains the ticket number for your reference. We checked the system and found all of the tickets that you had initiated since we started using this system have been answered and closed. We will need a bit more time to look through older emails to determine what was missed.

    Please continue to give constructive feedback as it is important for us to hear the the things that we can do better.

  8. 8 hours ago, Bo Atkinson said:

    I do not use Layout; however with "blank display" problems in MultiView in 3d projects, I simply open a new additional project and then switch back to the previously blank project which now restored it's display. 


    We have seen this on certain combinations of graphics cards and machines. What machine and OS X version are you using? 

  9. 12 hours ago, Shibui Design said:

    The last and this latest version of Layout does not work for me. I've reported this with earlier builds and my problem persists.


    We can not find any emails from you in our support system regarding this issue (but sometimes correlating forum names to email addresses is not always easy). You seem to be experiencing a problem that no other user has encountered. Please contact us via email (support@formz.com) so we can properly diagnose the issue.

  10. On 4/25/2020 at 4:27 PM, Hugo said:

    - dimensions disappear and after reopen the 2D file again, some of the missing dimensions are placed far outside the sheet in an empty area.

    - takes minutes before layout updates the 3D model.

     - 2D graphics move within the frame after reopen the 2D file.


    We have not been able to reproduce the issue you are describing regarding the dimensions or 2D graphics moving. Can you please send a file to us (support@formz.com) that exhibits the problem so we can investigate? 

    We are working on the update speed for layout. from. v9.0.3 actually had some improvements, but we are working on more!


  11. On 4/26/2020 at 3:03 PM, jldaureil said:

    All the bugs that I have reported regarding formz 9 draft layout for example have not been fixed.

    This is simply not true. Many of the issues that you reported have been addressed. Most of the other issues we could not reproduce. Sorry it took longer than normal to answer your email but please understand that we are all working in less than ideal circumstances these days! You did receive a response today.


    form•Z v9.0.3 (#A123) highlights

    New stuff
    “Superimpose” is a new option in the Underlay options of the Reference Plane Parameters palette. When selected, the underlay is Superimposed in shaded views instead of depth sorted. This is most useful when combined with the transparency slider to see the undelay image through a shaded image.

    “Give Guide Snaps Priority” is a new option in the snap options Palette. When selected, Guide Snaps are given priority over object snaps (when both are enabled). If the cursor is close to both a guide and a snappable point/edge/face, the location will be snapped to the guide rather than the point/edge/face. When this option is disabled, the opposite rule is applied. This option is now on by default by popular request as it makes the guides more functional in shaded rendering modes. The option can be controlled with a key shortcut as well (Key Shortcuts manager).

    General improvements
    Export of hidden line images to pixel based formats (TIFF/PNG/JPG etc.) now works properly.
    Underlay images no longer disappear when switching from wireframe to shaded full and the back to wireframe on machines with certain graphics cards.
    Components with Flat/Cubic/Spherical texture map controls now render properly in RenderZone. 
    Using Reduce Mesh tool no longer crashes on certain objects.
    Files with mirrored components now show the components properly when saving and re-opening the file.
    Curve and Surface Formula tools now show all the formulas in the Interface.
    View navigation in the Decals and Classic Texture Map dialog now works properly. 
    The “Pick By” and “Assign” options in the Classic Texture Map dialog now work properly. 
    Door/Window component’s are now are placed at the proper depth.
    The Section tool now properly honors the Status of objects (Ghost or Delete).

    Windows specific 
    The Transform tool no longer crashes when entering a second value for the Scale option. 

    Printing or exporting to PDF no longer misses some elements.
    Printing or exporting to PDF now includes title blocks properly.
    Printing from draft space now works as expected.
    Image elements no longer have a border when printed or exported to pdf.
    The Layout content tools no longer become randomly dimmed.
    Layout frames now update properly when the model is changed.


  13. The content has been updated to be current to formZ v9 and some new items have already been added, We will be adding more over time. We still need to determine how to identify the new additions as they are released.

    Not to take away from Paul's memory, but to be fair the Tips and Tricks were someone else's "baby". Paul did foster the FAQ section which we are also working on updating.

  14. We have identified an issue with certain configurations of multiple screens (thanks kim for the helpful emails). You should get good results if in the System Preferences -> Displays the menu bar is on the screen you want to use formZ. Make this change when formZ is not running and delete the appSize-widthxheight.zpf file ("width" and "height" are the desktop dimension) from the formZ preferences folder.

    We are working on an improvement for this for the next update.


    Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 5.41.36 PM.png

  15. 13 minutes ago, AsOne said:

    The "Shift lock" is a great option at times and I'm in no way suggesting it should be removed.  Rather we should also have an Axis Lock option as well.


    You do not need to hold shift to just snap to the axis. Just position the cursor over the dotted axis indicator. You only need to use Shift to keep the axis lock in place to move the cursor away from the axis to snap to an reference point as in the above example. 

  16. The guide snap can accomplish this. When its enabled you will notice axis lines on the screen at the click point. The cursor will snap to the axis when its is near the guide. When near the guide press the shift key and the translation will stay locked to the axis and you can position the cursor to snap to a reference point. In the example below we moved the gray object along the X axis until it was aligned with the edge of the green cube. 

    Does this help?

    Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 12.54.46 AM.png

    Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 12.55.08 AM copy.png