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  1. walo54

    Set View Jerky

    I have a feeling that my post is similar to the post "Picked object while rotating the model causes the movement to become jumpy". What I have found is that I do not have this problem when I use a 3D Connexion Space Mouse. However, I don not wish to carry the heavy Space Mouse with me when travelling. Any ideas?
  2. walo54

    Set View Jerky

    Sorry should have mentioned that I am using V on W10
  3. walo54

    Set View Jerky

    Whenever I use Set View command (Ctrl + ;) using my mouse the movement is jerky. Is there a way to smooth it out? I couldnt find anything in the manual.
  4. walo54

    Infinity & Zoom Problem

    Thanks. I forgot about the Object Palette. I will try it next time I have this problem.
  5. walo54

    Infinity & Zoom Problem

    Just realised that this thread was created in the wrong forum. Can it be shifted
  6. I drew a wall and stuffed up. The wall must have been drawn off into infinity. Now I cannot zoom to see the model. Is there a way to fix this. Its happened to me more than once. I don't think that its a bug
  7. walo54

    form•Z v9.0.1 now available

    Thanks. How do we download it?