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    formZ v8.6.4 released

    Flosimo & Hugo we have been testing and we have not been able to reproduce problems with scenes or editing groups. Can you please give some more details or steps of the issue you are experiencing. Neither of these are areas that were affected by the corrections in v8.6.4 so we are quite surprised that you are encountering these issues.
  2. Tech

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    We did discover an issue that can happen on certain versions of OS X that can cause a problem when closing files or switching to the desktop. We have updated the 8.6 release to to address this. Please select for "Check For Update" from the Help menu to get the latest 8.6.4. Note that the update message will still show 8.6.4 as the UI does not show the minor version numbers so it will install a new version even though it appears its trying to reinstall the same version (the startup screen will show after the latest update).
  3. Tech

    V-Ray vrscene/vrproxy export Settings

    The V-Ray proxy is not broken, its just limited. Proxies only include a mesh and a list of discrete face color indexes. To be clear this is not the material itself, just an index of a material the face should use. When importing a proxy, form•Z creates a unique material for each discrete index in the file, maps the imported mesh to the new materials and you then need to "fill in" the material with the desired color/texture etc in the material editor. V-Ray proxies are included in V-Ray for formZ primarily for users who have older content created with V-Ray 2.x. V-Ray scenes are newer and much more powerful as they encapsulate the complete description of the scene (geometry, materials, lights, settings etc). In fact if you export a vrscene from form•Z you can render the scene with V-Ray standalone outside of form•Z and it will render exactly as it does inside form•Z. Some V-Ray scenes can be slow to process when placed because the preview is not saved in the file and must be generated when the screen is placed (even the bonding box is not necessarily stored in the vrscene file). This is an area of improvement that we have requested from Chaos Group. Since vrscenes include lights, you may want to disable these when placing the scene as Andrew describes (but they can be useful for things like light fixtures). Components are not wholesale broken, but they do not handle large components or nested components efficiently. This is an area that has had major improvements made for form•Z v9
  4. Tech

    formZ v8.6.4 released

    Martin, We will certainly look into this. What does it look like in V-Ray? Its possible that V-Ray and RZ my be fighting each other and confusing the shaded texture. Can you send your example model and textures to support@formz.com? Its always better to work with real data! Thanks!
  5. Allan, These "headless" machines are designed to run V-Ray in standalone mode or as part of the V-Ray distributed rendering. It is not clear if they provide some management tools for making this process easy to configure. V-Ray CPU rendering is still quite good and will scale well on the Xeon architecture, however the rendering world continues to improve in the area of GPU performance (both hardware and software) so a solution not designed for GPU's may not be a good long term solution.
  6. Tech

    macOS Mojave

    We released v8.6.4 today which includes improvements for OS X Mojave. You can update your installation by selecting "Check for Update" from the Help menu. Note that if you are using 8.5 or 8.6.0 (or if you experience issues with the software update feature because of a fire wall or other connection issue), you will need to install from HERE . Here is a list of what is new in the latest version: http://www.formz.com/products/formz/update/whats_new.html
  7. Tech

    Upgrade paid, not received.

    Roger, Yes we were closed on Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving, however your upgrade license information was sent via email on Wednesday the 21st. We are sorry that you have not received this. Please check you junk/spam mail folder. We have re-sent the information again today. If you do not receive this please email our sales team at sales@formz.com.
  8. Tech

    OBJ export crashes

    Hi Rudy, We just did a test here. OS X High sierra, formZ and 8.6.3, worked fine with a number of different smooth objects. Maybe its a data specification problem? If you draw sphere in a new project and export it to obj with the same settings , does that work for you? Can you send a .fmz file with the object to support@formz.com so we can investigate? Thanks
  9. Tech

    Candy Bar Modeled with Subdivision

    Thanks for the excellent tutorial FZnoob!
  10. Tech

    Text missing in autocad imports

    Allan, Text should be imported from DXF/DWG files. Can you please send the file (or a link to it) to support@formz.com so we can investigate?
  11. Tech

    macOS Mojave

    Apple has changed the alpha channel of icons in Mojave and we are investigating if this is something that they will be fixing and if not what we can do to adjust for the issue without breaking support of other OS versions. This is just an aesthetic issue, the icons still function as expected. We hope to have a fix for this soon!
  12. Tech

    Guides Disappear if not using Guide Snap?

    You can draw your own guides with the guide tool. The manual created guides and the smart guides are only available when the Guide snap is enabled. If you want to create some references for a drawing you can easily draw them on their own layer, set the layer to be not snap-able and use the line style override to set a dashed pattern for the layer. You can then enable and disable the reference layer by turning the layer visibility on or off.
  13. Tech

    sub D help

    The key to getting good results with Sub-D objects is to start with a simple frame of the desired shape and edges at key edges of the shape. For this shape we made a frame with a single edge at the flat ends. The whole object was given a 60% sharpness and then the end edges and points were selected and assigned a 100% sharpness to make the hard edges.
  14. Tech


    formZ 8.6 supports SU 2018. formZ 6.7.3 supports the old SU 7/8 format.
  15. Tech

    macOS Mojave

    The same issue with the "Add to project" and "options" buttons happened with the first release of High Sierra as well. We are not sure yet if Apple will fix this again in Mojave or we will need to adjust for it. The workaround fo "Add to project" is to open the file and copy and paste into the desired project. The import options dialog will open anyway if not previously selected, so this is fairly minor. We are investigating the transparency issue with the icons to see if we can adjust for this as well without raising the minimum supported OS version.
  16. Tech

    VRay and Renderzone

    We are not aware of any firewall issues with the V-Ray license server. We have a number of large company's with very secure networks that use the V-Ray license server with no issues. Please contact formZ support so we can get the issue resolved!
  17. Tech

    VRay and Renderzone

    The texture map controls (placement, scale etc) are formZ parameters so they are used by both RenderZone and V-Ray for formZ (and shaded work/full of course). Renderzone inherits the the basic material parameters (diffuse color, diffuse texture map, bump map etc) from V-Ray materials. Materials that use these parameters (Generic, Car Paint etc) will appear very similar in Renderzone. If your V-Ray material uses a VRMAT material or other non image based parameters (reflectance, refraction etc), then RenderZone will show a approximation of the material. This works both ways so if you have RenderZone materials, V-Ray will inherit the basic material parameters (diffuse color, diffuse texture map, bump map etc) from RenderZone. Keep in mind that there are many other factors that affect the rendering including lighting, environment, global settings etc that its not realistic to expect the engines to give the same results.
  18. Tech


    Andrew, While displacement creates a nice rendering effect, it's weakness is edge conditions. The object's normals affect the displacement. To create the hard edge of a cube, form•Z will split the normals along the edge (ie one pointing in each direction of the adjacent faces). This will also be reflected in the displacement as you have observed. The workaround is to make the entire object render as smooth (Attributes->Smooth Shading->Facetted Objects->All Faces). See attached UI and resulting rendering. Note that there still can be slightly “roughness” where the patterns align unless you have a pattern that is designed for alignment (like the second example). The displacement uses the object's texture controls. A technique for setting up the mapping is to make a material with the diffuse texture that uses the desired displacement map. Use the texture tools to set the mapping type and parameters. If you do not want to use this material for the result, then assign a different material to the object once the desired mapping is established. We are consulting with Chaos Group if there is a way for us to have separate normal channels (and UV texture channels) for shading and displacement which would allow us to automate this behind the scene and give the desired shading across the faces. We will also be adjusting the UI to allow for a negative displacement amount. This might create better results in these cases. We hope this helps! BWB.bmp
  19. Tech

    IGES difficult to open

    Thanks for helping Jean Luc!
  20. Thanks for your interest in V-Ray for formZ. You should experience excellent results with this hardware! With V-Ray you can choose to use CPU, GPU or both (hybrid). V-Ray for formZ will use all of the hardware resources available. You can also choose which resources are used if desired. V-Ray is licensed per render instance, not per processor or cores. That is one V-Ray for formZ application requires one license which can use all of the hardware available to render. If you want to perform a second rendering simultaneously within the same application instance (ie open a second project while the first is rendering and render it with V-Ray) then you can add an extra render node to your license. Render nodes can also be used for distributed rendering on machines on your local network. V-Ray uses a online license server that allows the licenses to be shared within your organization. Does this help?
  21. You can adjust the intensity of the Sky Environment in the Sky parameters. Does this help you scene? You can also disable the GI effect from the Sky Environment by Using the environment override (using a bank color will mans that no GI illumination will come from the environment).
  22. Tech

    Clones - Latest Build 10163

    Clones can be transformed "individually" or "as a family". This is controlled by the option in the transformation tool options. "Individually" apples the transformation to each clones instance about its own local axis and the "as a family" option is applied to the while family as a set. Changes to a parameter of a clone are propagated to each instance individually. What we have observed is that in v8.6, the dynamic display during the transformation always functions "as a family". Once the final click of the transformation is made, the transformation is applied each object when the "individually" option is selected. See images We have logged this aa an issue and also have added suggestion to be show if an object is in a clone in the information tab (and how many siblings it has).
  23. We just completed an update of the forum with new software and a new host. All of the problems of the last few months should be resolved and you should notice the its more responsive and looks better too! If you experience any issues with the new forum, please click "contact us" at the bottom of the page and send us a note. Sorry but posts from the last 24 hours may have been lost in the transition, please re-post. Thanks for your patience, we think it was worth the wait.
  24. Tech

    Lasso selection

    The Area Pick tool (right next to the Pick tool) has options for Lasso and Polygon shaped selection (as well as the option to Pick Crossing).