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    •Martin reacted to johnalexander1571 in Example Images   
    One I just finished last week. Learned about chromatic aberration on this one.

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    •Martin got a reaction from Tech in New material naming   
    If you look at the image below, I just created a new project material by dragging "Brick 8" from the library onto the materials palette. As soon as I did that I would like the material name to automatically update to "Brick 8" rather than remain as "Material 6."

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    •Martin reacted to palarsen in Disable ALT scrolling through tools   
    Preferences/Modeling "Use tap Keys" off
    What we need is more detail in this option. Perhaps a palette?
    I would like to turn tap keys of for Topological levels (very annoying)
    I like it for copy modes and perpendicular shifting, but I believe it would be better with customisable shortcuts in a palette.
    It should have been a tab in the Quick Keys palette!!