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    FormZ Free

    form•Z free v9 is available today (Click Here). formZ Student and Faculty Edition (SE) v9 is also available (Click Here). Existing form•Z SE users will receive an email in the next few days with download instructions.
  2. Tech

    form•Z v9.0.1 now available

    This is most likely coated by a fire wall or other internet issue that is blocking access to our updater message. We will see if this message can be improved.
  3. form•Z v9.0.1 (#A107) We have posted v9.0.1 today to address some reported issues with formZ v9. This version can be now installed using the link you received with your v9 codes. Here is a list of some of the more important improvements: • When the favorites menu is invoked (Space bar by default), pressing the space bar again will open and position the tool options palette on the screen at the location of the favorites tools. This makes for an easy way to access the Tool Options without needing to navigate to the location of the palette. The palette is returned to its original state when the mouse moves out of the newly positioned tool options palette or the favorites menu shortcut is selected again. • Pop-up Tool Options is a new key shortcut available in the Palettes group of the Key shortcuts manager. This invokes the tool options at the mouse location as with the favorites menu without needing to go through the favorites menu first. There is no default key combination assigned for this option. • The color popup in the Attributes tab of the Inspector now works properly when clicking on the arrow indicator. • Export PSD no longer generates empty files under certain situations. • The palette dock is now maintained in the Cone Of Vision environment. • Shaded work and shaded full now show the proper color when Copy and paste of objects which have materials with matching names. • Certain geometry no longer causes a crash when using object snaps and the mouse rolls over the object. • Create Reference File no longer includes references to other attached reference files in the newly created reference file. • Create Reference File now warns when replacing a reference file that is already being referenced by the project. • Create Reference File now handles single object reference files properly. • Docking and undocking certain palettes now works properly. • Editing Components in the project window has been improved. • The parameters tab of the inspector now works properly with components. • Components placed with the “Place on Active Layer” option now explode properly. • The “Getting Started” tutorials are now accessible from the startup screen again. • Holding Command/Ctrl and dragging docked palette will allow precision
placement/force placement OS X specific • Installer now works better on OS X 10.15.3 • Animations played in the form•Z window now display properly. • Closing the Inspector palette, no longer leads to crashes. • Changing the direction of the Arc 3 again works with tapping command key. Windows specific • Hide palettes no longer leads to extra margins shown around the palettes when un-hiding. Draft Layout • Title blocks now work as expected. • The place image tool now works as expected. • Components update properly when a layout file is opened. • Paste from Model/Paste from Draft have been improved. • Compounds from v6 files are now converted properly. Additional stability and performance improvements.
  4. Tech

    Can't use v9.0.1 layout

    We have not observed or been able to reproduce this behavior. Are you on OS X or windows? How long does it take before it stops working?
  5. Tech

    Can't use v9.0.1 layout

    So far we are not able to reproduce the problems that you are experiencing with the temples or title blocks. Can you please send your temple file and the title block that you are using to support@formz.com so we can test with your files? Also we can not reproduce the problem with the linked 3D model files not updating. Are you working off of a local drive or on a network or cloud service?
  6. Tech

    form•Z v9.0.1 now available

    This forum is open (ie you do not need to log in just to read) and as such it is readable by bots that scan the web and look for links and email addresses etc. we prefer these links not be subject to DNS and other types of attacks that will inevitably slow or limit your access to the download. The update item in the Help menu can be used to check for a new version and direct you to the download page. By default form•Z will auto check for updates every 7 days (this can be controlled in the preferences).
  7. Tech

    form•Z v9.0.1 now available

    V 9.0.1 is the latest version (it is newer than v9.0.0.3). This version can be installed from the link you received with your v9 codes (ie this page always has the latest installers). The update item in the menus will notify you when there are new versions and direct you to the download page. We can no longer update the software with the patching system that we have used in past as changes to application security on both Mac OS and Windows have made this method obsolete.
  8. We have only observed this on some Mac OS systems. If you make a text field active (like the "X' field of the input palette), then the key should work. Not ideal but its a workaround for now. We have not encountered this on Windows. The same issue happens with the ARC 3 tool to change direction with the key and the same workaround works as well. We are working on a solution for this!
  9. Tech

    Is Thea for FormZ dead ?

    Solid Iris was bought by Altair. Around that time they dropped development for a number of emerging Thea integrations. We certainly embraced and supported their efforts but the only statement to us has been that they are not actively working on Thea for form•Z at this time. You would need to contact them regarding the future of Thea and form•Z. Maybe if they hear from enough people they will start work on it again. NextLimit has announced that they are working on an update for Maxwell for form•Z. We have not heard a release date for this yet (please check the Maxwell discussion for more details).
  10. formZ v9 is not in beta, however, there are a few minor issues that have been reported in the release. We are working on these as fast as possible. We have identified and fixed an issue with the Import from Model feature that causes some models not to Import properly. This adjustment will be included in the next update. If you are encountering other difficulties please email support@formz.com and we will get them addressed ASAP!
  11. formZ v8.0 fully supports OS X 10.10 “Yosemite” but if you are still using form•Z 7, we are releasing a “hot fix” which should generally make this compatible with OS X 10.10. Please follow these steps (or upgrade to the current version): • Be sure that you have form•Z 7.3.4. This fix will only work for form•Z 7.3.4. If you don't have it, you can download it here: www.formz.com/update • Download libFZRT.dylib.zip. If necessary extract the zip file. You should now have a single file named “libFZRT.dylib”. • Locate your formZ 7.3.4 Application folder and locate the file “libFZRT.dylib”. • Replace the file in your installation with the one that you downloaded. • Launch form•Z 7.3.4! libFZRT_dylib.zip
  12. Apple made significant security changes to Gatekeeper in macOS 10.12 Sierra that affects the installation of form•Z. Please read and consider the following if you are contemplating upgrading to macOS 10.12 Sierra. form•Z v8.5 is compatible with macOS 10.12 Sierra. Older form•Z versions through v6 have not been extensively tested with macOS 10.12 Sierra. These versions functioned properly in limited testing and are expected to function well (but are not guaranteed to do so). Installation (or reinstallation) of form•Z onto a machine running macOS 10.12 Sierra is affected by the new security restrictions imposed by Gatekeeper in macOS 10.12 Sierra as follows: form•Z 8.5 can be installed on macOS 10.12 Sierra using the form•Z 8.5.6 disk images (which were released on 10/6/16). These disk images can be accessed using the installation links in your original license information email. form•Z 8.0, form•Z 7.x and any version of bonzai3d cannot be installed on macOS 10.12 Sierra. You will need to upgrade to 8.5 or install on a machine with 10.11 (or earlier) and copy the installation to the macOS 10.12 Sierra machine. form•Z 6 is not affected by the OS X 10.12 Sierra security changes as this version is not a native OS X (macOS) application (however form•Z 6 has not been extensively tested with OS X 10.12 Sierra). In general, any version of form•Z (or bonzai3d) that is installed on a machine prior to upgrading to macOS 10.12 Sierra will function, but be aware of the installation limitations should re-installation become necessary.
  13. Tech

    Where's the info on 9?

    Yes. You should have received an email with your codes by now. Please contact sales@formz.com and we can check that we have teh correct contact information for you (please include your serial # in the email).
  14. Tech

    Form Z pro v9.0.0.2 issues

    Wee have not had the reports of this symptom. What OS version are you using.You are using correct?
  15. Tech

    Form Z pro v9.0.0.2 issues

    Can you please give us some more details? Are you using OS X or Windows? Have you updated to Have you emailed support (support@formZ.com)?
  16. Tech

    V9 release for family plan members

    Family Plan members should have received their codes by now. If you have not received it yet, please email sales@formz.com so we can track it down. Please be sure to include your serial #.
  17. Tech

    License Server woes

    5.3 is the latest license server. Are you installing on 10.15? Open the Security and Privacy Preferences and you should be able to open from there. We are reaching out to CG to investigate. It looks like the DMG is not fully signed (which 10.15 is picky about).
  18. form•Z v9.0.0.3 (#A0F0) We have posted v9.0.0.3 today to address some reported issues with formZ v9. This version can be now installed using the link you received with you v9 codes. Here is a list of some of the more important improvements.: General • The on-line manual has an updated interface including a better Index and search features, and loads properly from the application. • The Action palette shows the active tool as expected. • The “Keep Proportional” option now works properly in the place component tool and the Component parameters of the Inspector palette. • Editing object names that are inside groups in the objects palette now show in the proper locations. • Resizing a palette while editing a text field no longer causes top edit field to move to the wrong location. • A detached Modeling tool palette can now be reinserted in the dock by dragging the palette such that the cursor inside the dock while pressing the Command (Mac OS) or ctrl (Windows) key. • Preview renderings for RenderZone or V-Ray for form•Z no longer hang or crash when clicking in the Materials or Material parameters palette before the preview rendering is complete. • Export to .skp no longer crashes when Keep textures is NOT selected. Windows Specific • The icon for “Delete Component” and “Delete Library” now shows properly. • Drag and drop now works properly in the Objects palette. OS X specific • Switching to another application and back to form•Z when there is more than one project open, no longer switches the active project. • The “options” button in the export file dialog no longer crashes on 10.14 and later. Draft Layout • Import from Modeling now available in File menu of Draft Layout app. This converts the model to drafting space using the current view or optional parameters defined in the new Import from Modeling options. • Import from Drafting now available in Modeling app imports the drafting space of a .fml file onto the current reference plane of the model. • Title blocks now show properly after loading a layout file. • Switching between layout and Draft spaces refreshes the window properly. Thank you for your feedback and patience as we work through these issues.
  19. Tech

    A0D4 vs A0D7

  20. We are working on an update for early next week! The current version is (A0D7). If you do not have this you can instal from the download link you received from us. We are investigating why the update manager is showing an empty interface.
  21. Edit > Preferences; Modeling > Disable Scroll Wheel in Project Window
  22. Can you please send the file to support? This is not a general problem so we would like to investigate what is happening with your file. You can still have multiple windows in the project with different settings (and which between them from the list at the bottom of the Windows Manu). You can also open an independent window (Windows menu) that is detached from the project window (like previous versions). Does this help?
  23. Tech

    Form Z making new versions

    iCloud uses a combination of local storage and server storage. iCloud always trying to keep things in sync between the cloud and all of the devices. It may hlep to understand the process when a file formZ is saved. formZ writes the project to a temp file ($$$fmz$$.zsr) to avoid overwriting the exiting file until we know the save was successful. We then delete the original file and rename the temp file to the real name. If keep backup option is on, the .fzb file is deleted first, the .fmz is renamed to the .fzb and then the temp is renamed file to the real name. The iCloud is trying to keep things in sync during this process and seems to be renaming the file because it sees another file with the same name (but different date, checksum) on the cloud. We are investigating to see if there is a way to detect that we are saving to a iCloud location (or Google drive etc) and the do things differently to avoid the issue. Also you may want to see if iCloud has any kind of setting to control how often it syncs.