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    Old MacPro Video

    Bo... one thing to consider on a Mac Pro is how many processors to use? In 5.1 eight processors may work better then 12 or 24-you should do a test on your computer. I have the same ATI Radeon HD 5870 1024 MB on my Mac Pro. I render most of my renderings in render zone without a problem. I haven't used fmz 5.8 for years.
  2. DennisA

    How do I adjust dimensions of geometry?

    Once you reshape a extruded object it loses the ability to use Tool Options/ Parameters tool to enter numerics. Same goes for a cube.
  3. You should be able to bring in a layered psd file into fmz. The transparent areas will act as an alpha channel in transparent mapping. Make sure to click on match color shader & use alpha channel. Also note there should be no alpha channel in psd document for this to work.
  4. Turn Guide Snap on in snap tools palette. Holding shift should also work.
  5. Although insert segment is not working as expected as tech said there are may ways to accomplish what you want. You can trim/split & stitch with line, slice, or boolean to get what you want.
  6. Imprint tool did not insert the offset segment for me? It did grey the segment but did not insert? Did it work for you? Yes I know there are many other ways to do this?
  7. What tool are you using to inset as a separate step?
  8. Screen capture did not attach
  9. Not sure why? But if you convert object to faceted (in manage tools)... it will work.
  10. DennisA

    Corporate Cinema Hall

    Real Nice
  11. DennisA

    One past job I`m not ashamed

    Fantastic... really amazing...thanks for sharing.
  12. DennisA

    single sided textures for interiors

    Do not use 2d face. Should be a 3d object even if 1/64th or less thick so yo can map each side separately. Note: 2D GLASS WILL not render properly.
  13. DennisA

    Decal and texture mapping

    We've all been there. Use the updated fmz & you will not like using older versions.
  14. DennisA

    Decal and texture mapping

    Tony... I also do not know why decals are not part of texture tools pallet. You can customize pallets by opening tool manager & dragging the decal tool into the texture pallet. I always have done that. You can also set up workspaces & it will always be there.
  15. DennisA

    Decal and texture mapping

    Preview for decals should be pretty much the same. Texture previews are not needed as they can be seen on the objects.
  16. DennisA

    picking within a group?

    Tony, Glad you got the answer we all at one time missed the obvious or what we already knew in fmz. I suggest going into the latest fmz as not only it is better but earlier version bugs have been fixed... there is no learning downside & generally interface got better.
  17. DennisA

    picking within a group?

    zip the file & post in this forum so we can look at it. Need only one group that does not work for you. The unlock groups should work. Did it come in as a component from an earlier version. Also 7.3.4 is not the latest we are on fmz 8.5
  18. DennisA

    Importing SketchUp models...

    Typo fan=fmz
  19. DennisA

    Importing SketchUp models...

    Andrew thanks for Sketch up fan plug in info
  20. Just select all ... make sure selected entries is checked. Measure & update what you want they will all scale.
  21. DennisA

    Happy Holidays…

    Thanks & Happy Holidays to the AutoDesSystems team & forum members.
  22. Glad it is getting better... all the earlier years had all 24 cores going not realizing less cores was better. Thanks, Tech
  23. Tech... I rendered using imager 8.5.6 (build 9897) done on November 11th. Do you mean that your project Render Time Test_v8.fmz (from Dec 5, 2014) needed to be re-saved in fmz 8.5.6?
  24. DennisA

    Spam emails

    Chris feel lucky... if you want I will forward it to you.