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  1. dankosturik

    Where do I download Vray

    My work upgraded to 8.6 FormZ, and Vray no longer is functioning. Where on this site do I find an update to Vray? Why must they hide it?
  2. dankosturik

    Disable ALT scrolling through tools

    Thank you for this.
  3. dankosturik

    Disable ALT scrolling through tools

    How do I turn it off then? 😕 It's not handy at all for my sake. I use the far superior software of 3DS max at home, and ALT is how you pan the screen. It'd be a pain to have two different keys I'm used to. I've already changed several keyboard shortcuts to better match my 3ds max experience; this is just the last one that's irritated me for awhile now.
  4. Is there a way to disable the hotkey ALT scrolling through the tool options? I hold ALT to pan around the scene, and whenever move tool is selected, it goes to create a clone of the object I'm trying to move. I constantly have to ctrl+Z movements, because the wrong tool was selected when I try to rotate or move objects.
  5. dankosturik

    Selection Tool

    This solved that aspect of the select tool functionality. Unfortunately, the selection tool just doesn't do what I wish it did; When I'm working in wireframe mode, I wish it wouldn't select faces of objects within my scene when I attempt to draw a box around objects 'within' them. I'm simply used to working within 3ds max, and need to look past the things FormZ falls short with, for now. Thank you for your response.
  6. dankosturik

    Selection Tool

    Is there a way to stop my selection tool from also wanting to move objects? I'm trying to select a grouping of objects within my scene while in wireframe mode, but the selection tool is instead wanting to click and drag an object that is in front. Why have a separate move tool from the selection tool, if the software forces a move tool onto you with the selection tool?
  7. dankosturik


    As an avid 3ds max user, and now being forced to use FormZ for my job, I can tell you that there's a mound of reasons to why 3ds max is a far superior software to FormZ, and this being just one more thing to add to that list. I can't get any displacement to function properly within FormZ + Vray. I have also encountered the same issue as you with the bump map disappearing.