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  1. Josephus

    FormZ Jr for sale

    Selling my FZ Jr 8 professional license. $285 contact me at josephusjholt@gmail.com.
  2. Josephus

    can not find control for shade value

    Thank you for that suggestion, altho prob looks a little closer overall to the photo, still not getting enough contrast difference between sunlit side and shaded side, both are still too close in value. I can adjust some in PS, but would seem like with a state of the art renderer like VRay that one should be able to get pretty close without having to resort to PS.
  3. I am trying to match the sun and shade values in the background image (yellow house). I can not get the shade (right/front) side of the red building to get dark enough. Seems like there is a "darkness threshold" I can not get past...i can get it lighter by increasing by increasing the sky environment override multiplier, but I can not get it less than 1. I tried the color settings but could not get it light enough. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  4. Josephus

    Stuck...need help to reduce sunlight intensity

    yes, thank you! That works.
  5. Josephus

    Stuck...need help to reduce sunlight intensity

    So it looks like double clicking on the vray light brings up another dialog box which does seem to be responsive to input. Looks like this will get me what I'm after.
  6. Josephus

    Stuck...need help to reduce sunlight intensity

    the cie overcast option for vray sunlight does not seem to be working either.
  7. Working with FZ Jr. I see two places where to change vray sunlight intensity, the FZ lights palette and Tool Options - VRay Sun. Changing the slider in either/both of these is not affecting the sunlight intensity. VRay sunlight is the only light in the scene.
  8. Josephus

    Render help...new to vray (30 day trial)

    Thank you Justin. Seems like the stock vray vismat files are locked, but was able to "save as" and edit the texture map file in PS. I had forgotten the procedure for doing this...I used Maxwell Render when it first came out but have not used any 3D or render program since I've been retired (abt 7 yrs or so), just doing a little on the side now. Got that resolved with your help.
  9. Trying to get a quick render but need roof shingles more charcoal/black (as shown in material preview). Renders out quite light and greenish (even more so than showing up in this image). I used stock vray roof tile texture. Any help for this? ps I need background black so in PS the image can be easily selected to be pasted in site photo.
  10. Josephus

    bump map settings

    no, I meant to scale the 2D (xy) map scale. I eventually did figure it out that I could use the map texture tool to change the scale of the bump map. I was out of town for a few days right after so did not have a chance to post update.
  11. Josephus

    test render window?

    Yes, a region....that's it! Thank you much. Any thoughts on my other post re: scaling the bump map in FZ (Jr)?
  12. Josephus

    bump map settings

    is there an option to adjust the bump map scale in FZ Jr?
  13. Josephus

    test render window?

    Is there a way to set just a small portion (window) of the image to render out to test material settings?
  14. Josephus

    installation issue

    FZ support helped me get it going...redist file needed to be installed.
  15. Josephus

    installation issue

    installed the vray 30 day trial per instructions but I do not see it in FZ Jr v8.6.3.1 Windows 10. any ideas what to check for?