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  1. form•Z 8.5 and later (ie 8.5.x, 8.6.x and v9 beta) will work with Catalina (a.k.a. MacOS 10.15). Catalina only supports 64-bit apps so older versions of form•Z prior to v8.5 and all bonzai3d versions will not work. Unfortunately this is beyond our control as these are 32-bit applications which Mac OS no longer supports. We also can not rule out the possibility of compatibility issues with specific features or plugins in formZ v8.x on Catalina. Note that if you try to update a system to Catalina and you have a version of form•Z 8.0 or earlier on your system you will get a warning before the update installs that form•Z is not compatible with Catalina, even if you all have a newer compatible form•Z (v8.5 or later) installed as well.
  2. Tech

    Wet Pavement

    Andrew, apologies. That is not what I thought you meant when you asked why the editors are not identical. To clarify I will address the issue here for everyone. So the VRMaterial Editor is standalone when used through form•Z, but it is embedded in Sketchup and is paired with the material list, lights, settings, etc. While the Settings section of Sketchup does contain some extra features that we currently do not offer (but hope to offer in future releases), the Material editor itself is identical to Sketchup's version 3.x's editor. That being said, it will NOT be identical to Sketchup's V-Ray Next VRMaterial editor. To address your request, this is how you can set up "stacked materials." Start with a New or Opened material and click one of the checker patterns next to a map type. From the next screen. choose Texture Blend (3rd option). You will then be presented with this page where you can select up to 2 materials. When you go to choose the texture map, you will be presented with the previous screen again, so you are able to define one of these textures as another Texture Blend if you'd like. I've taken my asphalt texture and set it as Texture A, and my puddle pattern is Texture B. Now I can use the Blend Amount value and adjust it to show more of one or the other. NOTES: At the bottom left of all of these pages is a Back button you can use to go to the previous page. If you decide you want to change the type of effect (Bitmap, Blend Texture, Smoke, etc) you can do so by clicking the small list button to the left of the name of the effect. So above, you'll see the icon to the left of where it reads "Texture Blend." So all of the features in the VRMat Editor should be the same across the board. Now for Andrew's favorite part, the workaround! Having run into some occasional strange behavior myself while loading these VRMats in, here is a sure-shot way to bring these materials into form•Z: 1) Create a new material in the Materials palette and name it appropriately 2) Open the material in the Material Parameters palette and choose the 'VRay' Material Type 3) Select the Libraries drop-down menu and select one of the V-Ray libraries (it will be the last section, split by dividers) 4) Double-click one of the Materials in the library to make it the active material 5) Now you can click the Select Material button and locate the VRMat that you've made already without form•Z running into any issues! If anyone has any issues with my steps or has any further questions, please contact us at support@formz.com!
  3. Please check the Search paths for plugins (Extensions Menu -> Extensions manager -> Search Paths button). You are likely missing the path to /Applications/formZ 8/Plugins/. Wh have had reports that this path may be missing by default on Catalina. To Add the path: click on the "+" icon and in the folder selector, navigate to "Applications"->"formZ 8"->"Plugins" and choose Open. Restart formZ and this should fix the issue. If you are still having issues, please try reinstalling after upgrading to Catalina as the OS is "happier" with things that are installed after the upgrade (ie Catalina blessed the installation as opposed to something that was there first). You will need to remove the previous version as the installer will not do anything if its already there. We recommend renaming "Applications"->"formZ 8" to "formZ 8-bu". Perform the installation of formZ (and V-Ray for formZ if needed). Once everything is confirmed and registered and working, you can delete the "formZ 8-bu" folder.
  4. The Lab plugins are not compatible with Catlina at the moment. We are working on new builds of these that are compatible...
  5. Tech

    formZ free DAE export

    It appears there is some issue with the DAE translator on Windows OS. If it helps, STL does seem to be a valid format option while working in v.8.6.5 Free. Thank you for your examples and for bringing this to our attention!
  6. We would all like to see Maxwell for form•Z continue. As mentioned above we are in touch with Next Limit and discussing either us or a 3rd party picking up support for the plugin for future versions of Maxwell and formZ. We continue to encourage everyone to let Next Limit know how important this is to you!
  7. Tech

    Import Rhino 3dm files broken?

    What version is the Rhino file? The translator currently supports up to v5. We are currently working on updating the translator for v6 for formZ 9.
  8. Have you checked the extensions manager to see if the plugin shows in the list and is just disabled (ie no check mark in the left column?) If that does not work, check the System console utility (Application->Utility->console) during formZ startup for any messages that might yield a clue as to why the plugin does not load. You can also post to the Maxwell support forum: https://forum.maxwellrender.com/viewforum.php?f=149&sid=cc31e8e0283169817c8a3d97122be468
  9. Tech

    form•Z 9 beta

    If you missed the early signup you can still join the beta here: http://www.formz.com/fz9_beta_request
  10. Tech

    form•Z 9 beta

    The formZ v9 beta went live late last night! If you signed up you should have received an email with the download details. We had a few emails bounce and some that had previously unsubscribed from our email lists so If you did not get the email please contact support@formz.com.
  11. Tech

    form•Z 9 beta

    Hi all, We are working out a few last minute deployment issues that are taking longer to get fixed than we expected. We will get it out ASAP! Thanks for your enthusiasm!
  12. Tech

    Importing Vectorworks OBJ's

    Though Form•Z's OBJ exporter does offer the option to Compress texture files, the OBJ importer does not affect the texture maps in any way. Do your textures appear this way if you were to render your project as well or do the textures just look lo-res in your Shaded modes? The Display Options palette does have an option in both Shaded Work and Shaded Full mode to control the viewable resolution of the textures while you're working on them. Adjusting this higher will give you better integrity of your texture at the expense of having a more graphics-intensive view for your machine to process.
  13. Tech

    formZ to ZBrush problem

    Try the following: Plain Objects: Smooth: As Facetted (Instead of As Trimmed Surfaces) Facetted (Instead of Parametric) OBJ Options: Use Absolute Indices, turn that on
  14. Tech

    formZ to ZBrush problem

    Can you send a screenshot of your OBJ export settings?
  15. The Read/Write speeds of a solid-state drive are usually going to be higher than RW speeds on a hard drive. In theory, this should reduce your loading times!
  16. Tech

    Vray Sun does not get animated

    You can technically control any Sun or V-Ray Sun Light with the Sun Position palette. Just use the drop down menu for the field that reads "Light" (it will be set to the existing 'Sun Light' by default) and change it to any other sun light you may have in the project.
  17. Thank you all for your passion on this issue. The plugin for Maxwell is owned by Next Limit and more recently maintained and improved for them by the Pylon team. While we have made a number of enhancements to the formZ API to support Maxwell over the years, we have no control over the development of the plugin itself. As the formZ API is forward compatible, the current plugin is expected function with v9 and hopefully beyond. We are in discussion with Next Limit about picking up support of the plugin for future versions of Maxwell, however we do not yet know if this will be viable. A lot will depend on how significant the changes are in the next Maxwell API and how much support we can get from Next Limit and Pylon. I encourage everyone to let Next Limit know how important this is to you. If you are into coding and interested in contributing to this effort, please let us know.
  18. Tech

    Are there any future updates for FormZ?

    Hello, Though we aren't directly integrated with Unreal, TwinMotion, or Lumion, form•Z files can be exported into various different formats to work in each: Unreal: DWG, FBX, IGES, 3DM, SAT, STEP. TwinMotion: FBX, DAE, DWG Lumion: DAE, FBX, DWG, DXF, 3DS, OBJ We are working on incorporating BIM information into our importers but currently do not have a timeline for when it will be included. We will support VRay Next shortly after the version 9 release.
  19. Tech

    New material naming

    Could you help me to understand what you mean by "have default naming be the name?" What should the name default to instead in your opinion?
  20. Tech

    U unique Layer Naming issue

    That is a legitimate suggestion! As of right now the layers will need to have unique names, but this would make a nice improvement. Thank you for your feedback! If you have any more, please submit them to support@formz.com.
  21. A recent graphics driver update for Windows 10 on machines with Intel integrated graphics causes objects to render black in shaded work and shaded full modes. This hot fix replaces the formZ 8 OpenGL shaders to be compatible with these drivers. These updated shaders should be compatible with other graphics driver versions and other manufactures drivers as well. This fix applies to formZ pro, formZ SE (Student edition), formZ jr and formZ free on Windows. To apply the hot fix, please follow the following steps: 1. Quit formZ. 2. Download and extract the .zip file below. This will yield a directory called "glsl_shaders" in your system downloads location. 3. Copy this directory to the "\support" folder of your formZ installation, replacing the existing "glsl_shaders" directory. formZ pro: \Program Files\formZ 8\formZ 8.x pro\support formZ SE: \Program Files\formZ 8\formZ 8.x SE\support formZ jr: \Program Files\formZ 8\formZ 8.x jr\support formZ free: \Program Files\formZ 8\formZ 8.x free\support 4. Restart formZ. glsl_shaders.zip
  22. We are pleased to announce that formZ 8.6 now available for pro, jr, free and student editions. This version is not available through software update due a technical limitation in the update. form•Z 8.6 uses the same registration codes as v8.5. After installing you will be prompted to register. If you are on a machine with an v8.5 installation, the codes will be pre-filled in the registration dialog. Just accept the terms and click Register. form•Z pro users can install the 8.6 application only which is a much smaller download (Click Here). If you encounter problems or need to perform a clean install, you can use the full installer (Click Here) form•Z jr users need to use the full installer (Click Here). form•Z jr is now 64-bit on Windows form•Z free and form•Z Student Edition users should get get the latest version from the link found in the email you received when you registered for the software.
 Note: If you have installed any of the 8.6 WIP versions, please delete the WIP application folder. Please contact us at support@formz.com or start a new forum thread if you have any feedback or issues.
Enjoy! Enjoy! Highlights of improvements in v8.6 this version include (but are not limited to): o Product updated to use ACIS 2018. o STEP file translator improved (better support specially on OS X). o SKP file translator updated. Now supports skp 2016 and 2017 files. o SAT file translator updated. Now supports 2018 files. o DWG/DXF file translator updated. Now supports 2018 files. o FBX file translator updated. Now supports 2018 files. o FMZ files saved with versions prior to v6 can now be opened directly. o Performance on Mac Pro models using ATI graphics cards has been improved. o 3DS export now handles objects with more than 65535 faces or 65535 points efficiently. o Deleting layer groups from the layers palette now works properly. o Hatches now work properly on shapes with co-linear points. o Zoom Options "Zoom Frame By Center" and "Zoom Frame By Corners" restored for the Zoom Frame tool. o Materials palette context menu now has an option to select All Objects/Faces that are assigned a the selected material . o Transform options now work properly. o Clone options restored to the Transform and Replace tools. Unclone tool restored. o 3DS export no longer fails when an object contains a degenerate 2 sided face. o The context menu invoked by right-clicking on objects now has options to Select Clone Families, and make the object's Material, Layer, Line weight or Line style active. o Undo/Redo now work properly on OS X 10.13 (High Sierra). o Auto Save by time interval now works properly. o SketchUp Materials now import properly. o SketchUp 2017,2018 Now supported. o Export DWG/DXF speed improved. o Import KMZ files now works properly. o The Reduce tool no longer stops when encountering an object that can not be reduced (when multiple objects are selected). o Landform tool now works properly with grouped contour lines (keep same height). o Dimensions and text import properly from DXF/DWG files. o Certain 3DS files now open properly. o Text imports properly from DXF files. o Tool names no longer be truncated on certain OS X systems. o UI elements are now sized properly on OS X. o Section tool now works in Wireframe. o Importing certain 3DS files no longer crash. o Numerous stability and performance improvements.
  23. Tech

    Why do my lights shine through objects?

    Roughness is an essential material parameter that will need to be increased for a more visible effect of light on a surface, especially if the light is very close to the surface. Take a look at the images here: the plane on the left has a roughness of ~20, while on the right it has a roughness of 100. The left plane will reflect the light more directly, allowing it to be visible only from certain angles. The one on the right will diffuse the light with its rough surface, scattering the light and giving it a more illuminated effect. Some of the reflective materials for Renderzone will illuminate, even if the path is obscured. Here is the list of modes that behave that way: Chrome, Frosty, Glass Accurate, Glossy, Metal Accurate, Mirror, and Multilayer Paint. This is a limitation of Renderzone, though there are work-arounds to achieve desired results (as was mentioned above). Limitations like this is the reason we've adopted the V-Ray technology. V-Ray for form•Z does not have these restrictions and will only catch the light on a surface when light rays make contact. To try out these capabilities, sign up for a 30-day free trial on our website: http://www.formz.com/home/evalvrayLanding.html
  24. Tech

    Why do my lights shine through objects?

    Okay, I wasn't able to make out the thickness from the above images. Could we get you to send that to support@formz.com for us to investigate more closely?