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  1. Wal054

    Display Problems

    Tech support have confirmed a bug and are investigating the issue
  2. Wal054

    Display Problems

    I think that I have narrowed it down to the fact that the House is a component? When I exploded the component the problem went away. But why is this so? Does this mean that I shouldn't use components? I was hoping to use the house as a component because I can work using the FZ standard XYZ axis.
  3. Wal054

    Display Problems

    I have a file where parts of the model appear to move around depending on the type of shaded view is selected. The PDFs below display the problem. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what is causing the problem. I am using the latest version of FZ on W10. The preferences have been reset. I have rebooted the PC (almost out of the window) Shaded Full.pdf Shaded.pdf Wireframe.pdf
  4. Wal054

    Referenced File Keeps Moving

    Thanks for your reply Gary. Your feedback confirmed what I thought. Reference Files works differently in FormZ to what I am used to in other software. For me I can't see any benefit for using Reference Files. Components is what I should be using in FormZ unless someone can advise differently.
  5. I have just started using Reference Files. In this instance I have referenced a building into a site model. I then moved and rotated the referenced building to the required position. All looks good so far. However, after a while the referenced building moves to another position in the model. I must be doing something wrong however, I cannot track it down. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or should I just import the building as a component.
  6. Note to self If snap points do not display when editing or adding to a model, check that View > Axonometric is ticked. Snap points do not generally display in perspective views.
  7. Wal054

    Drop Objects to a Terrain

    Thanks Justin. I think that Snap setting would work if the surface was level. Mine is inclined.
  8. Wal054

    Drop Objects to a Terrain

    Thanks Des I could not find any instructions on how to use S-Scatter in the manual. Is it possible to drop an item vertically to a surface?
  9. Is it possible to drop many objects (eg Points and other objects) to an undulating terrain surface in FZ V9?
  10. Wal054

    Terrain - Punch Hole

    Thanks Des for sharing your tips. The site that I posted will have 5 houses with roads retaining walls as well as cuts & batters. So, no doubt I will be scratching my head a lot.
  11. Wal054

    Terrain - Punch Hole

    Thank you Des I have just started practising modifying terrains and was about to give up. Onwards & upwards. Are there any other tips that you are prepared to share on this topic?
  12. Wal054

    Terrain - Punch Hole

    I want to create a number of building pads and a road within a site. I am trying to punch a hole through a terrain TIN surface with an irregular shape. A sample file is attached. Can anyone suggest the best method to do this Terrain test.fmz
  13. Wal054

    Display Resolution of Underlays

    Yes I found that to be the case.
  14. Wal054

    Display Resolution of Underlays

    Never mind. I found the solution: Display Options > Shaded Work Options > > Image Textures > Increase to 4096 Underlay now displays ok.😊
  15. I am trying to create an underlay in FZ V 8/9. I am using both Billboard and New Material. However the resulting underlay is unreadable due to the resolution. The original file used for an underlay is very clear and easy to read. What can I do to make the underlay readable?