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  1. DennisA

    Rounding Points

    Should work with fillet tool- but it does not? Not sure what warning "object can have only 1 curve means"? Got same message on rectangle with rectangle hole taken out & could not round points or segments. round_pointsRectangle.fmz.zip
  2. Same decision as about 4 months ago. I bought top of line Logitech MX Master (all bells & whistles) it works great on Mac. & with fmz
  3. DennisA

    Rounding Points

    Are you using control rounding? If not it should work post your project & I will try?
  4. DennisA

    How to Bill for Render Time

    Pylon... tracking down correspondence with formZ was from 2014... I will give Maxwell another try & see if I have any issues. Had support confirmed with John & email with Paul. If you give me an email I can email correspondence to you- being it is 2 years old it may not be relevant on current versions.
  5. DennisA

    How to Bill for Render Time

    Right or wrong I do not include rendering time as part of project costs. Saying that currently all my renderings are done in Render-zone (generally takes anywhere from 50 seconds to 5 minutes) & I am on the clock working on the project in the post. A giant pixel size rendering I will bill a premium because more time is spent on larger maps & any post enhancing (I will let this render overnight or in the imager). On a 2nd note - at one point in the past when I used Maxwell (earlier versions of fmz) it changed my Render-zone lighting, effecting the final rendering - has this been fixed & not a current issue?
  6. Vlad, been following your post. Any success in reopening & rendering your file? Send us a rendering of this problem project would like to see the end result.
  7. DennisA

    Congratulations! Very stable!

    allanarch3 is what is .fza a typo? do you mean .fzb or is there something I haven't come across.
  8. Vlad... when you get this solved we would all love to see a final rendering of your project. Good luck in tech helping you with a solution. We have all been in your spot one way or another (personally not for 2 months work) & it always finally worked out.
  9. Vlad, Open a new project. Then open your problem project... check add to project... then merge option will appear.
  10. Are your components embedded or user? Until support solves your problem... did you try opening a new project & adding in Project Merge Options (all on) to the project? If that does not work try adding just objects. Then Materials, then layers etc. Give it a try till support has answer. Do you have previous saves of project that can open?
  11. DennisA

    Happy 25th birthday form•Z

    Thanks You for 25 years of the best tech support & development team in 3D modeling software technology industry ... Harald too!
  12. Use the ruler or select a segment and do a move copy 20'5"... you can trim & split with a line in position.
  13. DennisA

    Does anyone have an older license for sale?

    Email me at dennis@dennisandes.com I have a couple of extra licenses
  14. DennisA

    performance test Comments

    Would it help for any fmz users to talk directly to Lightworks?...the squeaky wheel gets the oil! Can you provide there phone number & or email contact?
  15. Could you have edited object (eg. reshaped face)? Post a fmz project with one primitive that does not work.
  16. Glad to see all the views respect & update extent changes.
  17. This is an issue that I reported to tech support. There are a number of component issues that need fixing (eg: invisible components become visible after opening & closing)
  18. DennisA

    performance test Comments

    3D works with your MacPro 2010 need to use only 6 processors in preferences. I have same computer & same issues (a long time problem). This may be a question we should ask the LightWorks rendering engine company. Any one know if the Current 2013 Mac Pro 12 core has same problem?
  19. Lock Reference Plane & Grid will not appear on objects. If this is not locked it seems seems to appear even with show grid unchecked.
  20. DennisA

    Getting myself back upto date - V6.6.2 user

    FYI- both 8.5 & 6.7 runs on older Macs. Have 2 of my licenses on PowerBook Pro 2008 & 2010 Mac Pro 12 core. Both running 10.11.2
  21. DennisA


    David... glad you finally got what you wanted... it seemed to be very complicated to get what you wanted. There are number of factors to be aware of in selecting faces that I am not sure you are aware of? Under edit there is 2 click face/outline selection. I do also assume you know that you can pick faces by dropping material while holding command key (Mac). You never attached fmz project file so I could give you correct steps on your original project to get what you want. I see you sent tech support files & I am sure they will have an answer for you on Monday.
  22. DennisA


    Most likely you could have textured the grey missing faces. Now just texture the inside the chrome inside faces and you should be good.
  23. DennisA


    1-No decals? 2- Try to re-add make sure in Paint Tool Options "Keep current materials of faces" are unchecked" 3- If that does not work select object & go to smooth shading & check Override Project Smooth Shading, Check Smooth Objects "Use Facetted Objects Settings" If these do not work attach project so I can check it out.
  24. If my memory is on... we were able to move lights with mouse in fmz 6.5... we can edit positions numerically in 8.5 & not with mouse. How about bringing this feature back?
  25. DennisA

    "Electrical Wires"

    How large do the wires have to be? You could also just have the path render as wireframe. What is your final Display?