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  1. DennisA

    Component List Bug?

    Typo Hard drive
  2. DennisA

    Component List Bug?

    While replying to 3dworks post I noticed .fmz files appearing in user component section. The User Component Library is called "CoppertoneContinuousSpray" which does not appear in Fmz8 This is a reported problem in 8.0 Attached are screen captures from Fmz7 & Fmz8.0.1 Fmz7 Fmz8.0.1
  3. DennisA

    Component List Bug?

    For what ever reason my hard rice was even shown as a user component. Thanks, we're getting there... Glad about the updates done to improve components usability.
  4. DennisA

    Component List Bug?

    Project is on your ftp: Andes_Component_Issue_v7_to_v8.0.1.zip Was able to reproduce problem
  5. DennisA

    Component List Bug?

    I will send you file. It is a v7 and never opened in v8
  6. DennisA

    Component List Bug?

    Tech, Please review my original post, the screen capture from Fmz 8.0.1 update has the problem. If you need the project let me know. To be clear Fmz7 is correct & Fmz 8.0.1 is not
  7. DennisA

    FZ801 component manager list issue

    I added a new component. It appears but does not go to bottom of list and appears alphabetically . Not sure if there is an option to arrange list or icons by last creation in last position... would be a good idea to have.
  8. DennisA

    Web site format

    In Safari... I do not see a way of getting back to home page from form*Z discussions other them showing previous page as many times as needed or going to site again. Is there a home button? On iPhone, the only way I see to access forum is a bottom of site... is there any other way? or can access be moved to top of layout or in pull down window. The Home, About, Features pull down does not seem to be working on iPhone6 Plus.
  9. DennisA

    Web site format

    Paul & fmz team... you did it! Fixed the functionality. Also, the pull down menu now works on mobile and glad you included forums there. Thanks
  10. DennisA

    Attach Tool

    Bo, Not sure I amanswering your post.... But I ran 6.5 on Leopard & maverick. I now run it on Yosemite along with 7 & 8. On Mac pro 12 core
  11. DennisA

    Web site format

    Jon, Yes, Clicking on AutoDesSys brings me back to home page... Thanks
  12. DennisA

    Registering FormZ on a new Mac?

    An uninstall may be a suggestion to autodesys that what Adobe has for their programs.
  13. DennisA

    Web site format

    Jon thanks for clearing Bmeissner what post meant. Usually a url will have a home button.
  14. DennisA

    Registering FormZ on a new Mac?

    I believe you need to call autodesys on Monday to unregister
  15. DennisA

    form•Z 8.0.1 Update Now Available

    So far so good! Glad some of reported bugs were fixed.
  16. DennisA

    Love the new changes

    Lots of good stuff... Calendar, Members on line + nice graphic layout... getting used to website.
  17. DennisA

    Where have the forum threads gone?

    Not sure what you are asking... I see some back to 09?
  18. DennisA

    Welcome to our New Forum!

    Guess we are all newbies again.
  19. DennisA

    Welcome to our New Forum!

    Is this a trick or treat on Holloween?