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  1. formZ pro 8.6 WIP has been updated. You can download from the same location (http://www.formz.com/products/formz/update/formz_work_in_progress.html) New in build #9991: - The context menu invoked by right-clicking on objects now has options to Select Clone Families, and make the object's Material, Layer, Line weight or Line Style active. - Undo/Redo now work properly on OS X 10.13 (High Sierra). - Auto Save by time interval now works properly. - SketchUp Materials now Import properly. - SketchUp 2018 Now supported. - Export DWG/DXF speed improved. - Import KMZ files now works properly. - The Reduce tool no longer stops when encountering an object that can not be reduced (when multiple objects are selected). - Various stability and performance improvements.
  2. Tech

    In memory of Paul Helm

    Thank you all for your continued thoughts on Paul. He set a standard that we strive to continue!
  3. ingoerik, Did you find a solution for this? Generally lwo is not the bet exchange format. If you wan too send the lwo file to support@formz.com, we can take a look at it.
  4. All, Sorry for the delay, some overdue answers here: We have fixed the problem with Autosave. We should have a new 8.6 build available later this week that includes this. Has anyone experienced the problem with undos stopping when NOT using V-Ray? We fixed a problem in V-ray that was related to undos in materials. You can use the "Unclone" tool to remove a clone from a clone family. We have updated the Sketchup translator again. This will also be included in the next build. ingoerik can you send the default file to sopport@formz.com so we can investigate the issue?
  5. Tech

    Image selector not working

    ASONE, We have not had a report of this problem yet. What platform are you using? What type of image are you tring to load (bmp, jpeg etc)? Does the size of the file seem to matter?
  6. Vaa and Andrew thanks for the contributions! The boolean operations (and many other advanced modeling operations) need a proper solid to function. These suggestions are all useful techniques to cleanup data. Be sure to start with the Construct solids option enabled when importing files as this applies some logic that is currently only available via the importer (although we are looking at adding this to the project doctor as well). Another useful technique can be to use the derive face tool on a pre-picked object. This will make an individual object from each face in the project. You can then reverse faces that are the wrong direction, remove duplicate faces etc.... Then use the stitch tool on these objects to re-construct a solid (assuming your faces make a solid). dmuller, what was the original source of the object that will not boolean?
  7. All, Unfortunately we do not control the licensing for V-Ray. This licensing method is the same for all V-Ray implementations. While internet based licensing has some downside, it also has some upside as well. The biggest upside is the pooling of licenses making it very easy to share licenses between machines without the need to re-install (or buy a license per machine when not used simultaneously). Licenses can be borrowed (checked out) for the occasions when an internet connection will not be available. For installations with no internet access at all, V-Ray does support a older style dongle which we hope to make available as an option. The V-Ray licensing is quite efficient. The queries between the plugin and the license server are very fast. We suspect that the delay you are experiencing is not from the licensing itself, but just the overhead of loading the plugin and the basic initialization of V-Ray. We will investigate if this process can be improved as we approach release.
  8. Try resetting your workspace (Workspaces menu)? Does this fix it?
  9. Did you try to reset the workspace (Workspaces menu?)
  10. We suspect the V-Ray beta. Can you please try to re-download the V-Ray plugin and instal again?
  11. We have had no other reports like this. Are you working on OS X or Windows? Do you have the V-Ray beta installed?
  12. This is the perpetual floating license price (i.e. it is not node locked). There may be a subscription option and there will be options for additional render nodes as well. There likely will be special offer available to family plan subscribers. All of these details will be available at release time next month. Unfortunately Lightworks has not been making significant improvements to the engine behind RenderZone to keep it competitive going forward. We will continue to support RenderZone in its current form to keep it compatible with future versions of formZ (until some circumstances beyond our control affect our ability to do so).
  13. Yes the final release will work with formZ jr v8.6 and formZ SE v8.6 (Student Edition) when they are released. The list price for V-Ray is expected to be 695 USD (the same price as other V-Ray products like V-Ray for SketchUp, V-Ray for Rhino, and V-Ray for Revit).
  14. Tech

    Feature request: Select clones

    Yes clones are not instances and they will not make a file smaller (for backwards compatibility). Clones are connected by links between objects that allow changes applied to one, to be applied to all the cloned objects (a.k.a clone family.) Clones are applied between objects (they do not handle groups or object collections like components).
  15. Modern V-Ray implementations use the vrmat format exclusively. V-Ray for formZ ships with 500+ vrmat predefined materials. allan - It sound like you are not connected to the license server. As Justin stated, navigate to http://localhost:30304/#/to activate the on line licensing. please email us at vray@formz.com if you need assistance. kac - Not sure where you are looking. Have you signed up here? http://www.formz.com/home/vrayLanding.html
  16. Jeff, Its hard to tell whats happening from your description. Can you send a file that exhibits the problem to support@formz.com so we can investigate? Please include the textures as well. Thanks!
  17. We posted new builds of V-Ray for formZ and formZ 8.6 WIP this morning (11-06-17). All beta testers should receive and email with the details (or you can use the links from the previous email to install the latest version)
  18. formZ pro 8.6 WIP has been updated. You can download from the same location (http://www.formz.com/products/formz/update/formz_work_in_progress.html) New in build #9985: - Arc Tools now work properly. - Walkthrough tool now stops properly. - Zoom Options "Zoom Frame By Center" and "Zoom Frame By Corners" restored for the Zoom Frame tool. - Materials palette context menu now has an option to select All Objects/Faces that are assigned a the selected material . - Transform options now work properly. - Unclone tool restored. - 3DS export no longer fails when an object contains a degenerate 2 sided face. - Various stability and performance improvements.
  19. The create proxy tool requires a click in the window to define the origin. Then it will ask for the name and location for the vrmesh file to be saved. We observed that the prompts are not functioning for this tool. Also the icon should stay selected to indicate it is the active tool. We will get this fixed, but the tool does work even without these (you just need to click to define the origin) Please send any emails to vray@formz.com
  20. NOTE -- these download links are no longer necessary because the current update now includes the FBX format: We are pleased to announce that we now have a Beta version of our FBX Translator available for formZ (or later), which you can use to Import and Export .FBX files. This is an early beta of a FBX translator (import and export) for formZ 8.5. To install, drag the uncompressed “FBX” folder into the “Plugins” folder of your formZ 8: formZ 8.5... Pro Application folder and restart formZ. Know issues: - Exporter currently writes smooth objects as facetted (this is work in progress). - Exporter may create duplicate image fils from textures used in materials. Downloads: ftp://ftp.formz.com/pub/formz/formz/fz8/Forum_Files//FBX/fbx_OSX.zip ftp://ftp.formz.com/pub/formz/formz/fz8/Forum_Files//FBX/fbx_Win64.zip ftp://ftp.formz.com/pub/formz/formz/fz8/Forum_Files//FBX/fbx_Win.zip If you encounter any issues, please report them via email to support@formz.com, and include a simple file that shows the issue that you are having, and we will do our best to get this addressed ASAP. We hope you like this new plugin, and thanks in advance for your feedback!
  21. Tech

    Import Sketchup Materials

    Please email the SKP file to support@formz.com so that we may investigate further....
  22. The ability to import scenes is coming. We are waiting on a new version of the SDK from Chaos to support this.
  23. We are excited to announce that the V-Ray for formZ plugin is available for public beta testing. Sign up here: http://www.formz.com/home/vrayLanding.html
  24. This message can occur when the formZ folder does not have read/write permissions. Please check the permissions of the 8.6 Pro WIP folder and of all the sub folders. Are you on OS X or Windows?
  25. The constraining factor for the iPad viewer is the amount of onboard RAM. Apple does not discuss this much but is a huge factor for apps like formZ which can use a lot of memory when it comes to larger textures and complex geometry. iOS is not a true virtual memory system like OS X so memory to an app is not virtually unlimited. The RAM is shared between the active app, the os and the video driver and screen display. When an app uses too much memory it iOS just shuts it down (which is why it appears to crash). Unfortunately its not possible to determine when the limit will be hit. Most iOS apps have a fixed memory requirement, but the formZ Viewer will consume more memory proportional to the size of the textures and complexity of the geometry. We cache a lot off to the flash storage, but for the models to render in GL (ES), at some point we must have most of the model and textures in RAM. https://everyipad.com is a site that lists all the technical specs for iPad and iPhone that even Apple does not disclose. You can use this to see the amount of RAM on your device. The iPad Pro has 4GB of RAM which makes it the most capable for displaying large models